Sunday, August 24, 2008

High Heels Poker Tourney - Turning Stone 08/23/08

I went out on a brutal river beat (when down to three tables in about 27th place) when blinds were 400/800 with Ante $100 and I had position. The hand would have given me just about twice the average chip stack and I would probably have been one of the chipleaders. I called the $2400 raise with AQ and it was a three way pot. The flop came QJx. The woman first to act in the hand led out for 5k (I think she was a TROCK dealer) . A local woman called and after tanking a bit I repopped to 10k. The "dealer" lady shoved with KJ (2nd pair) and rivered a K to knock me down to T2400 and scoop a 40k pot. Ouch and its still not sitting well with me this morning. (Flopped quad Kings and Queens on pokerstars in my satellite for the 200k are not making me feel better)

Snake5970 couldn't make the trip but he called me after I texted him by bust-out. He thinks I should have just shoved the AQ. Regardless, I would have gotten the call and the outcome would have probably been the same.

Regardless, I had a good time meeting both Lauren from High Heels Poker Tour and Robyn from PMS Pokerwear and chatting with them. Robyn was at my first table and was out early after her turned flush was run down by the Ace high flush. There were about 8-9 local (meaning Capital District) ladies in the tourney. Let's just say there are a few whose play I respect (unfortunately they went out earlier then I) who I consider a challenge when I sit down with them, a couple of average players and the rest are calling stations/chasers and have no clue as to pot odds, or position but they will pay you off. I had three local ladies at my starting table. Since we don't play with an ante locally and many of these ladies don't play online I knew the ante was going to be a surprise and it was. One woman didn't know that once it kicked in it had to be posted every hand.

There were a total of 59 entrants with only 6 to pay. First prize was about $4400, 6th place about $600 Two men entered the tourney (one of whom chopped with Snake last month). They had bounties placed on them by Lauren. The appearance of men upset some woman alot. I could have cared less about it and didn't let it affect my game at all. One of the local gals, Dorothy earned $100 for taking the dude at our table after she got moved to it. When I told Snake that the dude he chopped with (the dude was the one who exposed one of his cards to Snake while in a hand in the late stages of the Deep Stack turbo because he was tired) Snake asked me why he entered. I had only heard that it was on a dare.

While our tourney was going on the $5200 buy-in Championship event was also running in the same room (62 entrants). I think the average age of the tourney was about 21-23. Jimmy Fricke (now just Gobbo), Shaun Deeb, Adam Junglen, and a host of other young stallions were all playing. Shaun is a local boy whose family owns 4 local fish fry restaurants (yummo) as well as being an online ace. I haven't met Shaun and when I was chatting with Jimmy we couldn't find him in the room so I could introduce myself. Jim told me his tourney was one of the toughest tourney fields he has faced. I didn't see Jim in the room when I left so not sure if he was busto or just taking a break. From the looks of the 2+2 thread Jimmy is busto but Shaun Deeb is still alive with a first place prize of $100k

I did qualify for the $200k guarantee on Pokerstars. And not only did I have quad Kings and Queens, I rivered quad jacks after flopping a boat!!! I've unregistered from the tourney taking the $T. Got some stuff to do. I think I will pass on live play tonite also.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

MOOKIE WIN 8/21/08

Off the Blogger Schneid!!!

More after I rest my sleepy head.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuning up for TROCK

Another lunch time quickie!!

I went back at it Sunday nite Live. As we all know it is my preferred form of play where you actually handle chips, cards and interact with people. Real Poker!!!

I tried for back to back wins. I did my darnedest. I accumulated chips early and was able to hoover my way up to a final table chip stack within the first three-four levels. And I held on too my chips and maintained.

It got dicey at the final table with everyone pretty even stacked and no real M to speak of. I managed to money in 6th (we paid 7 again) to recoup my loses at the racetrack from Thursday. My buddy Ringtone Rich sucked out a 5 when he shoved A5d and I called with the hated ATos 6 handed. 3 clubs hit the flop I held the Ace of clubs but couldnt hit another club or ten on the turn or river and out I went.

I continue to run goot live and am confident heading up to TROCK saturday.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Winner Winner - Live tourney win

Quick lunch break update. I played Friday nite, busting out first from the final table in 10th with 6 paying.

I went back at it again Sunday nite live, because online poker is so rigged and I'm trying to tuneup for a the Empire State Poker Championships at TROCK which starts end of this week.

After one hour of heads-up, and about 7 hours of total play, I took down a live tourney for $700+ profit after tipping the dealer for his multiple Doyles, hammers etc, and cutting in the 7th place finisher.

My opponent was frustrated and I heard him say: "I can't get a read on her" which means I am doing what I've been working on: Keeping my demeanor the same.

Winning hand was 79s I called on a flush draw knowing full well that I could blank but had my opponent covered. He had k high I believe. But with 15 outs twice I figured its time to end this and gambled. Winner!!! Never worried about the money difference between first and second. I played for the win and it paid off. But I reckoned I had a ton more heads-up experience then most of the final table players.

Will hopefully edit this for a fuller recap later.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tao of Poker - 5th Birthday Party!!

The winner of this special event will also receive two nights at the Borgata Hotel & Spa in Atlantic City and entry into the $5,000 buy-in NL tournament during the Borgata Poker Open on September 12th.

Dr Pauly will be covering this years Borgata Poker Open which if I am correct is where it all started for the good doctor.

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