Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I've been a slacker blogger lately on my home blog. I have had a few posts up over on Coventry on the currently in progress Dead 2009 tour. My write-up of the Friday nights Albany show is posted here.

Snake5970's horse: Hooked on Hope is making her second career start. She is entered in the 9th race running on the grass at Aqeuduct TODAY, Sunday, April 19th, breaking from the 9 hole with Ramon Dominguez up. Post time is 4:55 p.m. She won her first outing at Gulfstream Park last month. Snake5970 is headed down. It looks like the weather will hold and she will run. She's a scratch if the race gets moved to the dirt.

I have been active on twitter though, and find twitter certainly is a fun way to journal ones activities in 140 characters or less. Lots of poker pros are on twitter. I for see a new way tournament reporting is done in the future. Although the news sources will still be the primary source to outline key hands as far as the flop turn river, suit, the amount bet on streets and chip counts (twitter space constraints). It doesn't get much better then Joe Sebok twittering about Shaun Deeb bluffing the shit out of Kevin Saul (BeLoWAbove) at the Bellagio WPT Championships yesterday. Oh and it was fun following along on Phil Hellmuth's drink by drink drunken Thursday night as he randomly tweeted his activities. You can follow Joe on twitter he is Joesebok, Phil Hellmuth is phil_hellmuth. Haven't looked for Deeb or Saul yet but lots of other pros tweet including Annie Duke, Evy Eng, David Williams, Jeff Madsen, Daniel Negrenau, Tiffany Michelle, Andy Bloch, etc.

Even though I don't drink or do any other kind of intoxicants any longer and haven't in 19+ years my body just doesn't recover like it used to. I spent yesterday recovering from my concert and went to bed relatively early. I am still sore and tired today. I cut the bottom of the back of my right foot near the heel slightly sometime Friday night. It's in the middle of an old callous from my running/triathlon days. My foot was sore as hell and I've been monitoring it to make sure I don't get cellulitis which I've had before in my toe. Much better today it is. Ahhhh, the joys of growing old.

I must play some poker today I haven't played since last Sunday. Today there is a big game WSOP qualifier but it actually sold out (first prize should be enough to buy into the Main Event if one so desires). I didn't want to pony up the $325 buy-in since I hadn't been playing all that well up until last weekend when things started turning around. I played live a week ago Thursday night and although no cash I did final table and finish 9th. That set me up to play rather well online last weekend. For some reason, I play much better online after I've played live and actually handled chips.

Happy Spring!! Time to go get the papers, some coffee and figure out if I should shop, play online later, check out the live tourney which is not at my club, head down to the club later tonite to play live or do some combination of all of the above.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

SCOOP Begins Today

Still not sure if I will be playing the NLHE low option rebuy starting at 2:30 PM today. I better make up my mind soon because 16851 are currently registered and the total is climbing. That is going to be one hell of a prize pool. I am registered for the 4:30 PM PLO8 Low option buy-in. And Gods of the Interwebs & Network Connections please don't let me disconnect during said tourney. I have already lost connection with your servers twice this morning and I'm not even playing yet. 95115 people have nothing better to do on a Thursday morning apparently. Oh and I know I mentioned that I will gladly take river beats for a month because I was smiled kindly upon and received Phish tickets for SPAC but can we please please please put that penance on hold for two weeks or so?

The First Annual SCOOP per Pokerstars is:

Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) - All Stakes

With 66 tournaments, covering 22 different poker disciplines at three different stakes levels and a combined prize pool guarantee of $30,000,000, we’re bringing you a new poker championship not to be missed. Beginning on April 2, we bring you the Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) - All Stakes. With buy-ins as low as $5.50, everyone will have the opportunity to play and the chance to win big cash prizes.

Running until April 12, SCOOP will have two events every day, and each event will consist of three individual tournaments based on different stakes levels: one for low-stakes players, one for medium-stakes players, and one for the high-stakes players. Every tournament has its own guarantee, so even low-stakes players could win big.

Otis, Change100, F-Train and Shamus will be covering the events over on the newly redesigned PokerStars blog along with a few other bloggers

Big congrats to Dr Pauly. It appears that Project Z is now titled so look for his upcoming book release LOST Vegas

And be sure to check out the great music coverage over on Coventry. I did a recap of The Dead's triple crown of shows performed 03/30/09 and Strawberry Shortcake (a ginger) has a post up on Suwannee Music Fest 2009. The Joker being a prankster and all had a great April Fools joke up too . I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get picked for the free tickets to the NYC shows, but you can bet your ass I would have driven to the city for the day/evening. With the Dead and Phish touring this summer and all the summer festivals: Rothbury, Mountain Jam Bonnaroo we will have some kick ass coverage coming your way.

I'm only working 4.5 hours of my normal 9 hour day today and will be signing off at 2pm to play some poker. If I bust out early I can always make a run down to the club to play the Thursday nite tourney I normally can never make. Good luck to all in the SCOOP's!