Friday, July 28, 2006

Pressure Poker by Double As

I've been a little lax in my studies and haven't added any new poker books to my collection recently. I did cart my Harrington on Holdem Volume II to Vegas and actually reviewed it. Blogger Scott Gallant, known online as DoubleAs, book is one of the next on my list to buy. I also plan on adding Scott Fischman's book: Online Ace, Harrington III (the workbook), and the new Sklansky. Got a Barnes and Noble gift card from winning a quality award at work and an Amazon gift certificate to redeem!!

Giving Scott's book a plug here!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

WWDN and O8B and Phil's 10th OH MY!!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.. no not the band..... I know I still have to finish my Vegas trip report. Been back almost two weeks and I am longing to go back to the city that really never sleeps..Carol is headed back during the main event, lucky gal. This time she is hoping to spend less time in taxis and more time playing poker.

Im getting out from behind my mouse and keyboard (one night a week) and going live starting the beginning of September. I had been told about a live poker league by a fellow PAer but wasn't able to commit since the tourneys started at 6PM on a Friday night. At the time I wasnt sure I could make Albany to Glens Falls/Queensbury (especially in the winter and with traffic) for the start. Plus, there was always the chance I would get stuck on a phone call at work (I'm a Customer Service Rep for a major health insurer) and not get out on time. There is one thing I am proud of and that is I am punctual to a fault. Anyway, hours have changed only work half day on Fridays, out at 1:30 PM... APL here I come. $30 weekly buyin with $20 to the weekly prize pool and $10 to the end of season winners and losers tourneys. Top ten play in the winners tourney after 20 weeks and bottom twenty play in the loser's lounge tourney. Right now there is one married couple and one other female, I think I am female number three and 27 guys.. I like them odds, definitely EV+.

Being the voracious reader that I am I've been digesting blogs. I Love Tao of Poker by Dr Pauly (fellow deadhead and NYer), and of course Felicia Lee's blog. Carmen Sin City's blog is a new one I stumbled across called..POKER GIRL IN VEGAS. She just moved to Vegas and it is great to read about her explorations of Vegas as a new resident and "tourist". I Missed the blogger tourney in Vegas this year but hopefully not next year. So I decided to start playing the Blogger tourneys to get myself "known" before the next junkets. Last nite I did Will Wheaton's WWDN. I got off to an early strong start and was in the top ten and then went card dead. The big stacks were betting and I was blinding away with premium hands like 84os and 23os and my favorite 92os. I saw no pairs higher then 44 or anything with an Ace for what seemed like 45 minutes. Patience paid off and I was soon back in the game and up over T6000. I got myself in a typical pickle when I raised big with 88 (with a stack) and got someone moving all-in over the top of me. I correctly assumed two overs. I was right AJ. I called the reraiser, and he of course in true pokerstars fashion hit two pair. Why oh Why did I not throw them away??? But, you can't play fearful and I'm willing to take my chances, heck preflop I was a slight favorite.

After this card SNAFU, and a few orbits of crappy cards again, I am close to being out. I look down and get J9os.. Now I love J9 suited when I'm in position and can see a cheap flop and preferably with a stack. Limped around to me in the BB. The flop comes with a 7 T and X... GUTSHOT. Anyway,I think "Luck" somebody put me all- in for my remaining T273... I say to myself what the hey and type in chat 8....8....8. The river gives me my 8 woohoo back in the game. I think I had announced in Gavin Smith mode that I was going to suckout. I manage to hang on and finish 6th in my first WWDN for $33.45 on an $11 buy-in.. Not a spectacular amount of moolah but I was in general pleased with my play.

At the same time as the WWDN, I was playing Omaha Hi/Lo on Titan poker for BUST YOUR BOOKIE. Having done the buy-ins I qualified for the end of season "Beat the Heat" freeroll. Top 15 paid and I was really more concerned about just picking up a few bucks. I make a stupid call and am almost out in front of sit-outs. I can't let them cash or finish ahead of me, so I push all in on my next hand which was a pretty good hand and Scoop. Back in the game and into the cash now. I keep winning pots and manage to finish 4th for $15 playing my C- game... I really wanted out to concentrate on the WWDN. I played this by the seat of my pants poorly I might add, and still finish 4th. That just goes to show you how mediocre most Hi/Lo players really are.

Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to two people.. Phil Hellmuth for winning his 10th bracelet... He's now tied with Doyle and Johnny Chan. I had my picture taken with Phil in the UB room when I was in Vegas. He had just busted out of the 10k Omaha and was signing autographs and posing for pictures. He was actually a decent guy without the cameras on and considering he was down 10k (but small change compared to his Chinese Poker Losses). And..... Congrats to PAer from Toronto: TILTER/Kevin (see blog link at right) who cashed in his 1st WSOP event. He went out on a bad beat with Aces cracked by JJ hitting trips on the river (same dude had cracked aces with Ten Ten). Oh what could have been dude. Enjoy your time out there and I look forward to your daily updates.

Toodles for now..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Back to the Winners Circle

Wasn't a big win.. Only 19 EPC'ers (Elite Player's Club) member's played in the freeroll we just had on Absolute Poker. The EPC is Poker-World Home forums buy-in league. Periodically we buy-in league members are thrown a $50 freeroll. Top 9 pays: first $10 and 2-9 get $5... Normally when and if I make the money, I dont care about my placement as $5 isn't going to make or break me. But today After flopping quad aces, and getting aces dealt about 4 other times (I was due for a windfall of bullets), I decided to play it out as I have been working on a few things that have been paying off. Freerolls are good places to test the waters.

After being the bridesmaid three times since my return from Vegas it was time to ink a win and get some good leaderboard points going again for EPC and PWH. I also managed to finish 8th on CD poker for $16 on a $5.50 buyin (no rebuys or add-ons done) at the same time. I went out on CD when we were 4 way on AP so it helped being able to give my attention in full the AP game.

Still have to finish up my Vegas Recap!!

Have a few more tourneys on tap for tonite. Wanted to attempt the stars Deep Stacks today but it started at noon and I was at work till noon earning a guaranteed $135.55. Would have been a perfect day as it is raining again!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cartel Party 7/9/2006 & 1st Live Cash

After Carol and I retreated from the RIO we headed back to TI for the Poker Cartel soiree sponsered by Titan Poker which began at 7PM . By the end of the evening I had acquired a Cartel T-shirt, a Titan Baseball Cap and a Titan Golf shirt. Heck didnt even need to pack clothes with all the newly acquired swag. I must admit however, that the T-shirts and Golf shirt are not the most flattering to the female figure.

Titan treated Poker Cartelers to a nice carved prime rib and grilled veggie repast and open bar!!

I got to meet Billy and Michael (Billy's son) owners of Poker Cartel, both proved to be gracious hosts as well as Texans from Austin. In fact I was overwhelmed by Texans at this function... Did I mention my alma mater is University of Colorado of course I did, did I get harassed about a 70-3 loss in the BIG 12 championship game, of course I did. Boy, do people no how to kick a gal when she's already down.

Shya-lea who is a PAer and fellow Team Anal member as well as a Mod at Cartel wanders over to chat. I'm sitting with DCI/Carol and JaystonePhish aka Jason. Shya greets me and then turns to Jason and says.. "Hi, You must be Scott..?!?" Jason looks really puzzled at that and I interject that I have been bailed on. Shya recovers quickly with a "He what??? and how rude." I'll have to revisit this convo a few more times before the week is out.

After pictures are taken of the whole group in our Titan gear and photos of the Cartel Titan and Poker Host WSOP qualifers (not me!!) are taken we decided to head down to TI's poker room to play a SNG. 6 of us put our name on the waiting list and we are told it will be about an hour. Billy jumps into a ring game while the rest of us bide our time. Jason and I are watching the sng already underway and as it gets down to Headsup male vs female, Jason makes a comment about the guy of course is going to win. I'm not into a prop bet at this time but in true Irongirl fashion, I turn to him and state.. I'll remember that when I'm taking all your chips, dude.

The SNG is a $50 buyin and will play ten-handed with top three playing. This is gonna be only the 4th time I've played live and first time since April 2005 in Atlantic City. Cartelers at the table are Me, Jason, Mooremoney aka Marty, Shya, Tom (Shya's hubby aka Pairofjokers), and Mr Poker Cartel himself: Billy Braxdale. I'm in seat 6 with Jason on my right and a non-carteler on my left. There are 4 noncartelers at the table. One dude announces that he is a dealer and says Oh great when he hears that 6 of us are from a Poker Club.

The first few orbits the outsider in seat 9 is bluffing and stealing shamelessly to the point that Jason is almost beat red and muttering expletives to me on how he is going to kick his ass. Im a patient gal and tell Jason to chill. Finally Marty nails the bluffer for a big hand. Friend of poker dealer is the first to hit the short stack on a drawing hand.. He states "I had outs!!!"". Something he will state over and over. I'm card dead and the blinds are going up every ten minutes. Egad, Methinks. Finally I'm dealt AJ and limp from seat 6 after three others limp too. Bingo flop comes two pair. I fire a pot-sized bet and lose two but keep either Tom or Billy in the hand. I hit my boat when another Jack hits on the turn and take down a huge pot. I then win another nice sized pot and systematically take down, Pokerdealer, Tom, Billy and Jason (cant remember in what order). When we get down to four handed play its me, Shya, Marty and the non-Carteler between me and Marty. Shya is the bubble gal, then the outsider goes and it is me and Marty Heads up.. Two deadheads enjoying a friendly headsup game. I have a good chip lead at the start of heads up, but with the blinds 1000/2000 we battle back and forth with neither of us gaining any headway. Shya had accused Marty of being a blind stealer online when we were full handed. I start ribbing him when he is folding against my blind and ask him wheres the steals. He announces This is Live play IG!! I decide to make a move when dealt AT and put marty all in. Unfortunately hes dealt pocket 77's and he hit his set on the flop. I hit two cards for a belly buster but fail to get the card I need for my straight so Im now crippled and in the dead zone. Not enough left to post the full blind. Im all in on the next hand with the Hammer... 72os does not hold... Oh well I still cashed for $120 which marked my first live cash in 4 attempts so I cant complain. It will cover part of my buyin for the Orleans ladies event which I plan to play tomorrow.

I head up to my hotel room happy that I have inked my first live cash well after midnight. Big day tomorrow as we are having a Poker Analysis Breakfast at the RIO and I'm headed to play at the Orleans.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vegas Trip Report-Arrival and Day I - Part I

Ive been on a little heater since I got back. No wins but three runner-up finishes including one in a short-handed rebuy and one in the PA buyin league for $84 in a small field $10 buyin event (with Lou "my lucky penny" Krieger in the field). Been collecting my thoughts on Vegas so here goes....

Depart from Albany International Airport at 5:45 PM July 8th. Mom has dropped me off and has proceeded to lecture me on stashing my cash to avoid pick pockets and BLAH BLAH BLAH.. Why do mothers always mother?? As critical as mom can be sometimes, she did tell me I looked great with my hair newly colored and styled etc and she could really see that I had lost a good amount of weight since Xmas.

While waiting to board, I pull out All-IN magazine and a gentlemen casually wanders over to ask if I play. I say yes, and I'm on my way to Vegas. Turns out the gent's name is Norm and he plays in Norm Chads Home game. He was back east for a wedding and headed home to So Cal. He said its not often you find a gal reading a poker magazine in the airport (unless its Vegas I reckon)--note to self try this again sometime.

A nice looking guy named Jim sits next to me on the first leg. I guess him to be about mid thirties. Turns out he is a soldier (army 14 years) returning to base after visiting family in Glens Falls. When I change planes at Midway, I'm southwest A boarding line and he is B or C so we aren't seated next to each other on the Chi-town/Sin City leg. Its at Midway, I definitely know Im stood up. No tears as I was expecting Scott not to be there.

Arrive in Vegas about 9:20 PM PST (Its 12:20 AM back east). We are about twenty minutes early. While waiting for bags Jim offers me a ride to Treasure Island and a tour of the strip and downtown Vegas. He hasnt driven down the strip in a bit and I say what the heck. I may not get the opportunity again. So I get a cool ride all the way from the airport past Mandalay Bay and down to Fremont Street/Glitter Gulch and then back to my hotel at TI... WOO HOO. I saved on cab fare. I see about 3 Elvis Impersonators on one street corner (more run in Bay to Breakers I mentally note) and am amused. Vegas is one big adult Disneyland. Seeing the Excalibur reminds me of Cinderella's Castle. As I pass by TI I hear the noise of the Siren battle. Im taken by Vegas and can't wait to really feel its pulse.

Finally arrive at TI after midnight. I had called to change from smoking to non-smoking when I knew Jayke/Scott was probably gonna be a no show. TI can't accomodate me Saturday nite due to my late arrival, but assure me I can change rooms and floors on Sunday.

Sunday AM. Im up kind of early even with the travel day and time change. I head down to Starbucks. They are out of Blackberry stuff for the Blackberry Green Tea Frapps or some ingredient. I order my next fav Venti Java Chip lite. Back up to room to wait for Carol/DCI Assassin headed in from Toronto. Shes booked at the Stratosphere for her trip. Carol finally arrives I give her the money she had sent to me on pokerstars player to player so she could avoid getting dinged the exchange rate on a Neteller withdrawal. We head down to the TI buffet. I am true to my word and dont overeat. For a gal that's been dumped my appetite is good. I binge on four desserts. Creme Brulee my fav and some mousse thingee, a chocolate covered banana pop (yum) and chocolate covered strawberry. I passed on my favorite Eggs Benedict but did have lots of Lox and onion and tomatoes... NO CAPERS!!! . All in all TI buffet gets a A-. Carol stashes her bags and herself for a a nap in my room after I change floors and rooms as she has a late check-in of 3 PM. She marvels at the number of pairs of shoes I have brought for 4 days. After changing shoes about three times I default to the trusty and comfy Birkenstocks. Im wearing an OLD Navy tshirt and pair of Madras low riding shorts.

On to the Rio to check out the Ladies event and the PL Omaha 10k buyin (Ka-ching). I spot Emily H right away. We had met in Atlantic City in 2005 at the WPC showdown. Shes direct bought in and gives me the so-so sign. I go in search of Ellen and anyone else I might recognize. No Ellen, no Jen Tilly but while watching I hear "I know you". Turns out its Lisa, another gal I met in Atlantic City. She won her seat thru Poker Host(aka Poker worst in my book) but busted out early. We catch up exchange email addresses etc. I run into "Survivor" aka Tina Bergstrom after she is busted (Tina is Kathy Leibert's manager/friend etc)We are having breakfast tomorrow. She tells me that she had only one other person at her table who had played live before. Her Tourney is a trainwreck. Kathy comes over to make dinner plans with Tina. She's hopping between two events.

One blog report I read said he had never seen such a large assembly of fat ugly out of shape women as assembled in the Amazon room on July 9th 2006. He had a point. I'd say there was also quite a large amount of testosterone in the ladies event. I've never seen that many mannish looking gals in one place either. Another thing I noticed, one minute one side of the Amazon room was filled with woman players, and after we were kicked out for breaks (annoying as all hell) and we returned only half the field remained. WTF. Women were busting out like Pamela Anderson's breasts in a low cut top!!

Carol has now caught up with me at the RIO. I announce I'm off to watch the PL Omaha event. Which means I really just turn around and face the other direction or head down the other aisle. It is a $10,000 buyin and a who's who of Poker Nobility. First I spot hottie Ram "Crazy Horse' Vaswani of the Hendon Mob, then I see Scotty Nguyen, then Eric Seidel and Howard Lederer at one table, then I see Doyle's brim of his Stetson, Then I see Scottie Fischman and Chau Giang. DevilFish stands up with his WSOP bling on one wrist. Clean shaven he is. Then I see what looks like Sam Farha without a suit jacket or trade mark cig in mouth. Im told by another on looker that it is indeed him. Incognito Sammy?. TJ is seated and I see he is a big man. When he walks by me on his dinner break I realize he is a really big man. For some reason I pictured him Emmett Smith sized. Jesus also walks by me but not on water at the break. Chris, its time to cut the hair, trim the beard and get a little more fashionable. Not sure I can trust a man who cuts fruit with cards.

The annoying thing is being kicked out of the Amazon room what seems like every 30 minutes or so for staggered breaks. Carol and I browse and check out the poker rooms who have set up shop at the WSOP and I accept all Swag. We head into the Full Tilt room and Pstars room. Who is sitting next to me in the Pokerstars lounge.....????.... Isabelle Mercier and her friend from the EPT whose name I now forget. I congratulate her on her 5th place finish in her recent event. She is gracious and doesnt make the faces she makes on TV. She's signing autographs and waiting for mustard for her sandwich. She never gets her mustard and she never eats the sandwich. I dont bother her for her autograph and I forget to take a picture with her. Barry Greenstein also stops in. He munches some food but is in the VIP area. He signs autographs too and is carrying around a copy of his book. Im not an autograph hound so I dont bother him either.

End of Part I Day I (to be continued with the Cartel party and IG's first live cash!!)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Vegas Countdown......WOO HOO!

Happy July 4th!! Its been a boring day, it rained this morning (so what else is new) and the sun never really peeked its head out, so I embarked on my favorite form of exercise....Shopping. Had to get some stuff for my upcoming trip. My spoils include: Three new tangas, two new pair of Adidas Capri workout pants, A pair of Sandals and a pair of shorts and a top (Daisy Fuentes) all from Kohls. I picked up a new Clarins blush in Mandarin Spice and some Clarins Instant Smooth, which is supposed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles by plumping up the lines and wrinkles. Then it was on to Walmart SuperCenter where I picked up some California Pizza Kitchen mini pizzas, some Lean Cuisines, cat food for Bailey, contact lenses supplies, and some more skin care products.

Sunday night Kim and I went to Phil & Friends, with Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon, and the Benevento/Russo Duo (who then Backed Cactus and Trey for their set. Joining us were Zack, her 21 year old (and oldest by 11 years) and his girlfriend Sierra. We used to bring Zack to shows when he was a baby, be it Dead, CSN, Stevie Ray Vaughn or classical at Tanglewood. He just got back from Bonnaroo and gave Aunt IG (Lori) the update. Zack is playing a little poker too on poker room and we both informed mom that Poker is not gambling it is a sport... Its on ESPN. Kim (my BFF), just retired from teaching music at 45!! She's gonna have to work but had enough of the kids, kids parents, the bureaucracy etc. She thinks we should put my business mind and her creative mind together and go into business together.

Anyway back to the show, it was awesome. I wasnt much of a Phish fan during their day. I did see the Coventry simulcast with Rob and Toni two summers ago. Trey and Mike were awesome. They did stuff from solo projects and collective works. And of course Phil just rocked out with Joan Osborne singing her heart out. Phil & Friends did a three way Peggy-O that was chilling, Joan was awesome on Morning Dew and they played Jaykedogs favorite The Wheel. Too bad you're in Illinois babe and missed the show!!!. Unfortunately, my lower back was acting up and my space dancing was limited. I will recap both sets from

Trey A and Mike G:

07/02/06 (Sun) Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Drifting, Plasma, Mud City, Play Pause Stop, Suskind Hotel > Dragonfly, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Get Back, Shine, Something For Rockets, Mr. Completely > Who Are You* E: Tuesday

Comment: *first time played, by The Who

Phil and Friends

07/02/06 (Sun) Saratoga Performance Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Let the Good Times Roll > Big River, Dire Wolf, Peaceful Song > Peggy-O, Althea

Set 2: New Speedway Boogie > He's Gone > Uncle John's Band > Unbroken Chain, Morning Dew, The Wheel*, Not Fade Away*, E: Casey Jones*

Lineup: John Molo (drums), Barry Sless (pedal steel guitar), Joan Osbourne (vocals), Rob Barraco (keyboards & vocals), Phil Lesh (bass & vocals), Larry Campbell (guitars & vocals), * Trey Anatasio (guitar & vocals)

Right now I am playing a pokerstars $4.40 180 person sng..We are at the break with 65 left of the original 180. Donkier then the $20 =$2 buyin sngs for sure... Im sitting in 24th position with T4070 all from two hands. Lee must be punishing me for not playing enough on stars. I promise Lee I will work to improve that...

My week leading up to Vegas has seen me take a first in a NLHE league tourney over PAEr Littlegrave, a second in Pot Limit Omaha Hi, and a third in Omaha HI/Lo in various small buyins. Ive been making a high percentage of final tables in my buyins. I still sometimes screw around in a freeroll to blow off steam when bored. Not really sure why I torture myself.

Back to the pstars tourney.. Ive lost some chips when I went four to a flush on the flop and then just bet out till I folded on the river. Down to T3145 with 43 left and Ive dropped to 29th. Top 18 pays. I'll work my short stack magic in a few.. I ate the clams, I had bought for my little picnic with some melted butter already and will heat up the pizza later. Ive thrown some things in my small suitcase. It will not fit my shoes. Back up to T3520..I NEED SOME CARDS LEE!!! 3 dozen left now...Still in 29th....Im not getting the cards I need to change gears yet. My M is Ten... Help me Lee... K7os isnt going to do the job.

To be continued..................

YOU SUCK LEE........!!!!!I hit two pair on the flop in the BB blind with Q3 when the flop comes Q 3 6 (not a hand I normally play but Im thinking BB special.. All in against two bigger stacks as this is the first flop that has hit me in an eternity.. Im against KQ and AQ.. guess what happens... The board pairs 55 on the turn and river, and my flopped two pair of QQ33 is now QQ55 with a three kicker and I lose to QQ55 with the Ace kicker..Out 31st or so......THE HORROR!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Women's Poker and the men who Invade It.

I've been asked if I have regrets about not playing a WSOP event this year, particularly the Ladies event. The answer in no. Frankly, I am not fond of all women's events at all. I do participate in a couple of All-Women poker forums (Lady Freerollerz, Women's Poker Club and Ladies of Holdem) to support women in poker in general, but I much prefer a mixed field. Lately my job has been terminator in those all gal tourneys. Without fail, some jack-ass male decides it would be cute to invade an all-women's event. When the mods confront the jack-ass, he then proceeds to go all-in on every hand. Some of my fellow female players let this completely get into their head and ruin their tourney. I am not really sure why, we should all be used to playing men. Instead of taking the dudes on hand after hand, I will pick my spot and minimum raise with a big hand right before the dude is set to act, knowing full well the all-in is about to come. I then come back over the top with my monster. It has worked with amazing success. Sure, I can get outdrawn but these tourneys are not for major $$$. It's the principle of the thing. I have nothing against men but the prize pool designated for these tourneys is for the gals not some interloper.

One time a guy said he joined the tourney because he thought it would be a great way to meet women. Imagine that? What women in their right mind would want to hook up with a cheat. Cheat in poker by playing in a tourney you dont belong in, cheat on womankind. The last Lady Freerollerz tourney I played in on AP, I successfully got all 14000 or so chips from the male invader who had taken out a table of females with his all-in antics. Not only did I get his chips, but the dude railing him thought I must be all that because he kept asking for my number and if I was single. I can't say that this hasnt happened before and I did find it mildly amusing. But dude, you were supporting your friend who didnt belong in the tourney to begin with so why would I give you my friggin number?

When I first began to play, I read an article that Annie Duke wrote about male personalities at the poker table. I have to agree with Annie on most of her very astute observations. I have noticed for example, that most of my younger male friends treat me as an equal. They actually have no problem accepting the fact that women can play poker on par with a male. I find this true of the thirty and twenty somethings. At my age bracket(BIG SIGH), the forties, things begin to change, I either garner their respect or no matter what I have they will call me down to the river regardless if I am holding the nutz. I am a very quick study on people and I look for these situations. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that you do not tangle with the person who is more wily then you until you have to when playing poker. It's survival of the fittest baby!!. For those male calling stations, I will use every tactic I can think of, be it a pot-size bet,an over-bet or I will check raise you if I think I can get you to take that bait because you know in your heart that female=weak.

My friend Larry, who is in is 60's and who plays a lot of 30/60 limit live in Atlantic City once said that he kept gazing at a beautiful young woman at his table and as she smiled at him, he bled chips to her. He then mentioned how at this same session, a Granny aged woman, took machine like control of the table and wound up with quite a stack. He then looked at me and said, IG use your assets when playing live (meaning my boobs!!). When I heard him say that, I immediately grasped that poker was more then the ranking of hands, hand strength and position, it was about playing the player too not just the cards. Hence, the comfy tom-boy jockette goes out the window when I play live. The glasses come off, the contacts go in and the tight and or low cut cleavage revealing blouses go on. Hell have you seen Jennifer Tilly's TaTa's? She knows just what to wear when at the table. Annie Duke on the other hand, needs to Ho it up a bit. The short sleeve tees over the long sleeve tees is nicely granola and all and her makeup when on is great, but she is not going to win any awards for being Fashion Forward. As for me, I figure if I make a donk of myself (which I do on rare occassions) at least I will look good when doing so.