Monday, April 30, 2007

Blogger Bracelet Race 4/29/07 - Congrats BRDWEB

I played my heart and soul out. For a few seconds at the final table I was like I dont belong here. But then I remembered I've done the work and I played in earnest for that seat. This year I've final tabled for a seat at the Aussie Millions (4th winning an IPOD), and for the Ultimate Poker Classic,and now this. I've cashed in two of my last three Mookies. Im playing well and improving daily. In the end as one of the shorties, I ran JJ into Brdweb's AA with Gracie along for the ride with either 99 or 44.

Thanks to Al for hosting and coming up with the prize money to award the seat. We cut a deal at the final table. Winner take all to send a blogger to an event. In turn Brdweb is giving us a piece of him. Ill give it another go soon but in a mixed event not a Ladies Bracelet race.

And thanks to Kat and Miami Don for their support (and you didnt bring me bad luck MD!) Snake5970 even made an appearance out of hibernation to keep an eye on my progress. And Mookie, you played one hell of a game too.

We should definitely do more of these next year on a regular basis to put as many of us as we can into seats.

Monster Pots and Good Cardma all

(a quick post while on my lunch)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Southwest Airlines Credit for a Blogger!!

Okay dudes and dudettes (sounds better then fonks and fonkettes!). I just booked my too flight to Sin City (arriving June 7th around noon) and was able to use up all but $52.20 of the credit I had on Southwest. I couldnt book a round trip because the credit has to be used in full by June 8th 2007. So I'm booking my return separately and that leaves me with $52.20 for some lucky guy or gal to try and take advantage of for a trade.

I'll give you the confirm number and the name the travel was booked under and if they will let you apply my funds to your payment then you in turn can transfer me $52.20 on Full Tilt or Stars or partially buy my way into the blogger tourney on Saturday. Not sure if it will work but its worth the old college try.

First Come First Served.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Music Never Stopped - MaxCreek 4/21/07 Trip Report

"Why did it take us 19 years to see them again? BFF Kim asked me.

"Not sure, Life I guess" I replied.

The weekend of April 20th-22nd was marked as CreekEnd, the 35th anniversary shows of MaxCreek one of my all time favorite bands. It also marks the 35th year that Kimberly and I have been friends. Most marriages dont last that long. We've had our ups and downs, a fist fight over boys in 7th grade, times where we havent spoken because of life, times we havent spoken because we've been pissed at each other. In the end we have an unconditional sisterlike love for each. We can read each others minds so well our conversations appear disjointed because we dont need to finish our sentences. We also have the tendency to jump from one subject to another without completing the first one.

Kim is thrice married and the mom of two. Me never married and no kids. Single and Fabulous ala Carrie Bradshaw. Kim's eldest, Zackary, is graduating college this year. He came to the aid of Auntie IG and got her all hooked up with importing and exporting things onto the IPOD. Seems like only yesterday we were truckin him off to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Santana, CSN, MaxCreek and Dead Shows not to mention Classical shows at Tanglewood. Connor is 8, so Kim and hubby Michael have their hands full with Connor and the menagerie my earth goddess BFF has acquired... Sheep, a pony and now Rabbits.

The nite before Kim tried to coerce me into driving down to Lenox for show 1. Since I had to work some Overtime to fund Vegas 2007, plus play a buy-in tourney on Bodog which is a series for a WSOP main event seat, I opted out. When we checked in on Saturday, Kim had opted out of Friday nite too.

So I worked, my OT. I then ran errands. Errand #1 was to the UPS store to bestow on them some packing plastic and popcorn which I delivered with a "Happy Earth Day". Yes Im kind of anal about recycling but anyone who has ever read the 100 useless things about me knows that.

At 4:30 PM i sat down for the buyin on Bodog. Its a 8 game series hosted by Rounders Radio. I had finished 5th of almost 200 in the freeroll the week before. The top ten overall in the 4 freerolls play in the finale for the WSOP main event seat. The top 30 from 4 buy-ins move on. I managed to play solid poker, varying my play from weak tight to aggro to finish 5th. That got me solid points in buy-in number 1 and enough money to cover all the buyins and then some. Im free-rollin. The dude who won the event posted on the forum that he considers me one of his toughest opponents. Thanks ChipNChair. The scary thing is I'm even better then I was when he first ran across me a year or so ago, but then again so is he.

With the Bodog performance under my belt, I decided to get dressed for the evening. In the old days my dad would have said... "I cant believe you spent that much time getting dressed up to look that bad!!". Tye-dye and a tiered skirt which of course clashed. Bells, bangles, beads and begonias. Mukluks and moccassins that was the attire when I was hardcore. Tonite I went with the black jeans and a demure White peasant blouse that of course enhanced my cleavage. No birkies I went with the New Balances that have my orthotics in it.

I high-tailed it down to Lenox, MA my old stomping grounds to meet Kim about 10 PM. My old beau Rob lived in Stockbridge and I spent a gazillion weekends down there at his parents house during the years we were together. I hadnt been over that way in ages and as I drove thru Lee I remembered a few places I had been with him, his mom and of course the Stockbridge Bowl. I wound up at the Eastover Conference Center and Resort in about 1 hour. Down the hill from the main conference center and hotel I Baha'd the SUV to the Tally-Ho lodge where the shows would be. Thank goodness for 4 wheel Drive

I went up to the door and poked my head inside and announced to the bouncer "Hi Im meeting my best friend here!" If I had had a daisy I would have bestowed one on him as he was cool. I Didnt see Kim inside the door so I decided to wait outside. A few minutes later, the dude pokes his head out and says to me.. "Is this who you are looking for?" Kim had virtually said the same thing to him. He braceleted us up with two bracelets. I looked at Kim and said happy belated 4/20 day even though neither of us smoke any more. Our bouncer gave me a knowing wink and wished me the same. Its been said we Deadheads have our own language and lingo. I call it DeadSpeak and anyone who has spent anytime around Kind folk now what im talking about. Kim looked at me and said."Damn you smell good (Estee Lauder Pleasures hold the patchouli) and look hot." I prefer that kind of a compliment from guys but these days anything will do. She repeated this to hubby Michael when we called him during the break.

Rev Tor opened the show and we came in at the end of their set. Rev has a great bluesy voice. Kim thought of PigPen but, Rev's voice is purer and not as gravely as Pigs. I never saw the dead when PigPen was alive but some of my favorite music is from the PigPen days. Then a gal did a few acoustic songs. Nice voice reminded me of Indigo Girls or someone else.

Finally the Creek took the stage. By my best recollection, I hadnt seen them (for various reasons like rehab etc) since either 1987 or 1988 maybe 1989 and probably at Bucksteep Manor in Western Mass. I've seen them in NY, CT, VT, MA, and RI at many venues. I may have seen the Creek more then the Dead. There was a local dead cover band called SlipKnot (after the Grateful Dead song who then changed to Box of Rain) that was Albany based but they were almost a pure cover band. Rob would say he'd rather go see the Dead then a pale imitation. But the Creek did covers in their own way and a lot of their original music and Rob loved the Creek so we were always good to go. The Creek has played all over the NorthEast and if memory serves me Bonnarro #1 but for the most part are a Regional band.

Now no surprise in this little confession. Besides my school girl crush on Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, I had a crush on Scott Murawski the lead guitarist, as did probably every other hippie chick. Even though I had a boyfriend I was happy with, what gal doesnt have a thing for the lead guitarist who is dang cute. When I first saw the Creek, Scotts hair was long long long, then short and as I mentioned in my prior post, it is now longer then mine was before its recent chop chop in January. Kim said OMG its beautiful. I of course had major hair envy. Its not right that a guy can have better looking locks then a gal!!

Now in all my years of Creekin, I never once spoke to Scott. I have spoken to Keyboardist Mark Mercier and Bassist John Rider even if it was drug laced incoherent drivel. It took twenty friggin years for him to talk to me and his words were.. 'Where the fuck are you!!". But, I get ahead of myself.......

Onto the show...

Eastover Resort
Lenox, MA
Drums: Scott Allshouse & Greg Vasso

Set 1
Louisiana Sun--> Silver Jack, Tangled Up In Blue, Drag*, Devil's Heart#--> jam#, drums%, Late In The Evening%

Set 2
Truckin'--> Old Stones,Broken Bones$, "Old Joe Clark" jam^, You're The Only One, Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness, Heartbeat--> Crossroads--> In The Midnight Hour@--> Life During Wartime@

Gimme Shelter, Will The Circle Be Unbroken

* additional guitar: Jordan Murawski
# drums: Greg DeGuglielmo & Greg Vasso
% drums: Greg DeGuglielmo & Scott Allshouse
lead vocals & harmonica: John Coster
harmonica: John Coster
@ additional guitar: Tor Krautter

My first comment to Kim was how impressed I was that Mark could remember all the words to Tangled Up in Blue and I could actually understand him! We were also impressed on how versatile he still was on the keyboads. Kim is a music teacher and an excellent piano player, but a bit of arthritis effects her ability to play like she used to. Anyway, I could never understand Dylan but had no problems understanding Mark!! Kim then proceeded to blow out my eardrum while trying to tell me something a few rows back from the stage. I then made the profound statement that like the Grateful Dead, I had achieved the point where I no longer needed hallucingens to reach that point where you are one with the music. When the jam is that good and it hits you at your core you are one with it. I dont think some people get that. But then again, in all the years I ran I never ever got a runners high (but then my biochemistry is not normal either).

It only got better, a cute young man took the stage, Kim mentioned what a cutie he was. Me the degenerate poker playing gambler whould have made a prop bet that the young man taking his place next to Scott was Scott's son. I looked at Kim and said, Sweetie that is Scotty's son look at the jawline thats Scott about 35 years ago. Deadheads are too agreeable. She agreed with me so no action on any bet I was going to make there. And just like I could always tell what the dead would segue into or open with my the hints in their jams, I proved right on this. We witnessed the guitar debut of Jordan Murawski. Adoring son jamming with his proud papa. It doesn't get any better then that.

There were more surprises. John Coster on Harmonica, Rev Tor gigging in. And then of course Scotty took to the mike with his version of Phil Lesh's liver speech. Scott talked about his My Space page and the requests he gets on the page. He shouted out a few happy anniversarys and then he mentioned Goggle and getting a tickler on a mention of him and the band. He said "I was reading this chicks blog.. think she calls herself DIRTY GIRL." which of course got a bunch of laughs and some pretenders to being the author of the post he was going to recite. Scott continued with: "She said, she was gonna be here this weekend and hadnt seen us in years, and my hair was longer then Johns' and I look like Father Time!". Of course I looked at Kim and her at me and we starting cracking up. It was my blog post. He then shouted. "Where the Fuck is she?" I had staked out my four feet of floor space to space dance and was in the back of the room. Kim pushed me forward to the stage..I went up to the side of the stage. Pointed to myself and confessed to Scott that it was me IRONGIRL. Finally twenty years later he spoke his first words to me. I dont think he had any idea he was reading a poker blog!!!

"You're going to be mentioned on the 35th anniversary tape." Kim stated green with a little envy. Next up Norm Chad mentioning me during the WSOP broadcasts and I die a happy girl.


I didnt get home to 3AM. I had worked for 5 hours, played poker for about 6 and danced for 5. The next morning my ankles felt like they would only recover and stop throbbing after downing some Vicodin which I off course dont have.

Thank you Scott, John, Mark, Greg(S), Scott A and Jordan for A real good time. And Scott you really dont look like Father Time you just need a better picture up on My Space and the Creek web page.

Peace!! And for my kind poker playing buddies Monster Pots and Good Cardma.

With props to the original Mcgrupp

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sexiest Male Poker Blogger

My Vote in Veneno's contest goes to Shaniac. I lifted this shot of Shane from the pokerdb and Shane's site. It doesn't fully do him justice since its a little shadowed. But I like it. He's in the helicopter on his way to Monte Carlo for the EPT.

My Reasons for selecting Shane:

1) He's Hot- He hasn't let himself go to Hell in a bucket like a lot of professional poker players do. If the poker blogosphere had a Dr McDreamy, Shane gets my vote.

2) He's From NYC. Let's hear one for the home team.

3) He's well written and well spoken. He interviews well. In other words he can form complete sentences and sound intelligent when doing so.

4) He's one kick-ass poker player. I first heard of Shane during WSOP 2006 and Dr Pauly mentioning Shane's confrontation with fucktard Eric Molina. Ive followed his blog since and always enjoy his TV appearances.

What's interesting is Joe Speaker hasnt hit the list yet. Only one female has hit the list Shirley Rosario aka Poker Babe. I would have expected the men to be tendering: Jennicide or Vanessa Rousso, or Erica Schoenberg or god forbid Brandi Hawbaker (if you count her ramblings on 2+2 as blogging)

Im not sure why but my first runner-up for Sexiest Male Poker Blogger goes to Joe Sebok.

So head over to Veneno's blog and tender your vote.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

WPBT Summer Classic!!!

Where the Orleans, Las Vegas Nevada

When- June 6th thru the 11th

Guaranteed- An Ass-grabbing Good Time

For More info see

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vegas Baby!!!

Quick Monday update.............My vacation time off approved June 7th thru the 12th. Not sure exactly what day I will fly out from Smallbany and back from Vegas on. If I can get an early AM flight on Friday to arrive by noon on Southwest it will be a Friday arrival. I expect it to be a whirlwind tour since Neteller funds will probably not be accessible yet.

If hell freezes over I may also go back out in July as I have time off then too. What is a gal to do.

My condolences to the Biggestron family on the loss of their kitty. The kitty was one of the casualties of the recent pet food recall. Big has a good post over on his blog. Although I knew Bailey doesnt eat any of the foods on the recall list. I still went over the ingredients of his cat food. He eats a kibble created specially for his breed Royal Canin Maine Coon Kibble. He also eats Fancy Feast Selects because he is spoiled rotten and is finicky about moist food. Sometimes various Friskies canned food and he does love his Friskies Feline Favorites kibble too.

Imagine my dismay when Bailey started drooling on Thursday!! Cats normally dont drool. They drool when sick or have injured the inside of their mouth. I had noticed the floor was wet near where he lay but didnt know what it was. When he jumped up on my work desk to hang out with me while I worked I noticed the drool and his mane/ruff was wet...Trying to look in your cats mouth is a near impossibility. I didnt know if he had licked or eaten something that he shouldnt have or had injured his mouth somehow maybe on a piece of food. Then I remembered cats do drool when relaxed and he had just been sniffing and licking his catnip pillow. He was exhibiting no behavior changes. And he was running around like a banshee, eating and drinking and doing his business as usual. I do have an appointment for him on Friday to be checked out by the vet and for his annual exam. The drooling has stopped. So maybe he was just kitty stoned.

And for those of you who dislike kitties, my cat could probably whoop your dog with one swipe of his paw and claws. Hes a big boy about twenty lbs as large as a miniature poodle. He is very willful when he wants to be and I have on occasion had to show him who is Alpha Cat in the house. He likes to get aggressive when he plays. People always say when they see him..."Boy thats a big cat". He is only average sized for his breed. Papa and Grampy were bigger and I have seen one cattery of Maine Coons that go up to 35-40 lbs. That obviously is not normal.

Lots of blogger hijinks in chat. I expect a blog post to come out of a comment I made to Katitude when were commiserating about Full Tilt. I donked away a bunch of my roll their trying to earn satellites to the blogger big game and then for $24 tokens. I used to win tokens easily now it seems as my MTT play has improved my turbo satellite and sngs has suffered.. Thanks to Miami Don, WillWonka and AlCantHang for railing me thru to my bubbilicious finishes. I then got to torment Smokkee while he stalled and folded into a $75 chip. Even though Miami Don called Smokkee a pussy for his tactics he got to play and I didnt. On Attempt 1, I was in good shape only to have the tables stalling and my crap hands and weak tight play cause me to blind out a few away from a token. Then in attempt two, my aggressive play as we neared the bubble backfired. I tried a reraise steal attempt. I reraised all in with K5 clubs into the bigstack. Yes you heard it k5 clubs. He called for 1/3 his stack which i didnt expect him to do since he had a big stack and didnt need the chips or to take the chance for the dent in his stack. Of course, I didnt put him on the hand he had. I hit the flop hard with two pair and one spade. I was against AJ of spades. Runner Runner spades sent me packing and had Reverend AL and MiamiDon shaking their head. Waffles made a good point to me later, stating IG you were trying to win a token not the tourney. Hmmm. Snake had said the same thing to me back in January. Slow learner I am. I could have afforded to fold that hand as I had more chips then Smokkee who I was seated with when i met my demise. At least I gave it the college try and went out playing hard.

And that is one of the reasons I play this maddening game. Trying to find the perfect balance of when to change gears from maniac to perceived weak/tight while really playing a mixed game of TAG to LAG and back. I was trying to play the opposite of the table and for the most part I was right.. When Smokkee is playing tight I used that as my benchmark to change it up. So I shot my foot off and blew $14. Id rather go out like that on my terms then blinding away.

Poker is like a puzzle that you can never complete because someone is hiding a piece on you. Like the stock market it is a game of imperfect information. You try to make the best decision you can with the information you have, be it a top down or bottom up approach. Their are certain fundamentals like the ranking of hands. What hands to play and when to play them needs to be factored in with your playing style, position, the chip stacks of your competitors etc. They say you play a style that suits your personality. Hence I can go from mellow laid back weak/tight former garbage head to adrenaline junkie uber-aggressive hi strung LAG player all on the turn of a dime. I should be able to pwn this game HA HA. So I flub my entrance, exits and lines sometimes. All is good.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

DQB--Dems Quads Beyotchs...... Double IG

Truly a thing of beauty. Whats better then the IG? The Double IG!!

Double the pleasure, Double the fun!!

I was a card rack early on. Since this was the Magnificent Katitude's Friday nite Donkament, I pushed all-in first hand with KK. Or was it AA. Regardless, I out-mookied Mookie who called with his namesake hand T8os. Two hands later I either had AA or KK once again I pushed all in once again. I was hoping someone would take issue with my push monkey play and make the call. Heck a rebuy was only $1. Then the quads hit. I flopped str8s, I bet and hit my flushes during the first hour. Freaky Friday the 13th saw me acquire a nice stack without rebuying. I added on. Mookie rebought a bunch of times donating to the true early luckbox: TripJax. Finally Waffles knocked TripJax out with trip jax.

Mookie on my left went on to amass a nice stack. Waffles was on my right. Me the donkette in the middle. I went card dead the second hour seeing 92os one too many times. I lost a chunk to Waffles playing a hand I had no reason being in but got the chips back. I pulled a Hoy on a noob who said.. You're not all-in you left $1!! Precisely, that is the point of the Hoy. In all the times I have pulled the Hoy, I have never gotten one call on it.

With the bewitching hour approaching meaning IG has to get up early to work and attend a wake and funeral for a co-worker's mom (who I knew), I decided to push all in on Waffles mega-raise. I said, "Lets do it Waffles"!!!! My AQd failed to improve and his 44 held and IG went to bed.

Katitude captured some of the interesting chat. She missed this gem which went something like this

IG: Can I pin the tail on the donkey?

Waffles: Yes, but in my case its in the front.

IG: In that case, that would be wagging the dog.

Thank you Kat for hosting this friday nite donkament festivus for the blogger faithful. I'll be back!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

So Much to Say.. So Much to Say.. So little time

If you havent noticed or you are not a music lover, I tend to name my posts after songs. That is when I can find an appropo song title to fit the bill. Numerous friends and bloggers have asked why so quiet? It's not that I don't have anything to say. Mon Dieu!!! Most folks who know me know I am rarely at a loss for words. Its just that lately I have been all over the place with my interests. Hence so much to say so much to say so much to say.. to quote DMB, so little time to put it down on the blog.

I am an uber geek. I love to read, do crossword puzzles and logic problems. I also love pop culture and media. I confess I am a junkie of some tabloid blogs and magazines. I spent part of this afternoon at the bookstore today browzing all the books that I would love to read and have so little time to do so. I can't wait till I am retired and can do all that stuff at will.

I've been watching Dancing with the Stars (Joey, Ian and Apollo impress), The Search for the next Pussycat Doll (Go chelsea!!), Ugly Betty (just love that show and her spunk even though she is a fashion dont, but thats the point isnt it?), Grey's Anatomy. I've been trying to plan my container gardens which is bordering on insanity with the wintry weather in the Northeast. How can I rightfully pay by pool dues when its in the 30's and working on my tan seems to be far off. Guess Ill have to work on a spray on one.

BFF Kimberly and I are heading out next weekend for the 35th anniversay shows of MaxCreek or CreekEnd. I figured out that they started out when I was 11. That makes most of the band members in their 50's (I'm not too far behind). A recent picture of lead guitarist, Scott Murawski shows his hair is longer then mine was and longer then Bassist John Rider's. He looks like Father time. Its been ages since Ive gone creekin and im looking forward to it. Im looking forward to hearing some Creek Classics like Big Boat, Fire and Brimstone, Emotional Railroad, Orange Sunshine (Creek originals), as well as come good Grateful Dead and Dylan covers and lets not forget a rendition of Will the Circle be Unbroken.

Unfortunately its a conflict with this:

Billed as America's Largest Earth Day Festival!! I encourage everyone to recycle next week and watch an Inconvenient Truth no matter what your political bent is. I know this sounds cliche but remember to: Love your Mother Earth and Think Globally, Act Locally. I do have twinges of guilt when I admit to driving a non-fuel efficient SUV.

I caught up with my favorite hippie chick barista Tiffany at Starbucks today. When shes not making the perfect peppermint mocha for me, she is off doing what I used to do. She just turned me on to for more music downloads.

All for now, I have some other links and interesting articles I need to post but for now Im going to end by congratulating Dr Pauly (Tao of Poker, Truckin, Tao of Pauly etc) on landing the gig as the feature writer for ESPN's 2007 WSOP coverage. He is living example of finding his muse, and taking a risk to pursue his dreams.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

How to make good use of a Satellite token.

I managed to take that token ($33) that I earned yesterday and put it too good use. I finished 5th/125 for a payday of $225 on what was a freeroll for me. Seems like focusing a little bit on deeper MTT's after my Foxwoods experience (larger fields and adjusting to antes) has paid off rather quickly, but then again one of my strongest assets is recognizing my weaknesses. We started with 10000 chips but the blinds do go up fast or so they seem. I pulled one major bluff out of my arse on a rag rainbow board with AJd when I put the dude all in post flop without batting an eyelash. Of course when you have chips you can bully the shorter stacks. And yes of the ten of us who came in to the tourney from the affiliate satellites of which there were two, I lasted the longest. Thanks to Sham for keeping me patient and focussed after he himself went out of the tourney. He made the perfect analogy of the tournament being a triathlon not a sprint. Man when push came to shove I put it into the granny gear and hammered the bubble bump. Oh and notice the dear departed (God rest his gratefully dead soul said as IG pretends she is still Catholic and crosses herself) Jerry Garcia finished right behind me.

Happy Easter and time to eat some Marshmallow bunnies.

Oh and I lost $25 in like 10 minutes in the slot machines at the Saratoga Racino. My mother faired no better so we made an early exit and I got home in time to play. Things work out just fine when you dont sweat them. Brunch prior was scrumptious (Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon aka Lox with capers and onions, Prime Rib, Roast Leg of Lamb, Ham, Turkey, Pasta, you get the idea). I started Jonesing for Vegas Buffets.

After a Friday nite of abysmal redonkdangdiculous play I'm feeling really comfortable in my IG skin and with my play in general.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Doctor is In and Open for Business.

I was invited to some Affiliate satellite on Bugsys Club thanks to Paul at the Aces Cracked Forum. Never played there but when I was a minnow I played on Poker Pages (the free sister site). In fact, I think the only thing I ever played on Poker Pages was a mixed game tourney or two. Of course everyone and his mother was invited to this tourney. But it was a freeroll and based on the way I played last nite and in my first two outings of the day putting money on the line wasnt a priority.

On the line 5 seats to a guarantee on Easter Sunday. Okay conflict there. Brunch with mom scheduled for the Racino and an afternoon of -EV games. So I tow the line and play some of the most spectacular poker of my life. I go on to finish #2 of 220 and earn my seat.. I got to heads up just a little bit shy of the chip lead, took the lead for a bit and on a hand I was just slightly outchipped on, I pushed AQ into my namesake hand the IG (99) and the IG held.

The really weird thing was everyone as they went out had this in chat: You have earned a seat into the $30+ $3 main event. Sure enough everyone was listed in the main event tourney. So the final table chat was something like.. "Someone is going to lose their job over this cuz this is going to be quite expensive for Bugsy's Club." I just went and checked and everyone including moi is unregistered. Im not worried. It did sayin the invitation that the winners would be manually added and hence they didnt even list the prizes. The poor bubble girl said... "This is going to suck if I bubble and then they remove my name from the list"... YUP.

Besides earning that seat, I earned a seat to a $2500 guarantee on Vegas 24/7 (a skin of Absolute) for this Monday nite by finishing in the top 10 for another league thing. Earlier I finished 1st in my heat with top 5 moving on to the finals of an event on Cake poker. Of course this conflicts with CREEKEND, Max Creeks 35th Anniversary music weekend in Lenox Mass on 4/20/2007- 4/21/07. No money just pride for this finish: 5th for my Suited Quads team on Vegas 24/7 (multi-tabling) for the Super Bowl of Poker. Last week I finished 3rd. There were four PWHer's in the top 5, Me, Howwler, JSpaz and Cudah. Of course they are all DonkeyHunters and not on my team even though we represent the same forum.

I did catch CrackNAces (Chad) finish 3rd or 4th in a Bracelet Race on FTP. I gave him a shout out but know he lost his chat and couldnt answer me back. Ultimate suckout on the river I think his JJ got rivered by A5 catchingthe Ace for two pair or just hitting the ace. That really sucked bro and I should have typed something in chat for you.

Hopefully, this post will be enough to keep one of my loyal readers from winding up on the therapist's couch or at least prolong the visit. And no Shaman I didnt run off to get married or to join the circus. Taking up knitting was looking good there for a bit. I know just the gal to teach me too (Kat).

More shall be revealed in subsequent posts!!