Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

The fat man wishes you a very Jerry Merry Christmas to you and yours. May there be Phish and Furthur tickets in your stockings. May the day be filled with joyous noise however you choose to celebrate it.

Ive met a ton of people and made lots of new friends this year on the Phish and Mclovins scenes and rekindled old friendships from my Grateful Dead and Max Creek days including some very special people I had lost touch with. Some of you cross over into both worlds. Some of you no longer are able to get out there. For those of you that can't Im glad I can keep you in the loop via my videos, blog posts, phone calls, emails and texts.

I'll be ringing in the New Years in New York City with some of the Coventry Music crew. And cant wait to see a lot of the phish twibe in the Big Apple.

I apologize for the lack of regular blog posts. I had a busy run of concerts during the month of October. I came back from Phish's Atlantic City run over Halloween to find my cat Rags, had gone blind. He was the neighborhood stray/tom cat that someone either abandoned or abused who showed up in my neigborhood sometime in early 2008. Not knowing his real story and if he belonged to anyone. I didnt begin feeding him till Xmas of 2008 when I found him hanging around a neighbors porch and huddled under a chair with a tarp on it. It took me a couple of months before I could even pet him. I had had him neutered in October of 2009. By November 2009 he would finally stay behind a closed door. It took me a good 10 months to redomesticate him and get him to trust people and it took a lot of love, food and kindness

After a trip to the emergency clinic, after driving home 5.5 hours from Atlantic City with a stop in Riverdale, NY and a follow-up visit to my vet, He was diagnosed with diabetes, regained some of his vision and was doing good with his twice daily insulin injections. At the end of November he began to lose the use of three of his legs and by the first weekend in December he wasnt really eating like he used to and try as me might he couldnt make the three steps to his litter tray from his bed. Although I didnt run the tests, the vet and I were pretty sure he had cancer of some sort that was effecting his central nervous system, as he had lost a ton of muscle tone over the last month. I made the humane decision to put him down as his prognosis was bleak. He was my good Karma kitty as I put a lot of time into making him loved his last year with me.

Here's to a wonderful happy healthy 2011