Friday, December 29, 2006

Token Whoring and Heads Up Action

Not a lot of poker action to report since the IPOD win due to the Xmas holidays. Tuesday nite I played the Poker Analysis $10 buyin league game on Pstars. Was out in about 5 minutes. AKh in the BB. One of the players minimum raises so I just call. Flop comes down 89x or some such thing so I lay a pot sized bet out there. Why Why Why as Ross Geller would say...? Because with a min raise it looks like a flop that could hit my BB and Im trying to get away from folding too much and weak/tight play. The initial raiser raises me so I smooth call. Turn a King. Bet Call. River an Ace.. Allin. Called. Top two pair for me and no flush nor str8 possible. When I get the call I think OH NO, someone slowplayed Pocket KK or Pocket AA.. Razorbacker3 flips the AA for a set and out I go. Snake had just emailed me to say he was coming by to rail me.. I call him and say "Dont waste your time Im out". He had seen my undoing and had emailed me a "bad luck there" We discuss the hand. Normally I tend to flop it or drop it with Big Slick, unless I know I can pull a bluff which in fact I was trying to do at first. Putting a spin on an early out I announce well at least I didnt waste 2 hours only to bubble!!!

Wednesday nite I played a $3.30 turbo on FTP with about 700 runners and I go out just shy of the money when I got nuts with AJos. I raised the big blind of the dude who had been seesawing all nite pushing all in whenever he had a hand. When he came over the top I decided it was gamble time so I called his all-in with 88. I think I hit my Jack but he hit a set or some such thing. Had I just folded I would have probably cashed for a wimpy amount. Had I doubled up we were looking at a very good chip stack. Cie le Vie.

Thursday nite starts a 4 day vacation for me (although I will work Overtime Saturday AM). The phones are crazy busy for what is supposed to be a dead week so I dont get pulled to process after my 4 hour training class in the AM. I Cant wait to go home and zip up the Northway after making a stop at Starbucks. I register for the $20 PA buyin on Absolute Poker (Pot Limit holdem) and email Snake to let him know where to find me.

Snake calls me after donking out of his live game and rails me to a 4th place finish. This gets me back $8 of my $20 buyin.. Whoop-di-doo.. I was down in chips early on and just couldnt get any action on my good hands when I finally got rolling. The whole tourney was pretty much short handed play as only 11 started and the AP tables hold 9. Obviously, PLHE is not everyones forte because I survived longer then I should have.

So Snake rings me up again and says... "Go over to FTP and join me in this tourney". I ask if we are going to play heads up? "No join me in this 18 person $8.80 turbo tourney we are going token hunting" he says. His brother, Silo has been earning tokens left and right. Sounds like a plan. Both of us donk out early in the first one. My JJ which is still the best hand post flop had two callers of my preflop raise. When I push in post flop I get two callers both on SPADE FLUSH DRAWS and of course the flush comes and I'm out a spot or two after Snake. I call him back up and say Im going to do it again so he reopens up FTP and we both have about the same success in token tourney #2 NADA although I do make it to the final table in tourney 2. Neither time are we seated at the same table

So then we decide to play heads up. The first one I dont get in fast enough and he winds up against this weak/tight player who folds too often. Im on the phone telling Snake to raise raise raise with anything play completely nutty. His opponent is taking forever to make a decision and its driving him nuts. He wants out of his misery. When snake gets a PP I say push all-in, I bet he just raised with AK (im right) and Snake takes down SNG #1.

Now Snake, who has dusted IG (moi) in Chinese Poker and Super Suduko in our mixed game challenge and has taken me heads-up live proves no match for the wily IG on the virtual felt. Game I sees me get a nice str8 over str8 to take a commanding chip lead. Snake pushes all in and I call with KQ and we chop as he has KQ too. I eventually send him to the rail.

So its on to Round 2. "I see someone is copying my style" Snake says with a laugh in chat. I raise with the hammer and show after he folds. So he tries distracting me in chat. Which almost works, but I dont let on that im about to heave my chips into the middle with any two cards and then jump into my SUV and hi tail it up the Northway to his house. Nope I calmly type out.... Im trying to play a card game here...I do double him up. But thats just a tease. Eventually hes all in with AT. We both pair the Ace but Im outkicked till the FTP river brings me my seven. Ouch...

IG 2 Snake 0 heads-up FTP $5.50 SNG

IG 2 Snake 1 Yahtzee. Both take scratches in their yahtzees. Only to each throw a yahtzee one after the other.

Snake annihilates IG in Super Sudoku - "Are you anywhere near finished yet- SHIP IT" (I'll remember that Raymond)

Snake vs IG Upstate NY Chinese Poker Tour. Round I commanding lead by Snake leaves IG obsessed and begging for a rematch.

To be continued.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fare Thee Well Mauidudi

Sad news today, a fellow Poker Analysis member passed away after a battle with lung cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and the two children he leaves behind.

Maui was very special to me. Rather then call me IRON or IRONGIRL, he shortened my tag to IG, the primary name by which I am known to all those who have gotten to know me. He also taught me how to post screen shots of my successes, sent me a spreadsheet (which I havent used) to keep track of all the money I had on different rooms and was a great friend to boot. He dragged me and a bunch of other PAers into the CD poker tour. And how could I ever forget Maui-bonics, he had a way with shortened IM text that sometimes left me scratching my head!!!

A Hui Hou Mauidudi
(until we meet again)

May the 4 Winds Blow you Safely Home.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Blogger Poker Tour Final- Results

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I play poker at

Twenty of us took to the virtual felt. I finished in 4th of 20 and won a customized 4G IPOD nano !!! Wasnt the trip to Oz I hoped for but I played extremely well. Went card dead after the first break. About 45 minutes after the first hour things turned around. Then I was at the final table in 5th place.

There were a few hands I should have played a little differently but for the most part my reads were on and I got my money in with the best of it a couple of times. I jammed, I raised, I almost conquered. I am extremely happy with my play not only in this tourney but in my quest for the UPC seat last week, and my whole BPT season.

Thanks to Lucko21 for his quick reply to my questions on the weak tight article. To snake5970 for his advise last nite and always. Ditto to shamanalinx for his friendship and advice. To the bloggers who beat me up regularly in the Mookie you make me a better player. I take a lot of chances in the Mookie I might not normally take.

I had hoped I'd be on my way to OZ and Dr Pauly might be covering little old IG, but guess Im gonna have to wait till WSOP this summer. I just said to Snake that IPOD I won is an omen that I will be sitting in a seat at the RIO this July jamming down at the WSOP.

Congrats to PureChaos on the win and his first place finish for the seat, and to Mike (ImJusthereforthebeer) owner of the CheckRayz tour. Mike won the trip awarded for best blogging about the tour. Ill be a contender next season when it is for WSOP seat for sure!!!

Shane the administrator of the tour and deserve a big thanks for hosting this. Well done looking after us finalists, for the prompt league updates, the forum updates etc. Looking forward to next season!!

This is how everyone finished up:

1 purechaos
2 Evil666
3 ZowieZ
4 Irongirl
5 freeroll26
6 imjusthere4thebeer
7 brodoughno
8 ViezeMan
9 JayNYC
10 natsdad
11 EgonOlsen
12 astinaguy
13 kufolem
14 cerberi
15 skinski
16 Hacksaw2000
17 DawgRoyal
18 OhioMike
19 PearlSnapMan
20 iyatoni

Friday, December 22, 2006

Act as If in the moment.

I just registered for the Blogger Poker Tour finale. No butterflys or nerves yet but my eyes got a little teary when I registered. Probably because when those chips go in the virtual air I will be in unchartered waters. The fact that I have won close to 50 online MTT's means nothing. This is for a big prize, a really big prize and since Im only playing against 19 others my best shot at the brass ring: a seat in the 2007 Aussie Millions.

I'm off today so I will act as if and try to stay in the moment. That means live play tonite for the Adironadack Poker League. That means finishing up my Xmas shopping and wrapping presents, paying my mortgage for January (so the interest is in 2006), maybe baking some cookies, washing my hair. I wont venture far from my house tomorrow for fear that the Santa Fe will unexpectedly break down and I wont make it home in time to play. I know, I know irrational fears.

NO GIRLY POKER has been my mantra. Ray even shot me an email yesterday AM with those exact words. I had an outside shot at the Aces Cracked League title last nite on Full Tilt. I dont think my third place finish gave me enough points to overcome RK for the win. I was interrupted by my mothers impeccable timing of her phone call to me. When I came out raising I was forced to lay down not so strong hands. They proved to be good laydowns as AA was shown a few times. I saw no PP bigger then TT all night. Took a hand down with the IG but was cold-decked, and frustrated. Ive been cold-decked since I landed the double IG the other nite flopping quad 99's. Tis okay. Send me the goods tomorrow poker gods.

NO GIRLY POKER. Somewhere in the midst of reading Paulys riveting 7 Deadly sins series on Tao of Poker and the Brandi Hawbaker saga on 2 + 2. I came across a roundtable that CC did on Pokerworks with Lucko (Kevin O'Brien), Matt Matros (the Matt Matros) and Fuel55. Now I have played against Fuel and Lucko in blogger events and the whole roundtable is about the weak/tight nature of play in blogger tourneys..... GIRLY POKER...What a fortuitous article. Reading it only made me more frustrated. How do I shut down this poker flaw I know I have? How do I go about pulling the trigger not once but again and again? The thing Snake mentioned he cant teach me that I have to get comfortable just doing. The lets just sneak into the money or get to the final table mentality rather then playing for the win.

It most happens when Im either the big stack and make the calls I should be making but get rivered and start losing chips and then wind up a middle stack. I batten down the hatches so to speak. Just as the guys discuss in the roundtable my M drifts down to the Red Zone and the blinds start eating me alive. GIRLY POKER.

I lie to myself and say guys have it so much easier at the tables, They are just naturally more aggressive and its a flaw of my gender. Bullshit, anyone who knows me well, knows I am about as assertive and sassy as they come. I think that if I change my name from IRONGIRL to something more gender neutral things will be different. My raises will be respected and Ill get my opponents to play the way I want them to play against me. I wont have four people entering the hand with me any longer. Im damned if I raise a standard 3-4 times the BB, Im damned if I limp, Im damned if I minimum raise (and Jesus will cry).

My life will surely be a little more different if I win $20000 but it wont be different winning $100-$200. I can sell crap on ebay and make that. Perhaps I just need to play a couple hundred SNGS at the $5.50 to $10 range a level that I am comfortable just tearing up the money at and working on this new style until it feels comfortable. I have LAGged up my play a bunch in the past few months. Hell I never would have thrown the hammer like I did last nite. But I need to work on my post flop play.

I also need to slow myself down. Although I was an endurance athlete, I am definitely more fast twitch then slow twitch. I have a tendency to hyper-speed my thinking and act to fast. Snake has told me to slow it down. Perhaps that is the other flaw that makes me predictable.

So here I stand at the abyss contemplating when I will jump. Do I have the stones to make the leap? Looking for a quick fix like a junkie, looking for answers to questions that are looking me in the face but that only I can employ. Uncharted waters, thinking outside the box and outside the comfort zone of GIRLY POKER. Everyone says Im a solid player. Solid just isnt good enough. Solid equals WEAK-TIGHT. Sure we can win when the cards align and you get the hands, but great players win with garbage. Great players make their luck. I can survive with garbage but I need to turn it around to win with garbage. 3 PM tomorrow afternoon 5000 starting chips. Aussie Millions seat on the line. As far as I can tell I am the only gal in the final. As Neo says in the Matrix: Guns lots of Guns. Time to bring out every weapon I have and stomp out Girly Poker.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hammer Time - IG vs Big Tai - Aces Cracked

Lex Luther's (Big Tai on FTP) pocket full of kryptonite stood no chance against the beloved IG's (aka IGEE-Babee aka Tilly) hammer wielding skills:


Dealt to irongirl01 [2c 7h]

MarkGreb folds

Eggman9 folds

irongirl01 raises to 810, and is all in

shamanalix folds

BIGTAI calls 650

irongirl01 shows [2c 7h]

BIGTAI shows [6d 6c]

*** FLOP *** [5s 2s Th]

Eggman9: lol

*** TURN *** [5s 2s Th] [7s]

irongirl01: hammer time

*** RIVER *** [5s 2s Th 7s] [8s]

irongirl01 shows two pair, Sevens and Twos

BIGTAI shows a pair of Sixes

shamanalix: lol

irongirl01 wins the pot (1,700) with two pair, Sevens and Twos


*** SUMMARY ***

Total pot 1,700 | Rake 0

Board: [5s 2s Th 7s 8s]

Seat 1: Eggman9 didn't bet (folded)

Seat 2: irongirl01 (button) showed [2c 7h] and won (1,700) with two pair, Sevens and Twos

Seat 3: shamanalix (small blind) folded before the Flop

Seat 6: BIGTAI (big blind) showed [6d 6c] and lost with a pair of Sixes

Seat 7: MarkGreb didn't bet (folded)

I managed to rally to finish third. It was an all Adirondack Poker League online final three with me, Mikey the commmish and Lex all outlasting the Mizzou/Kansas boys. I went out when Mike's 73os two paired (the 7 came on the turn) against my suited A5 pairing the 5 on the flop.

My new pirate attire was not well received but until FTP get's an avatar that looks like Trinity of the Matrix, Arwen the elfgirl from LOTR, Tinkerbell or a dang good pirate wench with cleavage Ill stay in drag.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Did It- I'll Be playing for an Aussie Millions seat 12/23/06

"I just need a solid mid-pack finish and I should make the Final to play for the Aussie Millions seat" I say to Snake

"How Many typically play?" he asks

"Last few games over 100, probably 120 or so" I add.

"I expect nothing less then top 20% from you then". He replies.

Ive had a good run in the blogger tour, besides first place points for hosting an event, I got some good points for sending bloggers over to Coupled with a 3rd place finish and a few solid finishes in about 20, 25 and 35th place and only one early out my consistency was awarding me with an almost certain spot in the final. Not only is there a seat to the Aussie Millions to play for, but there are two custom poker tables, 6 IPOD nano's, some custom poker chip sets or a ticket to one of the larger guarantees being awarded to the top twenty for the season. I was going home a winner if I made the final.

Now Im a gal that will rise to the occasion and Ray set the bar pretty high with his 3rd WSOP seat win in 3 years. Ive been playing well against much better competition then I did my first two years playing, but I dont have the years of poker experience that Snake has. I have shown that I am capaable of making some great reads and laydowns and I know how to wind my way thru a large field. Plus I am a quick study and always working on improving my game. I know what my weaknesses are. When I'm playing my best they dont surface but when they surface let's just call it girly poker.

In the past when I've had a big tourney Ive laid low all day, I havent multi-tabled when playing it and I focus exclusively on that event. I qualified and played in about 6 WSOP satellites last year for actual seats, falling short each time. Sure I had a horrific beat when my AA got rivered by 33 at the final table for one seat but in the end the only one who walks away the winner is the person who finishes first. Ive moved past those spring tourneys buoyed by my live play and improving MTT and STT play.

I had commited to play the Online Forum Challenge for PA on Vegas247 which is a skin of Absolute. Start time is 3 PM the same time as my final. I go into work my 5 hours of overtime leaving at noon. I then go and buy my Xmas tree at Hewitts (the only nursury with a selection left) and stop at my Italian butcher for a Sub. I get home, put up the tree, put lights on it, eat my sub while watching food TV and get ready for my two 3 o'clock starts. I am extremely efficient and can accomplish a great deal in a short period of time.

There are over 800+ in the Forum Challenge. Mostly freerollers, its ABC poker for me. I dummy down my game to play the donkeys, calling stations and people who will never move beyond the comfort zone of a low dollar buyin. In the meantime gets underway.

The original format was supposed to be Omaha Hi Lo which is a game that would have favored me more them most playing because it is probably as good if not better then my no limit play when Im rolling. The upgrade still hasnt gone thru on so the format changed to NLHE deep stack of $2000 or $2500 starting chips. A style that also favors my game.

I slowly work my way up the field. Shane who is the admin of the tour and who did such a fantastic job working with me when I hosted checks in at all the tables. He's talking to some of my tablemates that have an outside shot of making the top twenty depending on how they perform today. Skinski the dude in first place is an early out. I dont think I can overtake him for the lead from my position in second place but thats not what is important.

I wind up going out 88th or so in the forum challenge with top 45 paying. I go out to the eventual tourney winner from the OPT Elderfeline. Their A3 rivered an Ace against my TT. Being that its a freeroll I dont mind. I also happen to have lastest the longest of any PAer.

Now Bruce aka Shamanalinx has told me he is watching my progress but he cant chat at Only registered players can chat. So hes talking to me at my table at Vegas 247 until I go out. Once I got out Im alone. I hadnt talked to Snake so have no idea if he is even watching me. I move up into the top 15 and then when down to two tables slb159 pulls a fast one on me. Ultimately SLB159 will go to blogger hell. I have TT but SLB159 is shortstacked and pushes all in. I figure my tens are no good. Everyone folds. He types damn im going to blogger hell I failed to show the hammmer. He is right. Shortly thereafter he goes out just shy of the final table. I catch a lucky break when all in with AQ and I catch a Q on the river. That gives me a top ten position.

Earlier when the chip leader limps or minimum raises against my BB I push all in (Thank you Trent). I type the statement: Minimum raises make jesus cry... Shane starts laughing from the rail and states isnt it Baby Jesus? I reply either one and Slb159 proudly states.. Someone reads my blog.

Its all a blur now but I wound up finishing in 5th for $45 (free money) and earned my spot to play for the Aussie Millions. I wound up finishing 2nd overall for the regular season, not bad at all.. Thanks to Shane and SLB159 and the other bloggers who played and wished me good luck and to Shamanalinx and of course to Snake who quietly observed without me knowing it and gave me some really good feedback.

Oh it almost got better the next day when I final tabled but missed in a shot to win a seat to the Ultimate Poker Classic. More to come..

Monday, December 18, 2006

If one of your cards is paint in must be good-APL week #15

Friday I actually worked an almost full day as I was assisting in phone lab. Phone lab is the proving ground for the "new" Customer Service Reps that will get released this Friday. They actually start taking live calls but with support to answer their questions. Normally phone lab runs about 4 weeks but because most of the class has been on the phones as contingency staff in their old jobs the learning curve time is shorter. Most of the people in this training class are my former teammates including my old supervisor Ellen who will be leading the first team of former claims examiners now doing phones full time. Those who have yet to be trained will either go in the spring or will be out the door without packages if they dont want to go to customer service.

Its an honor to be picked for phone lab as it means you are off the phones for the week unless a call turns into a supervisor issue in which case you get to be a supervisor. Its also one of my last chances to see a lot of old faces as Im heading home to work after the new year begins

I dont currently own a cellphone. Since Im on the phone 9 hours a day I tend to rely on email or IM more then anything else. I will talk to my parents, sis, BFF-Kim and her family and Snake ad-nauseum but other then that I adhere to a call screening and let the answering machine pick up policy.

I dashed up the Northway, cranking the Other Ones show from the Pepsi Arena a few years back. A good Scarlet/Fire, Playin in the Band into Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance into Space was just the ticket. Fire On the Mountain with Mickey on vocals and an almost seductive reggae beat had me swaying in the seat of my Santa Fe. I then listened to a little bit of the Joshua Tree with my favorite song being One Tree Hill. No Dave tonite. He has twice got me pulled over for speeding.

I dont get much of a chance to talk to Ray about his WSOP seat win pre-game as he is seated at one of the other two tables with his brother Rich and Zoe. When he called me late late Thursday nite, I was half asleep, sinuses and nose stuffy and a raspy voice. Since he had slept like not at all yet after his win (which came about 1:30 to 2:00 AM Thursday) he was exhausted too. I tell him to get some sleep and Ill talk to him tomorrow. The other table has almost all the 60+ older men. I look at Jimmy and point and state: "geezer table". Other then a few I was looking at Rock City. Damn I wish I were there.

I'm seated at the diamond table sandwiched between Eric the current league champ hot with 4 wins and my other favorite APLer-Lgkeeper aka Trent. Trent had been MIA with subs the previous week or so as his new job requires him to be at work at 3 AM some saturdays. Always entertaining and quick with advice its a treat to sit with him. I consider he and Snake to be my two coaches. Trent is brilliant with pot odds and will shake his head and point when I fold my sb against the bb. Of course he is my bb this evening and twice when I try to limp against him he pushes all-in. A favorite TS move I might add. He chides me for folding 43os in the SB and then asks to rabbit the cards. Two fours hit. You wont see that again he smirks and I just giggle.

Action gets underway and I look at Eric and bluntly state if you go after my BB when you are SB.... GOOD LUCK Storming the Castle. He just laughs and says as long as I have chips I'm gonna raise and bet. Unfortunately for Edawg, Kamikaze Kenny has decided to join us for his second appearance of the season. He stacks Eric leaving him with crumbs.

Trent was bopping away listening to his IPOD when he gets involved in a big hand with Kamikaze Kenny. His mouth is lip syncing the tunes but when Kenny fires at the pot. Trent takes one earbud out, sits up straight and he gets this look on his face like he's about ready to move in for the kill, eyebrows arched up just like a cheetah ready to take down an unwitting gazelle for a quick snack. When Kenny pushes all in Trent calls and leaves Kenny with scraps of about $1800.

A few hands later Juddy raises to $900, Eric moves all in and I look down to AA.... Now do I massage this bet and keep Juddy in the hand or push in to isolate eric? I decide to go for the all-in with position because I dont want Juddy who will call if she hits her hand drawing out on me. Juddy folds AK face up.. Eric flips AK.. I have no outs but Edog fails to improve and I send him to the rail.

As the tourney progresses, Juddy and Karen have won some hands and now have stacks. Karen knocked out Wade when her QQ held against Wades TT. She is dangerous with a stack. We break down to two tables.. Lex's dad is subbing for Darren. Lex went out early but his dad is moved into Eric's position. I have no information on this man. NADA. I dont know if he is loose stupid, a calling station, a rock or a skilled player.

My undoing-------Keith raises to $900 on my immediate right. I look down at AA again. Instead of moving all in I decide to reraise to $1800 something I do in the regular blogger tourneys because anybody can shove their chips into the middle. Trent looks down to what I found out later was 99 aka the IG. He states anyone other but Lori and Im in the hand. He folds. Mike the commish, folds too with J9 or something. Flop comes down xJJ... Keith instachecks. That proves to be my undoing. I fire and he comes over the top. I know he has hit trips. Im frustrated and push my scraps in rather then play shortstack poker with nothing. He had called my reraise with J8os. Im speechless. Trent would have had a set of 9's had he stayed in and would have been damaged. From what Trent told me after Mikey had the other J and a 9 so Keith caught the two case jacks in the deck. Such is poker.

I grab my coat literally stunned and reeling from what had just transpired. The tourney is supposed to break soon so I go over to Rays table to say goodbye and tell him I'll talk to him later as I dont want to join the live cash game getting underway. I still dont have all the details of his WSOP sat win. I have to work in the AM and figure I can jump in a sng when I get home. Eric has mathematically figured out that I should still stay in 5th. Doug in 7th place overall had gone out before me, and Zoe went out a few spots after me. With Lex out early too, I figured Ray would move up to #3 and I might just close up on Lex. Thats exactly as it played out when results were posted. Steve overtook Eric with a #2 finish.

I get home and feed Bailey and play with him for a bit and get changed. I shoot Ray a quick email and the link for for my Blogger tour finale and "A whats a gal to do when she gets knocked out...?? She gets back up and plays again." I jump onto pokerstars into a $5.50 sng. I got home just after 9 PM and its a 40 minute drive from Ft Edward to Half Moon so Im too late to play the PA buy-in league game on Absolute. I get on-line about 10 or so. It is down to about 6 in the sng and I see Snake pop up in chat. Two players are all in so I cant answer right away.. Ray had a big stack when I left, riding his WSOP mojo high. I expected either Trent or He to take down the tourney. So now I know hes out. I ask who was riding high and he typed TS for Trent.

There are times when you just know you are destined for the bubble. An early faux paux with AK against AQ which hit a queen on the turn had left me damaged but not dead. I was buoyed by the fact that I had won a tourney the nite before and I never count myself out. Friday nite was not one of those nites for a comeback. My cowboys get cracked by the big stack with A3 I believe rivering an ace and out I go in 4th.. Bubblicious as always.

I flop down on my bed to ponder my sorry poker fate.. AA and KK cracked two times in one nite but I feel confident Ill be good in the blogger finale when it counts. The phone rings and its Snake. I give him the full run-down on my hand with Keith.

"Oh it gets worse" he states matter of factly.

"I had XXsuited" he states. One of my favorite hands too.

I believe Ray raised with the hand and Keith called the raise similar to my scenario. The flop came 33 X giving Ray top pair. Keith Instachecked Ray fires... Call from Keith. Turn same thing. With only about $4400 chips left and a board favorable to his top pair and a pretty good read that Keith had not hit a piece of anything Ray fired all in and of course Keith calls. Ray flips his hand and Keith flips AJ there is not an A or a J on the board. An ace rivers and Ray is sent home in 7th (of course its a lot better when you hear it directly from Snake)

I can tell by his voice that he is still upset and I state the obvious

"You sound upset" - Duh. But it is a statement of fact.

"Of course Im still upset. I' m kind of on Tilt" (now fortunately he cant see me roll my eyes up at the ceiling, because Ray is rather unflappable. But then again even Achilles had a heel or a Tendon!!)

"I hate being beat by bad play" I cant believe he called off all those chips with nothing not even a draw".

I decide to change the subject and quickly change course onto the $500000 question of whether he will play the .5 million guarantee on FTP which he had qualified for and is virtually on a freeroll for.. "Still undecided" he states.."Well, you know how I feel on this" I reply matter of factly back.

To be continued with IG's Blogger Poker Tour final regular season event

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why you dont slowplay your Aces

PokerStars Game #7473979132: Tournament #36729288, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2006/12/16 - 20:31:21 (ET)
Table '36729288 1' 9-max Seat #3 is the button
Seat 1: Penfolio (740 in chips)
Seat 2: Shamanalix (1760 in chips)
Seat 3: taxidermist (2065 in chips)
Seat 4: plj1 (1360 in chips)
Seat 6: irongirl01 (2065 in chips)
Seat 7: MarkGreb (1000 in chips)
Seat 8: cns1 (1510 in chips)
plj1: posts small blind 25
irongirl01: posts big blind 50
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to irongirl01 [8s 9s]
MarkGreb: folds
cns1: calls 50
Penfolio: folds
Shamanalix: folds
taxidermist: folds
plj1: folds
irongirl01: checks
*** FLOP *** [2c Qh 9c]
irongirl01: bets 50
Shamanalix said, "i gotta keep trying to get wingowa to work\"
cns1: calls 50
*** TURN *** [2c Qh 9c] [8c]
irongirl01: bets 50
cns1: calls 50
*** RIVER *** [2c Qh 9c 8c] [5s]
Shamanalix said, "OFC's gonna be there mid-January"
irongirl01: checks
Shamanalix said, "wingows"
cns1: bets 350
irongirl01: calls 350
*** SHOW DOWN ***
cns1: shows [Ac Ad] (a pair of Aces)
irongirl01: shows [8s 9s] (two pair, Nines and Eights)
irongirl01 collected 1025 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 1025 | Rake 0
Board [2c Qh 9c 8c 5s]
Seat 1: Penfolio folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: Shamanalix folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: taxidermist (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: plj1 (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 6: irongirl01 (big blind) showed [8s 9s] and won (1025) with two pair, Nines and Eights
Seat 7: MarkGreb folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: cns1 showed [Ac Ad] and lost with a pair of Aces

Lots more to update Stay tuned!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Congrats Snake5970

-They say the 3rd times the charm. Snake5970 aka Fearless Ray of the APL notched his third WSOP seat three years running this time on Ultimate Bet Wednesday nite. Now he can add UB gear to his full wardrobe of Pokerstars jerseys and swag. $10000 seat and $2000 spending money all for $30 + $3 buy-in. He also qualified two weeks ago for this Sunday's $500,000 guarantee on FTP.

Shortly after I found out this news I made a quick snack of my AcesCracked guyz on FTP last nite in our weekly game. Finally broke my FTP maiden plus I cleared $10 more of my bonus and won some cash at the Omaha 8 tables. Hopefully, my Mojo will continue to roll thru tomorrow's final regular season blogger tour event.

Off to play my weekly live league. Im sitting in 5th overall with 6 weeks remaining.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday Bailey

Here is my boy. He's three today. Quite a handsome fellow I might add.

That is a picture of Baboo when he was still being shown by his original owners. I got him when he was ten months old in 2004.

He had all his favorite treats tonite and has climbed all over the new desk and every box and bag of Xmas presents he has inspected.

Down to the final 27 in this weeks WWDN. Im sitting in good position in 6th place. Gone a little card dead but I have a stack to be patient for the time being. Nearing the first break.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Rapping!!

now that's too strong
because I really like to write
But this month is a busy blur
been staying up to late at nite

--Im sitting in first place with 23 left in a 7-card stud hi/lo tourney for the Poker Analysis freeroll league game. Holy Mother of Pearl you might say because IG sucks at 7 card stud. The only saving grace is the low for me normally as my draws never hit. Tonite the planets must be aligned because IG is as hot as the dice were in her hand Saturday nite.

SHAMANALIX:since when is stud ur game? lol
SHAMANALIX:u've been running wild

Just a quickie update while on tourney break and not a heck of a lot to report. I played no poker at all online Saturday or Sunday. The only poker I played was live on Friday nite for the APL and Saturday nite I played Chinese Poker as part of a mixed game challenge that Snake and I concocted.

I didnt go to Vegas for this blogger convention. Im only mildly disappointed but have this summer to look forward to. Im going to be busy catching up with blog updates as they filter in. The WWDN and MOOKIE tables last week were filled with bloggers who were counting the days and minutes till they left for mecca.

Im getting a step closer to my work at home. The furniture arrived last Thursday and Accent Furniture set my desk up across from my poker setup. the desks match!!! There is not a lot of extra room in the spare bedroom now and my new desk is now covered with Xmas presents. Im just waiting for the new computer set-up they are going to present me with and the additional phone line and cable line to be installed which should be the second week of 2007.

In the meantime, I have had my old co-workers split jacking with me on Wednesday afternoons and this Friday I go in for a week of phone lab to train them. My hours will revert to a normal schedule of 8:00 to 4:30 PM. That means a mad dash up the Northway in rush hour traffic to make shuffle up and deal time for the APL.

This week marks the last blogger poker tour regular season event. Im still sitting in second place. The final event should be Omaha Hi/Lo if the upgrade went thru. I have to have a complete meltdown to not make the top twenty finale to play for the Aussie Millions seat and other fabulous prizes. Kick off time is 3:00 PM this Saturday on If all goes well on 12/23 I will be playing for the seat.

Im hoping I can get some time to not only bake cookies but do a complete re-write of the Waitresses Classic Xmas Wrapping IG style which I started the post out with.