Sunday, May 27, 2007

IPOD Update and Number II thing about me!!

Currently loaded: 328 songs

Total listening time: 1.3 days

1.4 GB of 4 GB filled

I am currently downloading my third RatDog Show. I've downloaded two Max Creek shows (my boyz are playing over in Greenfield MA as I write this). Next Up... Phil and Friends live from Darien Lake. Currently listening to a jazzy Jack Straw from 4/25/2003 NorVa.

I have played no online poker this weekend. The extent of my poker was a Chinese Poker Match against Snake. Although he still leads the overall series 42 to 32. I beat him in a nailbiter of a session 23-21 and stormed back from my first round annihilation of 21-9. PWN'd Snake. I ran the hand that knocked me out of the Hoy or Big Game by him for feedback and got what I didnt want to hear: You played that hand like Crap. Actually, it was a I dont like the way you played that at all (aka what were you thinking?).

Now for #2 of my 7 things you dont know about me:

I couldnt blow a bubble with bubble gum until I was in high school. I practiced and practiced and practiced until I finally could do it. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with being tongue-tied as a baby (they had to snip that little frenum thing) and I can't roll my tongue (curl it up into a U like most people can). It also took me a long time to learn to snap. I dont remember how long it took me to learn to whistle. These are all things that dont matter a hill of beans when your a middle-aged woman, but when you're a kid and cant do them you feel like your missing out.

Ah-ooooo, werewolves of London
Ah-ooooo, werewolves of London

Full Moon coming this week and I'm listening to Max Creek's Version of the Warren Zevon Classic.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

The first thing you dont know about me!!

Im going to do my seven a little differently. Im not going to do them all at once. I will do them one blurb at a time. So here goes number one.

1). My parents split when I was a freshmen in college. Circa 1978 this was big stuff for an Italian/Irish Catholic family. This put a big crimp on my finances for college. I didnt qualify for financial aide at University of Vermont my first year but by my sophomore year I was dependent on scholarships, loans and work study. I did two years at UVM before transferring to the University of Colorado at Boulder which was a lot cheaper even as an out of stater and was equally as perfect for the skier I was. While at CU I sold my plasma in order to have spending money to keep up with my Orange County Newport Beach debutante sorority sister. Twice a week I hoofed it down to the Boulder Plasma center where they stuck a needle in my arm, took out a pint, spun it out to get the plasma, put back the red blood cells.. Repeat twice a week. The first visit of the week paid $10 the second visit paid $8. That was enough to keep me in pizza and beer. It was also at this time that I took to hijacking peoples beers they left unattended. So if you frequented the Walrus, Broken Drum, Tulagi's or any other Boulder hot spots circa 1980-1983 and wondered where your beer always disappeared to it was probably me!! Frat parties were positive EV+ all the free beer one could hold (and I could hold a hell of a lot).

Short of playing the Big Game, MATH and an early Mookie exit I played very little poker this week. The weather has gotten really nice here in Upstate NY so I took advantage of it to clean up my deck chairs and table, garden and do some other summer clean up. Long weekends are perfect for that and if I get a lot of stuff done I will be able to enjoy my summer with only spiff ups. I had already cleaned up the grill so tomorrow I should be firing up the barbie. The pool opened up at 11 AM today and I'll be heading over there in a about an hour or so with Snake, who I havent actually seen since our live league finished. Some heads up poker and Chinese Poker will be in order and hes going to give me his Coach P pep talk and take me out to dinner to send me off to Vegas in style. He will be going out to Vegas June 30th or July 1st and staying thru July 15th and is playing Day three of the Main Event. He's been tuning up nicely having choppped the Sunday Tourney at Turning Stone a few weeks back.

Did I mention that my most favorite blogger tourney is Katitudes donkament. So far in about 5 outings I have 3 seconds and a third and one early out to NumbersGame. NumbersGame happened across the donkament about three weeks ago and although not a blogger yet, has gotten sucked in to reading blogs. He even played his first Mookie either last week or this week. So if you see him. Give him a warm welcome hes a serious player and has gone deep in most of the donkaments hes played. At first he was really uptight not understanding the essence of the donkament and whined its not poker. Waffles and I did our best to school him and indoctrinate him in the way of the donkament.. kind of like fraternity hell week. He bit and hes been back each week. Brings a tear to my eye.

I knocked the short-stacked Waffles out last nite not with KJ but with 77 that I also got a huge pot off Garthmeister with. Garth said he had Aces but I played the hand like I hit a set perfectly and got Garth to lay them down. I said to Kat in girly chat... I guess I showed i do have iron cajones. I went on to finish 2nd. There was just no way with the cards I was getting that I could come back against Sox. He was a card magnet. no matter what I or anyone else had he was just a little better. Well played Sox..

Finally..... Congrats to SoxLover, PokerPeaker and PokerWOlf on the newest additions to their respective families and To Peaker, have a great run in the Bolder Boulder.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Ive been triple tagged now. I wish that meant I was really popular but I fear Im like the last girl standing.

I promised Pokerpeaker last nite I would do my homework and present to you my SEVEN.

However, you all have to wait till after the Season finale of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy (which at times has struck close to my own personal life).

In the meantime, A Donk I AM. I busted out of the Mookie just before the break raising with 72os getting reraised by a big stack. I knew my opponent had a monster and with a sigh I sacrificed myself to the FTP poker gods pitching my puny remaining chips of about 800 all in. The cowboys booted the hammer.

Not much luck in the late token frenzy.. My pocket pair is looking good and im looking to double up till the Ahole with A8os and one diamond rivers his runner runner flush. Instead of being able to coast into a token Im out

Turbo out 8th of 9. I think I may have chased. Who cares

Sacrifice made FTP poker gods. Show me some luv. Show me the money.

And to top it all off I have been hit this week with all the issues that turn dental claims into neurosurgery. How we can make things so difficult for 32 teeth is beyond me. I call it job security. In the meantime my stats have sucked this week. I usually can handle a call in under 5 1/2 minutes if not better and take close to 100 calls a day, And thats with complete documentation. This week Im up near 7 minutes and having one Provider whine to me for 45 minutes didnt help. I wish I could call the clock on some of these jokers.

We will be back after a brief intermission and ready to go in the Donkament

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Math Recap

The DTV is trying to get up and running and coming to a blogger tourney chat near you. For those of you who have no idea what Im talking about ask IT thats Instant Tragedy, fellow blogger, poet and a dude who I think took one too many acid trips based on his chat posts. If he didnt do too many acid trips, then its me having a flashback.

So, Im going to try to rewrite Dire Straits classic Thats the way we do it, we play the hammer on the DTV... The DTV is the Donkey Television Network, to be hosted by none other then IG and Iggy. However, the contract terms are under review, and I need an agent. Ive heard Miami Don is one smooth talker or perhaps Jordan or Hoy would love to use their barrister skills to help the dwarf and I negotiate terms. I dont come cheap!! And I know the little man is really a big man at heart and well hes just the friggin blogfather to boot.

So what can I say about my second MATH?. Absofuckinglutely nada... I think the only thing worse then playing like a donkey and busting out early is getting no cards at all and being powerless. A pawn, a dispensible chess piece in this blogger game.. OH OH OH the horror. I am extremely competitive and throwing things seemed like a good idea last nite because I just about couldnt take it (must be PMSING). I was not able to double up over the starting chip count. In fact I dont even think I got over T3100 chips and thats just wrong..

I knew it was going to be one of those nites when I raised 4x bb with QQ got two callers and the flop comes AJx.. I fold the queens as the other two go at it. And sure enough the flopped two pair HOY (AJ) prevails... Later I get QQ again and this time there is like 4 callers . EP bets the pot and I just sigh and fold the queens again and once again I think I say.. Your AJ is goot..... Thats the way it went.

I got down to under 1000 chips and we hit the break. My buddy the shamster popped up and stroked my damaged ego stating now its IG's time to work her comeback magic. The fact of the matter is I havent had to play the short-stack very often lately in an MTT. And frankly its good not to have to work that short stack. So I get AJ in EP and push my 900 chips all in. NO callers BLINDS won...HOY HOY HOY, I type in chat... Next hand the IG. those lovely 99's. SO, I push all in again this time getting called by my old friend FishyMcDonk, who has AJ I believe. That AJ sure makes the rounds at these blogger tourneys. The IG holds and to the tune of OLE OLE OLE I type in chat HOY HOY HOY.... IG IG IG....Okay so i had to amuse myself somehow since I was seeing 102/92/32/45 and every low card known to mankind all nite.. I had the QQ's twice, 99 twice and won with them both times (they love me!!). I managed to fold and blind away to a 24th place finish just earning bottom points. The only thing good is after missing the points in my first Two mookies, I have made the points in the following 4-4 events and I am slowly making my way up the BBT leaderboard. And lets just face it my goal is to move on up and dance with you big dawgs.

I had turned on the girly chat and my live leaguemate Trent, summoned me to his Daily Double B table. When I got there he and Eggman, our live league commish had gotten moved to the same table and both of them had a nice stack of chips. Mike (eggman) made an outstanding call of an all-in call on a two paired board with AX that sent another dude packing. I of course had to tease Trent and Mike, asking if it was their date night (away from their wives). Trent just laughed and said yes. Of course, I was jealous I wasnt invited for a three-some and I can see Trent blushing now. He actually joined us in the MATH (LGkeeper). I would say Trent's style of play is kind of like Jordan's from HOP. Extremely aggressive, will play just about anything, and has pulled off some of the most amazing bluffs I have ever seen (and I have seen the hand histories). Anyway, I had turned off the girly chat to concentrate on the MATH for all the good it did, I wasnt being anti-social.

I've been tagged by Katitude (who posted on her blog that she tagged me) and by Pokerpeaker here. Now, I have to come up with 7 new useless things no-one knows about me. I'll have to look over my original 100 useless things and see what I missed because inquiring minds want to know.

I finally booked my return trip home from Vegas.. .Arrival Thursday 6/7/2007 shortly before 1 PM PST and I leave Monday bright and early getting back into Smallbany about 5 or 6 PM EDT. I have one day of recovery before returning to my home office and headset. If I hit it big and or Neteller refunds my money by July 8th I may make a return trip out again for the Orleans Poker Classic/Main Event.

Monster pots and Good Cardma All.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bubble-Bust-Win Repeat

Short Sunday post as my body recovers from a day in NYC biting the big apple. On second thought the big apple took a chunk out of me. I walked and walked and walked (according to my mom's pedometer during the late afternoon we were up to 5 miles) and I swear every running injury I ever had and some I never knew about are screaming right now. A massage sounds like it may be in order.

My power packed day of power shopping was a mere fizzle. I did get my eyebrows done at Sephora. Usually, Im good to drop a Benjamin or two at Sephora but I decided I didnt really need anything just yet and since it was my second stop I didnt feel like lugging it around all day.

My actual first stop was the Virgin Records Megastore. They were having a whopper of a sale on select titles at $10 a pop. I bought U2's Singles (greatest hits collection really) perfect to load onto the IPOD, Amy Winehouse Back to Black, The PussyCat Dolls CD which I got for Christmas and is mysteriously missing from my car. (think the dudes at the garage stole it when the car was in for service in January) and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals Live from Mars. I easily could have done serious damage there. They had the coolest Vintage style t-shirt with CBGB-OMFUG on it that I wanted but at $26.99 I decided to pass on.

We then took the Subway down to Fulton street to visit the South Street Seaport. I hadnt been there in years. In fact the last time I was there was probably back in the eighties when I met one of my sorority sisters in Manhattan with my sister and a friend of hers from the Culinary Institute of America (my sis is a CIA alum too). Boy its changed. I remember when Fluties restaurant was there and there was a good raw bar in one of the food stalls. Now its a lot of the same stores you can find in any mall. After lunching there, we headed back to Penn Station and hit H&M and Macys and then spent a few hours browzing in Borders at Madison Square Garden as my mom's back and hips were killing her (she has three bulging discs in her lower back). Then we had dinner at a Simply Pasta near Bryant Park (a good old standby with decent pasta and reasonable prices and a really good bread basket). I had a rare rare rare tuna steak with capers and mashed potatoes and sauteed snow peas and tomatoes. I also had a Ceasar Salad with Anchovies. Being Italian I like my anchovies just not on pizza.

I am disappointed in that I passed on getting really really really good NY Style Cheesecake. I like my cheesecake with no crust and that is the way NY Style cheesecake is. We were near a Bread Factory but again I didnt want to lug pastries around for a few hours and figured Id find another spot to get a piece, never did. Oh well, guess my thighs will be happy.

So today after meeting mom for a quick mother's day breakfast which was really lunch, I headed home to plant my Dahlia's and play some poker. My goal... token for the Monday nite MATH. Result Bubble.. Bayne was in my heat and went out before me but I even missed the $14 cash bubble. I pushed with QT ran it into AQ.. I hit the ten on the flop but of course FTP rewards the stronger hand on the river with an A. $8.80 of my limited FTP roll gone. So I sign up for a deep stack $5.50 90 person sng. I stay tight thru the first couple of orbits and have a little over the starting count. in the bb with three limpers and me with 32d I hit the flop hard with 33X.. I fire out a half sized the pot bet and lose two and get one call. Turn I bet the pot and get a call again. Hmm No friggin way he has the other 3 and this cant be happening to me again. Oh yes it can IG....So I check the river and the other dude fires all in. Being extremely curious and deciding there really is no way he has a three I call. Sure enough Fawker has A3h. Not only does curiousity kill cats it kills IG's too. Another $5.50 gone... Ttl losses $14.30

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I take one more stab at it.. $6.50 turbo sng. While I page thru a magazine we lose four people. One person, a complete fonkette, has acquired a stack totaling almost T8000 with some of the lamest calls I have ever seen and sucking out big time with the worst hand. I dont even have the smallest stack. Now with the blinds big I start raising. Donkette doubles me up to almost 3000 when she comes over the top of my raise (QQ Im holding) holding 33. I hold. Then she gives the rest of her stack to the dude or dudette I eventually will play heads up. Once again. I head into heads up with not quite 3000 chips and the other dude with the balance. Once again. I comeback to win the turbo sng..... Streak is alive at 4-4 or 5-5 in STT's that once I get to heads up I havent lost. Winnings in sng $27.. net profit for day a pathetic $6.20.

I think I shall just direct buy into the MATH and then hope to god I can finally win one of those Tier two tokens for the BIG Game next Sunday.

Time to book my return home from Vegas in June. Cant believe its less then 4 weeks away. So who all is going (besides Waffles and Hoy that I definitely know about already)?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My First MATH

I played very little poker over the weekend. I had an enjoyable Friday off and since our systems were down on Saturday I didnt work any Saturday AM Over-time (which is always +EV). Instead, I went down to Macys for my little mini spa session and makeup application at the ORIGINS counter. I am an advocate of Dr Weil's Plantidote Mega Mushroom Face Serum and Cleanser and eye Serum as well as a whole host of other Origins products. The makeup application was fun because I tried out some new eye shadows and had fun with my male make-up artist Travis. As much as I would love to be able to pull of the bold vibrant colors of the MAC line, its just not me. Im more of a bohemian free spirit, all natural kind of gal then a cosmopolitan, haute couture one. Hell I just managed being able to walk in some kind of heel without falling off them.

I got home and opened up yahoo messenger and Waffles jingled me. He was deep into his rebuy tourney on FTP so I railed him for a bit while playing the Poker Analysis league game. Congrats on a nice win there Sir Waffles. I final tabled and picked up a few bucks on Absolute Poker (it was a freeroll and free money is always good) for my finish.

I then went out shopping/browzing and headed over to Michaels Arts and Crafts. Silk and plastic flowers send me just about over the edge. A) They collect nothing but dust. B) I dont care how much you spend on them they are still fake and after a period of time look really cheesy C). Nothing compares to fresh cut flowers. There are so many easy flowers to do and grow why would anyone want to make a fake arrangement?.

Feeling inspired,I then headed outside to plant my bulbs. It was kind of windy and I got one container done and still a lot more work to do. I also tended to the amaryllis bulb. I soaked it in warm water, repotted it and will now let it grow until the fall at which time you cut it back and then it has to go into the cold for 6-8 weeks before you can replant it to flower for the holidays. That means into the refrigerator the bulb must go. But, it cant be mixed with apples or it will kill the bulb. If my bulbs prosper I may have to get one of those little refrigerators to keep them away from things that can harm them. Not only apples but onions can destroy your bulbs.

I decide to pass on several buy-ins on Saturday. Instead, I decided to watch TV and since the Richmond Nascar race was rain delayed, I caught a movie I have had for ages and never watched (it was on TV). I watch Meet the Fawkers with two of my favorite actors of all time Robert Deniro and Dustin Hoffman. Im kind of old school when it comes to actors. Very few young actors can/could fill the shoes of Hoffman, Deniro, Pacino, Eastwood, Hackman etc. I laughed my butt off an went to bed kind of early catching up on some much needed sleep.

Sunday was more of the same. Lazy day spent reading, spring cleaning and one sng on full tilt.

Sundays SNG was a resounding success.. $5.50 buyin normal blind structure. I got short stacked when my AK got beat by A8. With a WTF attitude I pushed in with about 300 left with 36os and hit the str8 to triple up then I doubled up and took the lead with some solid play. I then went all in against the second stack and got sucked out on. Battled back and made it to heads up with about $2500 chips to his $12500 or so.

As tight as I can be early on in a tourney when full-handed, I play a completely different game heads-up and I hate giving up position with the button. I have found that the raise or fold strategy advocated by Phil Gordon didnt work for me. So, I have my own style which you'll have to play me to figure out!! I wound up taking the lead and had him on the ropes. He pushed all when down to about $1500 chips with AT I believe it was. I had 35os and made the call since I was getting good odds and hit my 5 to take the tourney. Now in my last 3 or 4 STTs, when heads-up I have taken the win and thats good!! I used to lose way to many of them with bridesmaid finishes. My only heads up loss recently was to Waffles the other nite in an MTT. As someone said (maybe InGoal) a perfect tourney except for losing to Waffles!!

So, Monday I ventured into the land of the MATH. I had never played the tourney on Pokerstars basically because of its time and secondly because I didnt think I was ready to have my arse handed to me and then have to read about what a donkey I am. And since I think that Hoyazo's blog is my favorite strategy blog and respect the hell out of his play and his way with the written word I didnt want to sully the reputation of the MATH. I had acquired a FTP token and since I had two final tables in blogger tourneys (the bracelet race and the Friday donkament), plus I had cracked the BBT leaderboard in Riverchasers, I was feeling good about my play and my ability to hold my own.

Even though the tourney was 10PM EST and I had worked a long 9 hour day all on the phones (I didnt read my email which told me I could come off to process claims from 5-7PM (@#$%S) and the covering Team Lead didnt IM me), I was well rested from the weekend. I plunked down my token and waded into the Monday nite madness of the MATH.

Now I like this tourney immediately because a deep stack tourney favors my style of play. However, I said if I do well I'm gonna be here all nite. I had a pretty good table with an interesting mix: Cash game specialists Blinders and Miami Don (on my left). I also had Veneno (on my right) and AlCantHang at my table and a whole host of other blogger guyz. My first BB is a walk from Veneno with me having AA in the BB. I think I lasted three orbits with no hands played but one or two, two walks on my BB and I stood at 3000 chips.

My first notable hand I open raised with was with KJos. I got a call from MiamiDon on my left. The flop hit me with a K and two smallish cards. I bet about 3/4 of the pot if memory serves me (MD can correct me) and MD called. Turn an Ace which I dont like and I check. MD throws out a $620 bet. So I think and I think and I think. Im pretty sure he doesnt have an Ace and rule out AK, wouldnt he have re-raised me pre-flop? Then again he considers himself more a cash gamer then an MTTer so maybe thats not a natural move for him there.. Did he have me outkicked with KQ doubtful? Im pretty sure he had hit the King just like me and didnt have second or third set. Im about 95% sure I have the best hand. So I call. The river is something like a 5. I check (I got an IM from a live league mate at about the same time) and Don checks and I drag the pot.

My next notable hand is with JJ. I raise a little more then the normal 3x BB to about $480 or $560 I think it was. Veneno who is short stacked calls. the flop comes all babys to my overpair. Veneno pushes all in having hit top pair holding a 9x and my hooks hold and I knock her out and now have a really nice stack.

I then go thru a spell of being card dead and not paying attention like I should be. I wound up re-raising a raise and reraise allin with pocket aces. Losing one of the peeps and sending someone out (KK) which gave me a really really nice stack and then I just went brain dead and its my own friggin fault I went out in tenth.

I really dont know what happened. I stopped thinking and playing. I dont think it was really the hour. I wasnt pre-occupied with any life issue in fact Im feeling really perky and positive an annoyingly cheerful. Snake5970 once told me he thinks its a gift that someone with my short experience can peg a person and put them on a hand and make some of the reads and laydowns I do. The fact that I have a near photographic memory and cant remember who I stacked with the KK (buddydank maybe) shows I was having a complete brain fart. I remember my early conversation with Waffles, I remember Kat giving me a cheer after she got knocked out. I remember chatting with MiamiDon and Trent my live league mate and then I went blank. About the only thing I remember late in the tourney was sucking out on someone with Ax to AK (I tell you AK sucks and I think Fuel55 who was observing stating oh gee that figures..yes fuel55 hee haw)to keep me alive and then Bayne I believe, raised and I pushed in with 77. I knew he had AK and he did and I was ready to coinflip. I went out in tenth just missing the final table and the glorious cash positions of 1-6 (thats some nice prize money). MiamiDon sent me a shame on IG for playing an AceRag which got me into trouble. I feigned that it was because I was desperate and called it a nite.

So I failed to take the MATH by storm. And even though my finishing place was a respectable tenth I should have done a whole lot better based on my early play. I let the whole tourney get away from me and I'm kind of annoyed at myself but not really completely pissed off which pisses me off because well I should care!! I have to get into the mindset that when playing these tourneys I have to be hungry and want the win and treat it like its my only sort of income (and God knows I am competitive). And although I love most of you, and respect most of you and consider you to be friends I havent met yet, I still want to kick your arses on the felt :)

So today Tuesday is a no poker day for IG. Instead Im writing and reading. Till the next time Monster Pots and Good Cardma.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

So close and yet so far

All in all I atoned for my mediocre (make that pathetic) performance of the week and am now almost back to even and the FTP account is looking plusher. If you count the money I gave up so Brdweb could have his seat, I was profitable. Maybe I should just focus on playing on the weekends.

I raised off the button with JJ heads-up only to run into Waffles Aces. Expect a Waffles rant about my calling his reraise with pocket threes, running them into queens (we were three or four handed) and then hitting my set to almost stack him. But he played one hell of a game to get back into it.

I played a few hands very poorly trying to mix up the game and a few hands very very well. My last donkament two weeks ago was a third place finish so I expect a win soon.

Rebuy formats are generally not something I do and they are definitely not my comfort zone. But I think I did a good job of aquiring a stack early after about three rebuys and then adding on, making it thru the rebuy period and then kicking it up a notch.

Plus its always a great nite and interesting chat with the blogger crew.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Eve of Cinco De Mayo

Back around 1988 when I took a sabbatical from my real job as a financial analyst to go back to school to become a chef ( a brief time-out), I worked in a "Mexican Restaurant" as a prep cook and Waitress. I was probably one of the only waitresses that looked good in the off the shoulder peasant dress were were required to wear while waiting tables. It fit my hippie persona too a tea. Im sure the black hi-top reeboks made a stunning fashion statement (no huaraches in a kitchen!!)

I posted a much more recent (Xmas 2006) picture of myself in Yahoo Messenger which got PokerPeaker to ask 'You're 47, you look about 30"....I corrected him quickly to 46 1/2 and of course thanked him. I had to laugh when he said "You kind of look like a hippie". As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I've choppped my hair chin length which is a good 12 inches shorter then what it was. MiamiDon teased me about the yahoo picture being false advertising because its not current like today. I promise to try to get a more update picture posted before Vegas so you''ll recognize me when I make my entrance. And no, I dont have a hardcore NY accent (accept when I say dawg, drawer and walk).

PokerPeaker is going to run the Boulder Bolder which is a big 10k race held Memorial Day in Boulder Colorado my old stomping grounds. I've been giving him some feedback on his training. Usually when I discuss fartlek, tempo runs, intervals etc with a "runner" it gets me thinking about running again. Not this time, I can actually say I have no desire to run and to be honest my body cant take the pounding. Too many injuries to the hamstrings and I dont think my ankles and lower back and knee could take it anymore. 5 hours of dancing had my ankles throbbing for days.

I had the day off today and spent the morning balancing my check book and doing grownup things like paying bills. I just love writing checks totaling about $1500... Car payment, Mortgage, homeowners association, Gas and electric, the annual dues for the pool and tennis courts. I have to remember that those are all good things. Three years ago I bought my first house. On a beautiful spring day with the sun beaming in thru the skylights life is just grand. Plus the condo has appreciated about 50k in just three years. Best investment I ever made.

Speaking of investments I have about $4k or so sitting in cash in a retirement account which I manage myself. I havent quite figured out where to move it to (and no I cant/wont move it to a poker account!!). I was thinking about an international fund because right now I have a S&P 500 Index Fund a Small Cap index fund and Fidelity Healthcare and Spectra Fund... THen I thought about ETFs and CHina and then I thought about dumping some money into Apple since the I-phone will be making its debut. I just dont have time to do my own research anymore and since Im not in the field any longer I just dont have the feel for it like I used to.

Tomorrow is Derby Day and I live in a horsey town. Since I live in close proximity to Saratoga Harness Track and the Thouroughbred Track I have to drive south or west or to the Racino to place any bets on the ponies. I'm thinking of stopping by OTB on my way back from my mini spa session tomorrow morning. I havent paid attention to any of the Derby Tune-ups but Ill probably bet the horse that either has Cat in the name or has something to do with Money.

Seems to be an interesting challenge brewing between Waffles and Jeciimd. All I can say is Boyz will be boyz and too much testosterone. I used to love when the tri-geeks with their hi-tech carbon fiber machines would get into what I referred to as a "BIG Dick" Contest. I think this is a battle that can't be won outright by anyone. Waffles has proposed a poker triathlon of mixed games whereas Jeciimd has proposed the score be settled at No limit which is where all the Brou-ha-ha originated from. I think Waffles pulled up some Sharkscope stats on cash game players and that got the ball rolling. Regardless, MiamiDon has proposed a format for the two too settle their differences. If it comes off it should be the PokerBlogger version of the Big Game. Hopefully there will be some kind of DeadMoney Pool going on. Wonder who will come out of this with their pride and nuts intact?

This afternoons SNG foray (bubble) and then my short session at what usually is my money maker (Omaha hi lo cash) met with further depletion of my Full Tilt Bankroll. I'm not going to whine about it, Im just going to have to accept it. The good thing is when I have made it to heads up I've won outright in my last three out of three battles. Snake5970 watched me from the rail last nite and gave me a thumbs-up. I just need to be able to put all the pieces together and hope the cards oblige as well. On three occasions today when I had a gazillion outs (nut flush and str8 draws) I missed spectularly and on another I got outboated on the river. It will turn around, it always does.

So tonite I will play Katitude's Donkament which is at least a rebuy format and perfect for a gal when shes down!! And I did manage to crack the Battle of the Bloggers leaderboard on my third outing of the tour.

Monster Pots and Good Cardma

A change will do you good

I run bad since Monday. I'm not down bundles of money probably about $50 on FTP. I'm impatient or overly patient and I cant bring my game into balance. Of course this always happens after I run really well for a while. I'm restless, irritable and discontent in my poker life and Ive been having bouts of insomnia in my real life. The insomnia is getting to the point where Im considering getting something to help me sleep. For a former garbage head/lush like myself probably not a good idea. Ive tried Sleepytime tea. Ive tried mediating, I've tried reading a really boring book and to no avail.

Presto no good in the Mookie for me last nite. On a board of 346 with my pocket 55s I run into the IG (99). I decide to be creative (make something happen) and flat call the bets chasing my OESD, set etc. Which of course never materializes. Done in by my own hand. I donk out of the Dookie. I bubble in a couple of token sngs before finally taking a baby turbo down (this was after tilting someone who hit two pair with 7T to my top pair with Q9. Turn 4 river 4 hes counterfeited and not a happy camper). I then ran over the table like a rabid raccoon.

Tonite I donked out of the token frenzy when my AK got beat once again by something like A8 rivering me. I then started playing a 6 handed turbo no limit sit n go at the same time riverchasers started. The sng was a rousing sucess. When I got to heads up I had a dude who didnt use the button to his advantage. He also didnt like to bet big headsup unless he had a hand. So I was able to min raise and trap. I was the dog going into heads up but took the lead and then almost had him out when I called his raise holding 56c, I flopped a boat and got maximum value when he hit his str8 or flush. Since the buy-in was puny I decided to play really LAGGY. It worked to my advantage and I took the shorthanded sng down. I can be very successful with that style of play when I embrace it without concern for losing money. Of course it helps when you have chips and can play any two cards remotely connected.

Unfortunately, Riverchasers took a backseat while I was heads-up and I folded folded folded. I managed to tread water but the tourney got away from me and I was cold decked too boot. The best I could hope for was to make the BBT leaderboard. MiamiDon got moved to my table and raised my big blind. I fired off a "Hey lay off my blind message" with a lol. He swears he had a hand. Finally I took a few pots down and clawed my way above the starting chip count. My best hand of the nite was laying down JJ to a raise and reraise and I was in the Big Blind. Sure enough AA vs KK. Of course a Jack hits the flop which just about sends me over the edge until an Ace hits the turn. Finally I look down to the IG (beautiful 99). There is a raise in front but it smells fishy. It smells of overcards like AJ-AT or a middle pair lower then mine. So I push and get called by AT which of course hits the T and I go out. This time I'm done in holding my trademark hand. SIGH.

But it was a fun nite with the bloggers as I had IGGY at my table. We decided we should do a radio show (ala Mike & Mike) this would be IGGY & IG. Although my first idea was it to be on the Game Show Network, InstantTragedy decided it would be on the new TDN: Total Donkey Network. We would have such games as dwarf tossing and pin the tail on the Donkey, Where's Waffles etc. The theme song for the network: If I had a hammer. Stay tuned for the premier of this potential Emmy winning show. And of course Id like an Entourage.

Since I was spewing negativity tonite which is so unlike me and was pointed out. (I do get sick of myself when Im like that in about thirty minutes tops), I decided to spend the rest of the evening working on my IPOD. I got out of work early today as I had to retrieve my mom from the airport after her vacation in Florida. Im off tomorrow so tonite marks the start of a long weekend. I plan to play and dig in the dirt and do some gardening. I also have a craving for some good barbecue and will have to fire up the Weber Grill.

Eureka.............I have Spring Fever.

Peace All.

PS... Dont forget Katitudes Donkament tomorrow nite Full Tilt Poker 9 PM. Its the cheapest therapy around.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It's Wednesday nite!!! To Hell with Lost thats what DVR's are for.


PW-Vegas1 (if you cant read the tiny print in the box)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Make your Orleans Reservations soon.

Just over on Falstaff's blog and he has a post that the room block at the Orleans expires at the end of the week. I just called and made my reservations for June 7th thru the 11th (4 nites). I'm still not sure if I will return Monday or Tuesday as I havent booked my return flight yet. Maybe like Holden Caulfield in the Catcher in the Rye, I will take up residence in a casino hotel and never return.

I had visions of staying a little more upscale this trip (last year I stayed at TI), but Neteller put a cramp in my style since I still have $2k trapped there. My first quarter bonus for work (I made the bonus for all three months) wont be payable till late June. I can always make a return visit later and style it up. Red Rocks sounds nice after reading Pauly's write-up on it.

Which leads me to a funny comment I made to BFF Kim a couple of weeks ago. We are supposed to do Mountain Jam the first weekend in June at Hunter Mountain. Hosted by Warren Haynes of Govt Mule and Radio Woodstock. It's also going to be Phil Lesh & Friends only summer festival appearance this year. She asked me if I still owned a tent. In horror I looked at her and said, "My idea of camping is a Holiday Inn these days". My days of camping are over. Been there done that and I have no desire to revisit my youth.

Now that Vegas reservations are largely out of the way the preparation begins. I dont mean reading Harrington on Holdem again either. It means getting eyebrows done next weekend in New York City at the Anastasia Brow Salon at Sephora. Getting my hair recolored (not by me this time) and highlighted and a trim. And one can't forget the bikini wax (and if you've ever had one you wont forget it) because well good grooming is important and I have a gift certificate to use up. And of course we cant forget the nails. And then a pedicure to hopefully remove the last layers of calluses I still have vestiges of. My mom thinks Im going to remain single forever because dudes will hate my ugly little feet. My reply to her was " Mother hopefully he wont have a freaky foot fetish and he wont be the least interested in my feet. Besides I have other attributes that are far more interesting." At that same convo when my mother was telling me to cover up my cleavage my sister was saying "Mom, women spend thousands of dollars to get boobs like hers" Women are just so much fun to be around.

And of course theres what shoes to pack and clothes to bring. I'm a virgin at these blogger things. Did I mention that I'm a cheap date since I dont drink? Believe me I don't need to.

Time to brush up on my Roshambo, Chinese Poker and Blackjack.

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