Saturday, January 07, 2006

IG named RPO Player of the month 12/05

I came home to find Congrats and IM's for a title I had no idea I was even in the running for. River Poker Online forum run by HippieChick and Rambeno came up with some monthly awards. I figured my best shot was Best forum hippie albeit I had major competition from Jaykedog and HippieChick herself. DCI was the first to let me no about the title and then Jayke came thru and finally I got to my email:

Here are your MONTHLY AWARD WINNERS for the month of December:

RPO's Player of the Month - Irongirl
With so many final table appearances in our tournaments for the month of December, Irongirl has earned Player of the Month status. Great job and we hope to keep seeing you in those final tables.

Needless to say I was pretty shocked and of course very pleased that my hard (but fun) work is paying off. I was disappointed that I was the bubble girl for the Poker Analysis Elite 9 (tying for tenth with Shyababy) and I was runner up for Most Improved player of Poker Analysis losing to Mitchell who of course made a final table at a WSOP circuit event. But as DCI said, "my view of most improved is different, IG was always good." Well, Im a much better player now then I was at the beginning of 2005 but I am still not where I want to be yet.

So, I took the plunge and applied for No-Limit Ring game school being offered by Poker World-Home my other main forum. They are accepting 27 students and I think I have a good shot at being selected. I dont want to say any more then the opportunity is really once in a lifetime and the cost cant be beat. As stated in my goals for 2006. I want to add no-limit ring game play into my equation.

Back to the Poker Analysis Elite 9 topic. This has been the topic of mucho conversation in some of our MSN chats. A few of us are in concurrence that at least 4-5 of the names have no business being there. No weight was given to those members who truly are Pure cash game players. Most of those members dont post in the boast and brags that they made $600 in a session at $10/$20 or whatever. Do you really need the IRS reading about your successes even if you are incognito? To much weight was given to no-limit tourney play and not enough to the other disciplines. Since, I dont pull any punches, I will say that I am a better Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo player then almost all the top names other then Tilter. As Caffiene Addict said a few weeks ago in a league game... "Another Omaha Hi Lo final table and IG is here". And I am not saying that my name should be on the list, although a few people told me I was reamed. But I will say, I am better then several names on the list and frankly I dont need any attention being drawn my way. I'm getting enough invites to private events and buy-ins and recognition elsewhere, that I don't need a title under my name. I learned along time ago to leave my EGO checked at the door. There is no place for it in Poker. Besides, as I said to Jayke last night, "there is going to come a time and it may be sooner rather then later, that we leave most of the leagues behind".