Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Live Final Table and Cash

What can I say? I run goot live. What can I say? I run bad online. On Wednesday nite, I did cash in the Mookie for the first cash of 2008 in a blogger event. Of course I believe I have only played about 12 blogger events this year all in the BBT3. I jammed KQ into AK, SB me, BB my executioner and I went out 18th for the low cash . I cant remember who it was that took me out because lets face it, I'm always a "kill".

Riverchasers saw me go from hero to zero in about ten minutes flat. First off I was playing a turbo PLO8 Sng on stars . I was also talking to Snake5970 as riverchasers was getting going as he decided to call me up and call me a "Beyotch". Which I replied "and it takes a lot of practice to make a good one". Snake, said IG, "I now no how you must have felt driving home 40 minutes from Adirondack Poker League. You are one lucky Beyotch." Yes I am Snake (well I actually called him by another nickname I have for him) , yes indeedy I am lucky because I never have to play in that league again (nor does he plan on it either) and I live within 15-20 minutes of the numerous clubs that populate the Capital District and he is a good 1 hour away. I also pointed out something else to him which he can only kick himself in the butt about.

I may just have to call my little corner of the world "A-Vegas". It is a poker players dream. Anyway this was Snake's 4th trip down to the club in about two weeks and he wanted to see if I was playing the Thursday nite tourney as he decided to head down the Northway for some cash action after a meeting he was at. The action Thursday nite wasnt like it was after the WSOP satellite the preceding Sunday where he left up about $500 after giving back some of the $1100 he had been up to at one point in the evening. Plus he had a ton stories to tell about his hours at the cash tables. He left the club (Albany-Salami) at 6 AM and was down less the a hundred but said the action was pretty tight.

Anyway, I won the SNG on stars in PLO8, I said goodbye to Snake at the break to give my full attention to Riverchasers on Full Tilt.. And I typed this in chat that sealed my undoing:.... "I just won my SNG, Im off the phone now so this tourney will have my full attention. So watch out!!"

I went into the break first in chips. When we got back from the break thebmorekid who was at another table took over the chip lead by a couple hundred tops after he knocked a player out. Like full tilt likes to do it moves him to my table and the two chip leaders have a go at it. I was the whipping girl losing a hand AA (he) vs KK (moi). Fortunately, I only called his raise in position, I didnt reraise. Thankfully three spades on the flop only got me calling his teaser bets down and I lost about as little as I could but it was enough..... A few hands later I get KK again I raise and this time two callers GCox (rut-roh he has a hand) and another player. So its three way I have them both covered and the flop comes T baby baby........ I bet enough to put them both all in. GCox calls in a heartbeat having flopped a set of tens, The other dude calls with JJ I believe and GCox rivers the 4th ten.... DQB but not for me.... So GCox triples up and I have lost another good chunk of change... I pitch in with my lovely pocket 9's against I have no idea but it was a wired pair and when I saw them flip up I exited the table and saw my name hit the lobby as "finished". I turned off the computer and wished I had started work an hour early to get out early to head down to the club.

To quote PirateLawyer and Fuel55: FAWK FAWK FAWK.

Anyway congrats to PirateLawyer on his Mookie Win

Friday nite saw me play three sngs on Pokerstars and nary a cash as they were all PLO8 and it was one of those nites where the lows didnt come, I was counterfeited left and right and the cards werent working together so I took some chances with substandard hands and well thats all I have to say about that.

I failed to mention that the previous Sunday I sat the WSOP qualifier out as I had been out dancing my shoes off with BFF Kim celebrating the 37th Anniversary of one of my favorite JAMBANDS MaxCreek and I didnt creep home till 4AM . Snake played and went out about halfway thru the field. The person that took him out is one of the many Mikes at the club so I call him "Soulpatch Mike" And I actually stopped down to give Mike a deposit for my seat in his Big Stack tourney he runs once a month.

Mike had told me his tourney gets the big guns the creme de le creme of A-Vegasland. Now, Ive final tabled a bunch with Mike and Im pretty confident in my live game but he warned me that there were going to be some players I didnt know who played with deep pockets and were well probably more of a gambling degenerate then I am. IG's motto is I fear no one and respect everyone. And lets face it I have a ridiculously high cash rate in live tourneys, and even if I dont cash i usually go deep.

So I get down to this other cardroom early and immediately I am fed hot dogs and subs and this was just a snack by the sweet big Italian guy who runs the cardroom. I say you remind my of my Grandma, God rest her soul Mangia Mangia Filomena!!! Okay grandma was Irish but she could cook Italian like a native born having been taught by my Grandfathers sisters: Anna, Violanda, Sabina, Josephina and Tessie (Theresa).

Anyway I get seated with a goodlucking younger then IG, dude who I later find out was the winner of the WSOP satellite at Albany-Salami. His name is Jamie. We have paid dealers so all I have to do is shuffle. I had chipped in $5 extra for dealer pay and a $50/$50 I win the raffle and I got half my buyin back ($75). Before I knew Jamie was the winner of the $10 grand on Sunday I had pegged him as the player I had to watch the closest. Not only is he good but he is lucky too. He C-betted nicely, restealed all the ammo a great player needs... Anyway, he gets paid off early on some big hands and I was slow to get going. Pocket KK raise UTG no action but the blinds. But eventually I got it going on and I was the second chip leader at my table. The other Chip leader who Ive played before and who is a aggro laggie, Yonas gets moved to my table. Yonas also had won the BIG GAME back in September.

Yonas and Jamie tangle.. Yonas wins a hand with J5 which I believe he flushed Jamie on. For one hand Jamie loses the lead. I then tangle with Yonas. I raise he calls. The board comes babies. I bet he throws chips up and out. Turn another blank and knowing his range of hands could be anything from a rag ace to the hammer I move in. He says I have to call. He had QQ and my KK doubles thru him. Just what I need. Eventually I take Yonas out. He comes over the top of me and I have the top and bottom pair with A9 on an A9K board. He again had hurled his chips up and out. Usually a major tell that you aint that strong. I was right A3os... I won the $20 bounty on his head as he was the previous deep stack challenge winner. Mike had shouted out who took Yonas out?? and when i gleefully sang I did Mike.. He laughed and said you bad girl. And I was the only gal with 31 men on this lovely Spring evening.

5 were to pay based on the 32 entrants. I final table and when we get 6 handed we decide to take $20 off each of the top 5 spots to pay 6th. This usually loosens things up a bit. I had missed one great opportunity prior to the final table which would have seem me take possibly two players out had I called with my pocket 44's and the board came 433. Ouchers.. The raise came from UTG and it was a raise to $2400 from the blinds of $400/$800. This fellow hadnt played a lot of hands he did get a caller and that would have priced me in right there.. UGH. I pay Jamie off on an Oh Really moment when I called him down to see if he really really really did have the Ace or the K only to see that my 77 were no good. And then I raised with AK First to act only to get 4 callers . Tom on my immediate left had A9s, which he told me as we both mucked our hands when the board came all low and the blind pounced on the flop like a male dog would on a female in heat.

So we all know that IG has managed to lose some chips on some poorly timed and played hands as well as the blinds moving around at warp speed, plus her failure to win only one major hand at the final table (I went over the top of the shorties AK from the BB holding AA to knock him out). I didnt have a lot of great hands to work with at the end 32os, 47os, K3, Q2 the usual nonplayable hands. The 77 hand is really the only bad hand I should kick myself for and that was when I had chips. The AK hand was just poor timing, as we all now AK usually fairs poorly multi-way and with that many callers a lot of my outs are gone. I am now the short stack or close to it and at 6 handed with Jamie now the BB when I have the button I make this prophetic announcement:

"In a few hands I am going to Jam into Jamie as the shortstack and he will suck out on me." And in a few hands that is exactly what happens. I jam with AK on the button. He calls saying I'm aure I'm behind but he had AQ and the board comes xQ22Q...... He hits Qs full of deuces to end my little sojurn at just a little before 1 AM this morning.

Mike ran a great show with the paid dealers and 10k starting chips no antes and 30 minutes levels. Dinner after the subs was lemon chicken and baked ziti and Italian bread. The dealers were great. Steve actually dealt at TI in Vegas and I picked up on it and asked if he had dealt professionally becuase I noticed his dealer pitch. Nick did the best impressions of TeddyKGB and kept me laughing and Jamie (dealer Jamie) looked like Bret Yungblut (aka Gank) without the dreads. I felt completely at ease being the only female. When I put on my fleece, Mike asked me it was getting too cool. I told him no im getting serious. He said you need a hoodie for that and I replied.. Hoodies are ghey. That got a bunch of laughs as did my demurely adorned chest spilling a soda all over my self and the table. Ill be back for another go round next month.

IG sat out todays tourney at Albany- Salami thanks to a sinus headache and a late afternoon fade. But I did get some great extensions for my hair which I will debut shortly.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tonite Tonite Tonite-Full Tilt Poker Charity Tournament @ 8PM EST

Name/Title: Children's Tumor Foundation

Password: charity

Date: April 23 2008
Time: 20:00(8 PM)ET

Buyin: $5 + $5, The fee goes to the charity, the buy in to the prize pool.

Game: NL Holdem
Tons of prizes to hand out including an autographed book about How to Win Razz Poker for every player who takes out a pro.
Use this as a Pre-Mookie warmup for a great cause. This is a cause near and dear to the heart of Chane the forum owner of The Rounders Room.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holdem Poker Chat 24 Hour Poker Marathon

I got my online start as a forum rat. I'm pimpin this for a forum owner.... You may just see a red pro in the full tilt games!!!

The time has come for the online poker event of the year!

Everything you need to know is on this page. Read it carefully.

****Medical Disclaimer - Consult a physician before entering into this event. If you have a medical condition or feel yourself getting very tired, GET SOME SLEEP., it's owners and affiliate partners will not be held responsible. DO NOT use substances to keep you awake. You do not need to compete in all the tournaments to be the overall winner

Beginning at 12pm EST on April 26th, 2008, Holdem Poker Chat will be launching a ground-breaking 24 hour Poker Marathon!
What does this mean? 24 hours…24 poker tournaments!
Yes, you read that correctly. In the span of 24 hours, we will be hosting 24 poker tournaments!
This will consist of both freerolls and money-added buyins. Tournaments will occur every hour, on the hour.

We will begin and end the event on the #1 online poker site, PokerStars, beginning with a $250 freeroll and ending with a $10 buyin, with $100 added to the prize pool. Along the way, we will stop at FullTilt, Carbon Poker, Cake Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Poker Nordica! All and all, it will be a wonderful journey, with over $2500 added to the prize pools!

And… We’All be running a tournament Leaderboard with over $1000 in cash and prizes up for grabs.

1st Place – An Ipod Nano, HPC hat and $250
2nd Place – HPC hat and $200
3rd Place – HPC hat and $150
4th Place – HPC hat and $100
5th Place – HPC hat and $50
6th - 10th - Mystery prizes including a Main Event satellite seat on Cake Poker. - These will be announced on the forum once the final games starts.

If you compete in all 24 games, you will receive an Ironman Forum Title and will be entered into a private freeroll tournament.

Follow these step to enter and get the passwords
If you don't input your information, you will not get any credit and you will not be able to access the passwords.

So, get your comfortable chair ready, bring the fridge to the computer (or the computer to the fridge), make sure to be stocked up on pizza and chips.

**** Medical Disclaimer - Consult a physician before entering into this event. We cannot stress to you how important it is for you to get enough sleep. This marathon is for entertainment purposes only. We DO NOT want anyone getting hurt or worse. So again if you feel you cannot continue, Please, GET SOME SLEEP.

***** All members of the forum are eligible to win. In the case of password leaks and/or the players username not found in our database, that place will be blank and no one will get those points. Example: You finish 2nd and the 1st place winner isn't in our database. You get 2nd place points. We will not be bumping people up spots. So DO NOT give out passwords, it will only hurt you.

In the event of a server problem, all passwords will be posted on which is on a different server.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Tiltboys Invade the WPT Ladies Championship at the Bellagio

I first heard mention of this last night down at the Club. Rumor was 6 or 7 men but I found out on one of the original Tiltboys Blogs it was the Fab 4 of Perry Friedman, Rafe Furst, Bruce Hayek and TiltDad.

I've played my share of WOE (Women Only Events)including the Ladies WSOP and Foxwoods (2X) and the Ladies Event at the Orleans Poker Classic. Frankly,I prefer mixed fields as I'm definitely a guys girl. I personally like being one of the only women at the tables. I certainly like being the only woman at the final table.

I am not going to comment on whether or not this was downright dastardly and a thumb to the nose to women poker players in general. Part of me thinks it was done tongue and cheek and I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to these guys planning their outfits and grand entrance.

None of the "gals" made the TV table. I did hear thru the grapevine that one women who bubbled quibbled that she paid $1500 only to be busted out by a man.

Fare Thee Well Brandi Rose Hawbaker

Bryan Micon over on the NeverWin forum confirmed her passing:

If it wasnt for Brandi we wouldnt know about POB's (penis's on the back). Or that a certain well known poker pro, author and forum guru over at 2+2 keeps a vibrator in the glove compartment of his car.

Condolences to her family and friends and those who loved her.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to Back Final Tables Live

Last week saw me finish 9th after about an 8 week hiatus from club play. I returned last nite for another fix of live poker. Now that the Adirondack Poker League is over (and for me its for good as I have bigger fish to fry), I'm starting to head down Sunday nights to Upstate NY's version of Salami. I've decided to concentrate on SNGS online (Two wins in a row: one in an out of my element Fixed limit O8 tourney another in a turbo NL SNG on stars both small stakes) since its less of a commitment of time vs MTT's. And I don't have to play for hours only to take a ridiculous beat where I go from hero to zero in the course of two suckouts. The new Pokerstars Battle of the Planets leaderboards got me thinking about challenging myself to a SNG block. But I digress.

Snake called me to see if I was heading down and if he could pick me up or tag along as hes only been there once and that was back in September for the big game. Plus, they are holding a live WSOP satellite this Sunday and he wanted to get a feel for some of the players before then. He just cant wait to get back for his fourth stab at the Main Event(he is currently sitting on a Step 5 on pokerstars per his update). I figured since he would probably stay to play cash if he busted earlier then I, I'd take my own car as I have to work in the AM and he is a man of leisure. Plus that way he'd remember how to get there himself. The club is a good hour away for him but closer then TROCK but its just 20 minutes for IG_E_BABEE.

When I got there this week Chad says "IG, I was reading your blog and was looking for WSOP logos and found this gals blog and as I was reading thru I saw pictures of you and I said WOW that's IG (okay so he used my real name)". So, I explained that that I have met many of you folks linked to my page and that we meet in Vegas twice a year and a few other places too. Many of my club mates don't play a lick of online poker and have no idea what a blog is and its something I don't even talk about. Snake looks around the room to notice its increased size and says I know that guy from TROCK and Ive seen that guy there too. And his eyes got was wide as the deer he hunts when he looked over at the cash games (I honestly think he'd rather bust out of the tourney and go play cash). I point out a few of the players and my reads on them for him in case hes seated with them. I then lick my lips and toss out an imaginary fishing line and reel it in and Snake starts cracking up.

While Snake rails the cash games getting info for later, Hank and I chat it up with a few others. Hank laughs and says "Why are you looking at me when you say Donator"?? and I laughed and said "Not you Hank, that one and that one". Lucky me I got them at my table again. WOOT

So this is how it kind of went down. I have a young gun Matt on my right. He had finished 2nd to Jason last week. So he remembers me and I him. Other then he I dont really see much competition. There is another woman who I never played that after two hands I realize shes a chaser. I ask Matt if my read is on and hes like YUP.. Another dude is an okay player, really quiet though and seems to be annoyed at the world in general. I love those players. Two old calling stations: one I busted last week (feeling a little guilty that I was taking an old guys pension check), and the other, who is the better of the two (and who actually final tables this week) I had taken a ton of chips off him last week, but then he got lucky a few times and hit his hands on others and got paid off by people who didnt realize he wont lay down a hand. (Kind of like a few of the Adirondack league players).

I play not one hand the first orbit. I even fold the hated KJ when it got around to me as there were already to many cooks in the pot. I didn't know enough about a few of my table mates and there are certain things I look for which takes a few hands to pick up on. Plus there was no raising, it was a family pot, if i raised it would get called only to make a bigger pot. Let one of the donks get the chips and then isolate later.. As it turned out I would have hit two pair but it would have been second two pair as someone limped with AJ and then the winner of the hand sucked out a flush.

I enter my first pot with 66. I limp early. I get raised and there is at least one other caller and I think two before it comes around to me... I call.. The flop runs out A6x rainbow. I am first to act and check on a rainbow board. The raiser fires, another call, we lose one and I call. Turn is a K a beautiful card for me as I am sure no one has KK or AA for a bigger set and their AK KQ, etc are toast. I bet and get two calls.. the river is the 4th 6.. DQB ALL YOU CAN EAT BABY. I pushed in and stacked one of the other players and had most of the others chips..I am up to over T17000.

The rest of the nite goes like this..I bust someone who I correctly place on either AK or a small pair. I was the preflop raiser with QQ. If I lose it dents me a bit. I tank for a bit and decide its worth the gamble and based on table dynamics if I lose a hand I can easily get some back. The Ladies hold. I am over 20k really early.. I add on for the $3k additional chips even though I dont need them (it gives me a few orbits to relax or play a little looser), I call a limp with 22 hit a set on a board of AT2 with two hearts. This time I fire at the pot and get two callers along for the ride. I bust both. I watch one of the old guys check quad queens first his set then the 4th card, and think this is not a friendly game and remember Tilly checking her full house on Poker After Dark. The overall dynamic is People arent raising, its limp city and no one knows a lick about pot odds or proper bet-sizing or stealing or what pot committing themselves is, and it is just glorious.

Matt, who is pretty healthy, but a little jealous, looks at me and says "Dang you are getting great value on your hands". I had another hand where one of the old guys (the quad checker) wouldnt lay down pocket 6's on a board with at least 3 if not 4 overs. Got paid off good there. I was definitely in the live poker zone and playing good if not great poker. I did fold A4 on my deal instead of just limping. I'm a little superstitious after dealing myself out of three weeks of the Adirondack Poker league. Had I limped I would have hit my four and then nailed trips by the river. Another hand kind of went that way too.

Matt gets moved and says good luck I dont want to get moved from this table it is so easy to run over. The dude who won the big game in September, was at another table. He had acquired 80k and I was probably second chip stack for a good portion of the early middle and early late stages. Snake had busted out and was on the cash tables and was up $200 pretty quickly, got up another $200 and lost a $200 pot on a suck-out.

I get to the final table in the top 5 chip stack wise. I had lost two flips prior to the Final table which dented me a bit but I was still really healthy. I mean how often do you have a final table stack about 4 levels in to a tourney where you can ride it for all its worth? One of the coinflips I lost was when I raised with 55 to about 5k. Tony, Matt's friend, another good young players pushes in for another $7200with what was AK. I loose the flip when he rivers his card. I also lost a flip with KQ suited. Think I was either dominated with one of the cards or I lost against a weaker holding who caught. (I really need to write down key live hands when I play). In neither hand was I a huge dog and probably was a slight favor in both hands I lost.

My biggest mistake at the Final table other then the one that knocked me out was folding a pair of 77's. I would have hit a set and probably knocked at least one and severely dented if not knocked out another player. Blinds were pretty high and I figured too high to set mine and I didnt want to jam there with 77.

Since I'm running out of steam here, suffice it to say.. I finished 4th for $320 running Q9 into KK (first was close to a grand, 3rd was $420 and 2nd about $650). I would rate my overall play an 8, my reads almost a ten on people. I never put myself at jeopardy to lose a big hand, I think I was good at my bet sizing especially when I knew I was going to get paid. I easily picked up who bet $600 into a $3000 pot giving me 5:1 to chase the flush to the river and then pay me off. I could have taken a few more chances at the final table but all in all I did pretty well and even stole at the right time and right spot.

I was exhausted and my brain was tired when I left. Snake left up just under $200 after tips and tokes and his tourney buy-in. He'll be back for that live WSOP satellite on Sunday which I am sitting out, as I will probably be doing one if not two MaxCreek shows this weekend. But I am thinking of sneaking out of work early and heading down Thursday and may show up to rail for a bit on Sunday plus its always good for gathering info on player..

7 trips to the club: 4 Final tables, best finish I believe is the 4th I had last nite, 1 money bubble (KK into AA into AK at the big game. I remember it like it was yesterday and it still hurts a tad). Not bad stats in fields that average 48-70 players with the big game at 130 and the best players in the area. I'm taking this down soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring in my Step

I woke to the sound of a chirping bird outside my window. At first I was annoyed since it was loud and chirpy and I wanted a little more shut-eye. Bailey was sitting on his perch eyeing the birdy and chattering as cats do when they see wildlife thru a window. I get up look out and it is a beautiful Northern Red Cardinal. You don't see Cardinals all that often around my parts any more and it made me happy. That little birdy hung around most of the morning and I hope hes back tomorrow.

I mookied kind of sort of last nite. Call me Squaw-doosh because I couldnt connect or hit on anything last nite. I got sucked out on early with a flush on the river, fought back for a bit and got back into it when I called what I knew was a NumbBono steal and I think I sucked out on him. But with only $1500 chippies in the current version of the Mookie I struggled and went out 40th.

I did finish #2 in a low-buyin SNG on FTP while Mookie-ing it up. This was after I bubbled on Pokerstars in an Omaha-hi lo turbo sng. One of my opponents raised with what turned out to be AA67. Now I can pretty much sniff out people raising with the low and those who raise with big pairs. And since I was short and bound for the mookie I jammed for my remaining chips with 45KT. Figured I had low and high draws of some sort and of course I am rewarded and sent the other dude to the rail or almost to the rail and onto megatilt. I typed in chat to a friend.. Loose call on my part but Ill take it. I was then berated by player liveforfun (who obviously takes him self way to seriously). I was called a losing player and blah blah blah, yada yada yada And I couldnt care less and typed back sticks and stones. and yawn you bore me. My railbird typed to liveforfun "show some class". This dude actually stuck around to watch me bubble. I mean come on get a life and go rub one out or something to take the edge off. Much to my surprise I pull up his stats on OPR and they arent much better then mine. Actually I think Im ranked higher.

Anyway I'm not taking my on-line game so seriously. Don't get me wrong, Im playing to win and to improve but I have come to the conclusion that online poker will never be my bread and butter, I need to be handling chips and so much of my game is my ability to see and play the player which I cant do online.I prefer the dynamics and nuances of live poker over on-line any day. And if I could Id be at the club every weeknight they have a tourney which is now three!!! (Of course, my work schedule will not allow that) When I was playing my live tourney Sunday a man got moved to my table who I had never played before. He looked around and said I know pretty much all of you except for this young lady meaning me. He asked "Is she aggressive?" and one of my tablemates pointed to my big stack and said "Yes". It was nice to hear that from a table-mate. Hank, said oh good I like my women aggressive.

Finally, congratulations to Waffles on his Mookie Win last nite!!! Way to go Dude!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Albany Poker League Final Table and Cash Part III

As I mentioned in my morning post, I suffered enough at the whims of the online poker gods on both Full Tilt and Pokerstars this week and thru the weekend, so I headed down to the Albany Club to play... Ive been there 6 times and final tabled and cashed three times now. Plus I was two out of the money in the September big game. Only on my first appearance did I play like a sheep and go out midway.

Like I said I feel I am much better live then online. I usually money about one every 4 times. I cashed in two of the four MTTS I played this past summer in Vegas. My league cashes were either 4 or 5 cashes (Im not counting my subs in the money finishes, nor the two season-ender guaranteed payouts) over 21 weeks that I played and showed up. And of course I summarized my APL finishes above.

I finished 9th tonite. After a really good run early and mid tourney.I was pretty card dead at the end. I jammed UTG with KQos with $17500 in chips left. I was due to post the big blind of $4000 and then the small blind of $2000 the next two hands. I got called by AQ and they wound up hitting their ace on the flop and trips on the river and I missed the J I needed for the gutter ball I landed. Probably could have waited till I was in the blinds but I took my chances.

Full Tilt -New Math

Bayne Figured I'd get about $60 for the cancelled Bracelet race based on the $2000 prize purse. I thought the amount would be lower and might be something like this: $1000 divvied up by chip equity. I came up with that figure as $1000 is what the actual buy-in to the Ladies WSOP event is. The other $1000 I figured would not come into play since that was added money (spending money) and wouldn't factor into the equation and which is stated in Full Tilt's tournament rules.

Much to my surprise Full Tilt came up with a value of $192. Is there a Fire-sale on the Ladies WSOP seats? If so I'm In....:

Dear irongirl01,

We regret to inform you that tournament # 44393114 (Ladies Only Bracelet Race) has been cancelled.

Buy-in + Tournament Fee: $24.00 + $2.00
Remaining Prize Pool: $192.00
Your Chip Count: 2100
Total Chips in Play: 70000

When a tournament is cancelled before it reaches the money, according to tournament rule 31.2 (
. All remaining players will be refunded their buy-ins + tournament fees of $24.00 + $2.00 in the currency they used to buy-in to the tournament.
. The remaining prize pool will be divided and distributed according to chip count - (Remaining Prize Pool)*(Your Chip Count)/(Total Chips in Play) = Your Share of Remaining Prize Pool.
In your case, this means $192.00*2100/70000=$5.76.

Buy-in + Tournament Fee Refunded: $26.00
+ Your Share of Remaining Prize Pool: $5.76
Total Amount Credited to Your Account: $31.76

If you have any further questions, please contact customer support at We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Full Tilt Poker

For my troubles I earned Half a Mookie or Riverchasers Buy-in.

Maybe I should just go play live today.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Full Tilt Ladies Bracelet Race #2 Snafu

I opted not to go to Turning Stone for the High Heels Poker Tour which had a structure much to my liking: 10k starting chips and 50 minute blinds. A deep-stack lovers wet dream. The buy-in was $350 and was doable except that my Santa Fe on Tuesday nite decided to have another hiccup and semi conk out on me. I was bringing my neighbor Randy to get one of his three cars (CrossFire, Beemer and now a Mustang Convertible) and down at the bottom of the hill just about to get on the bridge to cross the Mohawk she stalls. I get it started but cant get the car up over 2000 RPMS. I later find out that this is called... LIMP HOME MODE... I put the car in overdrive and get a little more juice get home and have 2008 car agita Round II

Instead, I wound up getting to drive Randy's BMW home from the car dealership as we drove down in that to pick up his Crossfire (in a blinding rain storm) which was having some seal coat put on it. And no Randy is not a former, current or future love interest as he plays for the other team... ie hes Ghey. But I love him to death and every gal needs to have their go to gay male friend. Carrie had her Stanford and I have my Randy.

Wednesday AM the flat bed from Hyundai Road side assistance takes the car away. Fortunately I work from home and didnt need the car that day. But Thursday and Friday I had a full agenda of appointments. Dentist Thursday afternoon and then Friday an appointment with a new Primary Care Doctor in the AM and my furnace was getting its annual tune-up/service in the afternoon. Not to mention that a trip or two to Starbucks was in order. Another friend offered me to use one of his two or three or four auto's but I didnt need it as the Santa Fe was back home Thursday AM.

So the car came to about $262 which was a good chunk of the buyin at TROCK. I thought about playing live at the club Thursday nite since I was getting out early. I bargained with myself and said okay IG you cash there and win the buyin you go to TROCK on Saturday AM. Instead I decided to just chill after all the running around and phone calls with the car, appointments etc. I opted to work over-time this AM from casa IG since I fell a little short mid-week.

In the meantime Dad got the results of his biopsies: Colon polyp(s) were benign but the esphogus showed he has Barrett's esophogus and what he had was a Barrett's ulcer. This is caused by long-term untreated acid reflux and can be a precursor to cancer of the esophogus. I mentioned this before but for those of you who have heartburn or as we Italians say agita, take care of it now so you dont wind up like Irondad (props to Pauly for coining that one). And thank you all for your thoughts while dad was in the hospital too by the way.

So after I finish work, I take a trip to Starbucks for a PepperMint Mocha. I dine on some won-ton soup which I didnt eat last nite when I picked up some Chinese Food. I decide to once again play the Ladies Only bracelet race on Full-Tilt. LJ is also in the tourney and at my table. She gets short-stacked on the first hand when a limper called her raise with JT suited and LJ floated the flop. The gal did hit top pair with a ten and then flushed LJ (who I give credit for firing again on the turn). Anyway LJ doubled up her shortstack a well played AA hand (it was multi-way which makes it tricky) and I pretended I didnt really no her by referring to her as PVAN in chat.

FULL TILT Goes down down down right before the first break. LJ is not on girly chat so I send her an IM offline and she gets back to me as she is down down down too. I then get a chance to warn her about the horrendous play in the Ladies tourney (Im not convinced all of them are Ladies either) I mean any two suited cards work, Ace rags are gold...Come to think of it may not be that much different then any blogger tourney we play or the play I experienced sometime in my league......... BOOM!!!

So I conjure up Bayne from girly chat as I know he is alive and well in Saturday's with Dr Pauly which I went out of early and he cant get on FTP either. I flopped trip aces. Now I know a set in Omaha Hi is not that strong of a hand, but against one player who I was pretty sure was on a draw I was willing to gamble for that early double-up. I was heads-up against Kajagugu who claimed he knew nothing about PL Omaha and who was raising with interesting hands. I knew he was on a diamond draw, especially after he called my pot size bet on the flop. I fired all in on the turn knowing I had the lead still and of course riverstars rewards the chase. We dont call it OMAHADraw for nothing.

My separated at birth twin Donkette (Both Italian Lori's born in the same year) pulls me and LJ into chat with Kat, Fuel, Bayne, Zeem, and Riggstad and we are later joined by Surflexus and Waffles. I yuck it up for a while while we stew about FTP. We discuss plans for AL's Bash and a must do get together during the Borgata Poker Open in September. And all is right with the world. As I finish up this post FTP is still not open for business and from a 2+2 thread has experienced a major server crash. It is now 5 hour later and still no FTP. (So much for sit-n-go madness).

As for poker this week, I played extremely well in the Skillz Game even though I missed the cash. I inked my second in row BBT2 leaderboard points. Limit Omaha isnt my forte (much better at Pot Limit) but I was up near the top in that for a good portion of the tourney , same for the Mookie (inked some points there too) and for the Riverchasers Pot-Limit Holdem outing I was up at the top early ( first orbit, I called Joanne's reraise with pocket tens knowing she had to have a monster but it was early and you cant fold to every reraise, I hit a set and crippled her AA) only to get outkicked on one hand, and then pocket tens cracked my QQ's with a set on either the turn or river (Im pretty sure it wasnt flopped). I rallyed for a bit only to have my second pair of tens fail me. As Bayne said it was the first time all nite they didnt hit a set for someone at the table we were at.

Anyway, I know I'm going to get my buy-in back for the uncompleted Bracelet race which both LJ and I were alive in. Will be interesting to see how they divvy up the $2000 prize of the seat amongst those of us remaining (think their were 29 of 34 left can you say overlay). Like I said to Kat, LJ, and Donkette lets get a bunch of us in this next week and win a seat!!!