Friday, August 31, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

There is nothing like watching Ralphie run around Folsom Stadium on a beautiful September day. Brings a tear to my eye. Actually, back in my day (Leeds School of Business 1983-Accounting and College of Arts and Parties-Psychology 1983) the most entertaining thing about CU Football was Ralphie. We sucked but that was the Pre Bill McCartney era. When Ralphie (a she bison or buffalo) ran around the field we used to scream "Shit Ralphie Shit".

There was a tradition that dudes used to grab a cute girl and pass her up the stands. So we females avoided walking in front of the frat boys who were most likely to grab you and try to surf you up the stands and grab a feel of whatever they could grab. This was kind of a two-step since I was in a sorority (Alpha Delta Pi- 1st and finest) we always had football brunches with a fellow frat and usually sat amongst the Greek section and fraternity boys in the stands.

So one fine football Saturday IG made the mistake of walking into the vortex of drunk frat dudes as she herself was mile high pie-eyed. I felt a grab on my arm. Shit too late. Too boot from the stands over my shoulder I hear Pass her up, Pass her UP. I look and see an old boyfriend and his fraternity brothers coaxing the guys to grab me as I'm standing my ground about to Karate chop or knee one of the drunken leches. When my old beau (we were still on very good terms btw wink wink) realized the folly of his ways he changed his tune to "Don't pass her up, Dont pass her up". Not because he didn't think it was a cool idea mind you. He knew not to mess with a scrappy NYer. When I told the dudes they would be sorry if they tried to pass me up and to let go of me now and they refused I did what my Golden Gloves winning Grandpa C had taught me to do.. Uppercut square to the chin. Sure my hand felt like shit later when I sobered up but I sent one dude reeling and the others went on to easier prey.

Tomorrow CU kicks off its season with an opener against the CSU Rams. I don't think we look very good on paper and probably even worse on the field but I am a die-hard Buffalo gal. My live league mate Trent who didn't go to CU happens to love them too and I promised him next time I order some CU merchandise I'll order him a new CU hat as his (which he always wears playing cards or used to) has seen better times.

My favorite things about College football.... Watching Kirk Herbstreit commentate cuz hes so damn good looking. I also love to watch NFL Primetime with TJ and Chris Berman. My other favorite show is NFL Matchup with Jaws and Merril Hoge (equally as hot to me) and of course I love Howie Long and Chris Collingsworth.

Kudos and Happy retirement to Volleyball Legend Karch Kiraly who is retiring this weekend. The man is my age: 46, and without a doubt if it wasnt for injury would still be going strong.

I caught a little bit of the World Track and Field Championships. Everytime I watch a triathlon or race it inspires me for about ten minutes to start moving again. Then I realize how much work is involved and realize its easier to click a mouse and raise, call or fold. God Im lazy. My mom mentioned shes been working out at the Y with an old running friend of mine. Of course, she has to tell me Cindy said you were such a good runner.. I really wish you'd get some exercise... there I go mothering again. Anyway Congrats to CU alum Kara Goucher for taking a bronze at the World Championships in the 10000 meters (thats 6.2 miles around and around on a track). And we brought the gold home in the 100M mens event too.

Notice the lack of poker content? That is because IG has borrowed the title of SUPER DONKEY GIRL for the month of August from her gal Katitude. Ive been bent, folded, spun and mutilated in my tournaments. Not to mention when I finally got something going in the 24k guarantee on FTP last saturday nite and doubled up early with a beautious stack I lost power in a rash of thunderstorms for 6 hours and blinded out in 294th spot with 180 paying after not playing more then 15 minutes (and I had direct bought in for $26)... Ouchies. I had emailed Snake my tail of woe Sunday. He called me Monday nite to ask me about my Friday nite live meltdown at Trents (bubble with him knocking me out) and to ask me what was wrong, going on etc etc. All I could say was.. I dont even want to talk about it because I will start to cry again. Yes poker had me in tears Saturday nite. Is there crying in Poker? Is a girl allowed to cry? Anyway Monday nite we jumped in the same $10 90 person sng to find IGs leaks (only one he could find) and he witnessed what has been happening to me all month the lets suck out on IG saga.

I may just show up in the Donkament tonite to let you all beat up on me one last time. Tommorow is a new month and Super Donkey Girl will be retired or handed off to some other hapless donkette.

Friday, August 24, 2007

IG Rant-Dont spam my blog!!

Looks like I'm going to have to enable the word verification thingee again. If you happen to look at the comments on my last two posts, somebody with too much time on their hands has posted comments wordier then War and Peace. If there is one thing I hate is fanatics or zealots especially those who emanate from the far right. Im not sure from where this anonymous person comes from but I also hate cowards. Thats right have the cajones to post who you are. If you have that much to say start your on friggin blog where you can rant ad nauseum.

Can you tell I have a great mistrust for anyone who is too fanatical about anything? I hate multi-level marketing schemes (aka Ponzi or pyramid schemes). Start your spiel (aka scripting) and try to sell me something and youll be hung up on or shown the door quickly. I am a very nice person. Those of you who have met me know I am an even-keeled sweetheart. But spam my blog and waste my time you will bring out my Italian temper.

Rant over... This blog is do for an uber post of something. I havent been playing much poker(Tuesday and Wednesday off from playing). But I am quick capable of IGGYing it up about just about anything. The update will have to wait until I return from my home game tonite at Trent's house. Thats right where IG does it best.. Live play baby.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Saratoga the August Place to Be

Saratoga is the August Place to be for thoroughbred horse-racing fans. I have yet to make it up to the flat track to watch the horses run even though the track is a stone's throw up Rte 9. The northway is filled with horse trailers and limos of the rich and famous who make Saratoga their home for the 5-6 weeks the horses run. After Labor Day it all quiets down again as the racing returns to Belmont and then Aqueduct.

Now if they had table games at the Saratoga Racino which is attached to the harness track Id be up there all the time. But until that happens the members of Gambler's Anonymous can save a host of gambling degenerates a seat.

Besides the old money and new money spilling out of Saratoga County one just may catch site of a bearded Jam Bander by the name of Trey Anastasio. I haven't seen Trey yet but because of his run in with the law last year he apparently has moved to Saratoga County as he has to be within a stones throw of Court if they decide to haul his ass in to drug test him. Vermont was just too far away for him to make it in the hour they apparently give you to show up when summoned from what I have been told. I of course have always subscribed to believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. So until I see him with my own eyes Ill just assume that maybe he is in Saratoga County or maybe hes not. My mom works at the Barnes and Noble in Saratoga but she wouldn't no Trey even if he launched into song.

Tuesday night DMB invaded SPAC for only one nite (in the past its been two). I gave up on attending Dave shows a few years back, unless I had seats in the shed because I just cant take the frat boy behavior that takes place on the lawn any longer. Been there done that and it gets real old for me. This years event was marred by an alleged rape. For two days the NY State Police were on a wild goose chase trying to find and arrest the rapist of a 15 year old Clifton Park girl. When all was said and done, the 15 year old's mother was arrested for three counts of supplying alcohol to minors for supplying a bottle of Grey Goose vodka to the victims three friends and may also face a count of endangering the welfare of a child (her own). As it turns out the alleged victim made up the whole story after getting liqueured up and having consensual sex with a 15 year old boy. Fortunately the young lady fessed up but mom faces a year in Jail.

I guess I'm a little old school but when I was 15 (which for me was my sophomore year of high school) I was not thinking of having sex with boys. Nope, I was thinking of running the fastest half mile I could or blazing a trail down the Jaws of Death on Mt Snow on a mogul run. Of course this was the day and age where if you were caught smoking or drinking you would be kicked off any sports team you were on. If I had to go somewhere I walked, rode my bike or my parents would have to drive me and they always knew where we were. Where I grew up there was really no place to go and this was before the Internet, cell phones and a drive to the mall meant driving almost an hour to Albany from Columbia County. What simple times they were.

I played a 90 person sng last nite. After acquiring a monster stack and sitting in the top ten with about 40 left, I donked all my chips off to the chip leader with an overplayed AK!! Sure I hit top pair but the FTP gods decided to award the chipleader with KQ and he hit two pair. As much as I knew he had it I had to see it to believe it.. Curiosity is expensive as always. Does anyone ever feel that the bigger stack is always rewarded with the two pair and the win?. OR the FTP gods decide today this donkey is going to be the benefactor of great cards and everyone else gets scraps. On the flip side I went to town against an early chip leader who spewed his chips like Mt St Helens. He was re-raising so aggressively every hand with his big stack I decided to take a stand against his nonsense. I nailed him and doubled up with AJ vs his JT (with a Queen on the flop of QJX). Then my table mates decided to follow my leadd and play back at him too, and he proceeded to loose most of the rest of his stack on the next two hands.. Gotta love when that happens.

To Poker tonite or not to Poker that is the question?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Battle of the Blinds

Sunday my blind battle was with my new blinds for my two bedroom windows. I picked them up on Friday and thanks to the skills of my neighbor Randy they were hung on Sunday afternoon. Needless to say I played no poker Sunday till after my errands and blinds were done.

Saturday nite I made a donkey ass move in the$55 BUY-IN FTOPS satellite for Sundays event. I was out within the first 100 or so people. As a friend said who witnessed my play: You were up and then down and then out. I'm smart enough not to push all my chips in with top pair on flop with just top kicker (I holding A8os with a board of 876). I wasnt up against a flopped straight or anything. Nope a set of 7's on the flop and he got me all in on the turn. OOF. I minimum cashed in some tourney I played at the same time however (probably a 90 person $5.50 SNG).

I took down another limit Omaha8 SNG at the micro-limits. I've been teaching myself limit Omaha 8 as my comfort zone is Pot-limit. So what happens Sunday nite? I go deep and finish 12th or so in an Omaha 8 tourney. When I signed up for the tourney I didnt see the structure as No limit. Im sure I wasted a few early opportunties when I only bet the pot but on the other hand I didnt get anything really going card wise till mid-stage. So Ive been having a good run in my Omaha-8 outings and continue to play more Omaha 8 for balance and I just love that game.

Ive needed a bit of a break from no-limit. Almost 3 years of focusing on No-limit and I decided for the last three weeks of the summer I will play it sparingly as far as blogger tourneys go. So dont expect to see me in the MATH or Mookie or Riverchasers till after Labor Day. I may show up in the donkament. You can probably find me playing some SNGS here and there or an attempt or two at the 24k guarantee that starts at 8 PM. I may play a live deep-stack tourney Sunday afternoon that an Albany Poker League member is holding.

My main live league looks like its going to have a delayed start. We were kicked out of our home base after two seasons (I missed Season I) largely because we were getting too big for it and the owner of the Lanes where we played was getting two many inquiries. So until Lex's garage is insulated at his new house we are without a site to play. An October start is good for me. It also has been suggested that the league expand to 25 weeks from 20 with best 20 weeks counting. That would allow us to miss some weeks without the need for a sub.

Lex and Ray both headed up to Turning Stone on Monday for the Empire State poker classic $300 buyin with bounties. Neither of them did anything spectacular. Jimmie Fricke aka Gobboboy was in attendence and there apparently was a Vinnie Vinh performance the previous day. The dude who was leading event II after day I which was a rebuy format never returned for Day II to defend his chip lead.

No worries about my poker down-low Im playing well enough but like Smokkee the constant suck outs on FTP wear on me after a while. Ive even thought about closing my account and opening a new one under a new name which would be..... Big-Eyed-Phish in honor of Dave Matthews and Phish (not that I was a huge Phish fan). It's also gender neutral and would be a good experiment to see if people play against you differently when there is no girl in the name, plus it would allow me to sign up for Rakeback. Thoughts anyone on if this is possible? Of Course I still would be IG!!!

So tonite I'm going to Top Chef it up instead of Mookie-ing. Ive been catching up on shows that I miss like LA Ink, Project Runway re-runs and America's Top Model not to mention anything on the Travel Channel, Food Network, TLC and HGTV and BRAVO. I rarely watch network TV except a few shows. My flowers are coming to the end of their summer season although I have one dinner plate Dahlia that is a show flower. Im very proud that my Dahlia's that I planted from bulb filled out as they did. Ive planted some mums already. I had a couple of container garden experiments go bad (like my bachelor buttons) but all in all my flowers have been the envy of my neighbors. Plus digging in the dirt is therapeutic....almost like chopping up produce with a good knife.

Oh yeah I have to work the next three weeks with no time off but after that I should be able to take almost every Friday off for the rest of the year which I will do as long as we have no over-time. I have a few Fridays put in for already and a full 9 hour day on September 10th for my post Borgata day off. Which reminds me to ask if any of you bloggers know a good non-casino hotel that is cheap and clean for LJ and I to rest our bones? The Borgata's room rate for a Saturday nite is equal to plane fare to Vegas. Im not friggin kidding.

Next year I get 28 days off (or a stint in rehab as this former lush thinks of 28 days as). That equates to 224 hours. With 52 weeks in the year i can conceivably take every Friday off since I only work a 4 hour day on Fridays and I would still have 16 hours left. Of course we have 7 weeks with a holiday in them and we cant take much time off in January or first quarter even so it looks like I should be able to do almost every Friday off and still have two full weeks for Vegas etc. Not a bad deal. Ive been belt tightening it a bit do to the lack of overtime even though most of the extra OT I make went directly to taxes and I didnt see that much in my paycheck.

Anyone catching WSOP broadcasts? I missed most of last nites show but last week was classic Hellmuth. Next week begins the Main Event Coverage which I will be taping. Will be interesting to see if I can spot Ray in the stands of the feature table that Joe Hachem was at on Hachem's day I as he was sitting behind Hachem. He also was behind Jamie Gold's mom on her day I so perhaps hell get his mug on TV.

And is anyone getting excited about the start of Football?? Its my favorite sport. I always said if I had been born a boy I would have been a football player. I just love love love the game. My mom's dad was a star college player back in the day so maybe thats where I get my love of the game from. Plus my dad loves the game too and I used to always watch with him. I've been to a bunch of pro-football games with my Dad at the Meadowlands to watch the Jets as an old friend has seasons tickets to the Jets and Giants and it always was a great time. I was an avid Fantasy Football player too for about 3-4 years till it became too consuming. I should scan my results in. One week I had the 15th best score in the country out of like 20,000 people. Not bad.....I'll probably be doing my old dead-head beau's pool again which he runs from his home in California for his techie co-workers and friends. Im determined to pay attention to the weather forecasts when I pick my score for the Monday nite game and I will hit MiamiDon up in the girly chat Im sure. I lost on points about three times last year. 5 times I stood to win last year going into Monday nite and never came thru for the win. However, my cat Bailey (aka Le Plume aka Baboo) was purchased partly with my football winnings in from first Season of the League!!!

Ill be blogging while on hiatus just not about blogger tourneys. Catch some of you in the girly chat or come September..

Peace All!!!

Oh yeah I just loved this remark that Dave Matthews said about DMB's album being postponed: "Let's not try to take a shit if we don't have any crap in us!!!"

Friday, August 10, 2007

Noontime Blogger Turbo SNG Fun!!

Off day of work again for me this Friday. I can really get so used to a 36 hour work week (more on that later). I am normally not a person who sleeps late but today I woke up at 9AM. Its a rainy day in Upstate NY. In the AM I went to my main bank and then to Lowe's to pick up blinds I had made for my bedroom and office. They are bamboo and believe it or not the color I ordered matches my bedroom furniture to a T including the grain etc.!!. For anyone who watched Everyone Love's Raymond I have the same bedroom set (Broyhill Fontana) as on the show. Its a natural looking distressed Pine. I chose Bamboo because I'm a green girl. Bamboo grows like weeds and its renewable and eco-friendly and durable. I think when I do my floors I will go bamboo again. That and granite countertops will make IG a happy gal.

So I sit down for a token peep. I get no action on pocket KK. Double up on AJ vs KQ etc and then I tangle with the big stack. I raise with pocket 99. Get a call. I hit my set (amazing how many times I hit a set with the IG!!) and the flop is coordinated 789. So I bet the pot and get a call. Turn a 4 so I fire and get a call from pocket TT's who hits a J on the river to str8 my flopped set. So typical of FTP....

So now I'm down $8.80 and licking my wounds. I want immediate redemption and feeling ADDish, I sit down to a 9 person turbo sng for $6.50 and 3 minute blinds. Sounds about right for a quick fix. In pops 23skidoo!!! I get AA like second hand and I swear there are 6 or 7 limpers in the pot me in the BB so I push all in happy to take the blinds. I've been on a run of bad cards lately: J3 J2 Q5 over and over. Junk is beginning to look good to me. 23Skidoo makes a comment to our opponents that he is a master of flopping junk and hitting his hands. He's robbing my blind left and right. It works till I misclick and limp with ATd. He pushes with 88. I make the insta-call since I'm short and figure double or out.. I'm rewarded with one of the FTP 30 Aces in the deck and double up. I lose some blinds again till I decide to button raise with K9c.... I get two all ins from the blinds. Hmmm.. I'm definitely behind... Hmm I only have 480 left.. Hmm I'm pot committed pretty much... HMM gotta call here on this steal attempt gone bad. Im up against AQ and JJ vs K9. Two clubs hit including the Ace of clubs so I have a four flush and a K hits too. I'm still way behind with my second pair but have outs and I river a dang 9!! my two pair busts the JJ and the AQ is stacked.

Well to make a turbo story short..23Skidoo (who is on a lunch break) and I go headsup (blogger creme rises to top in turbo sng. I get QQ first hand and min raise and he folds. Back and forth for a bit. I raise with QJ hit two pair but there is a four flush out there and a straight draw (but of course there is on FTP) . I check the flop. He fires $2000 I re pop to $4000 only leaving a small amount behind. So much for minding my chip stack. Over the top on his draw he goes for the rest of my chips (flush and str8) and he rivers a str8 on my two pair to take down the turbo. Ive now recouped my buyin from the peep ($8.80) and am up .90 cents for the day!!!

So back out to Starbucks since I didn't want to drive around town with my view in my SUV blocked by the blind boxes. I get my Venti Raspberry Iced Mocha (nonfat with whip). I start looking at the Starbucks music. There is a new Dave Matthews and a new Dead compilation. A male fellow latte lover about my age sees my taste in music and strikes up a conversation. We kind folk always speak the same language so we shoot the shit for a bit until of course the wife comes over and pulls him away from the discussion of dead shows past and downloading etc.

Back home I get my mail out of the box at my condo. Now my mailmaid always sticks the letter sized mail inside any newspaper stuff and folds it in half to stick in the box. So I unfold the newspaper to see whats inside. National Grid bill not due till Sept., Entertainment Weekly magazine, and an envelope with NT in the upper left hand corner. Could it be my holy grail?. I make my way upstairs and play my phone messages first. Contacts are in. I'll forgo the trip to Smallbany till tomorrow. Back to mail... I pick up the envelope and am pretty sure my check has arrived from Neteller!! I open the envelope and sure enough...................$1946.20 has arrived


So I fire up the girly chat to let someone/anyone know my good news. First I hit up LJ and then Don. Don's words get that check into the bank. So back out into the car and it is now deposited in my Citizen's Bank poker account. Of course I had visions of losing the check or getting hit by a bus on my way to the bank. Not that there are really any buses in Clifton Park to get in my way but after all this waiting you can imagine my fears.

Ive decided not to go to Turning Stone tomorrow for the Empire State poker classic. Instead Im going to try to satellite into FTOPs #6 tomorrow nite and perhaps direct buy-in if unsuccessful in the satellite to treat myself. I'll probably try to play the 24k guarantee tonite too. I seem to have acquired a little stomach bug and am making frequent trips to the bathroom.. Anyway Im going to wait a few weeks for my girls gone wild weekend with LJ. We will be hitting up Atlantic City/Borgata the weekend after Labor Day if anyone else wants to join us. I'll be heading to NYC to pick her up first so any other NYC bloggers who need a lift let me know.

And I'd be remiss if I didnt congratulate LJ on her really big score in the 32k guarantee the other nite. 3rd place for almost 5k definitely beats my biggest score of almost $1200. Ive been told Im next and I feel the MOJO is working again after a few rough break even outings the last few days and a Mookie Tilt-fest. Also Congrats to Hoyazo and CMitch for theif FTOPS #1 cashes.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Poker That makes you go HMMMM!! Tilly Checks a FullHouse

Ivey's look Priceless

Lindgren's look Priceless

Harman's Look Priceless

And talk about tells. I think I will forgo the "Tilly" tops and stick to the zipped up North Face Fleece with big shades and baseball cap when I play live. Forget about "Happy Feet" take a look at the heaving bosom. They are saying..... BIG HAND here!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again!!

When you get thrown from the horse, or go over the handle bars of your bike you do one thing: You get back in the saddle and ride again. My body and soul was suffering the poker version of road rash after lots of bad beats and crappy play but tonite I returned to semi form with a third place finish in the Donkament. Congrats Heather and Hoyazo for the 1-2 finishes. I was so looking forward to that first one-on-one with one of my favorite bloggers Hoyazo but our paux de deux will have to wait.

I knew things were looking up when I looked down to AA on the first hand (I was Astined) and tripled up off Hoy and BuddyDank (I believe was the other victim). I made it thru the first hour and rebuy period without even having to rebuy. Heck that was the first time in a week I made it thru the first hour!!!.. I added on, went amazingly card dead but fortunately the beauty of having a deep stack is being able to ride out those dead zones. Plus a positive mental attitude has a lot to do with your success at the poker table, and although its hotter than hell here in Upstate NY, I was feeling the mojo working again tonite.

Now I was just thinking how it was two months ago just about that we were all gathered in Vegas for the mid-summer classic. My how time flies. People are already mentioning the December gathering and I have assured MHG that I will be ready to play Chinese Poker with him at the next gathering as long as I don't have to bowl. December is a tough time though with the holidays right around the corner.

If you haven't read Astin's post about the card run he was on last nite, head over to his blog but be sure to bring a barf bag!!! I think we should get a horseshoe and bronze it and hand it off the luckboxes who seem to be able to get the cards tourney after tourney. I was Astin victim number one last nite in the BBT freeroll. I did mention to him that if he wasn't so good looking I'd hate his lucky cardracking arse. I also told him lest he feels really special about that I told Iakaris the same thing in Vegas :). We may just have to have a throwdown ala Bobby Flay to settle things!!!

As for the polycystic ovary disease, my mother (a nurse) assures me its my age and nothing more serious then that. If I had the condition Id have severe acne and have excessive body hair which I dont. So I guess I just have to chalk it up to old age and the dog days of summer. I intend to get into the pool and swim laps tomorrow. I definitely need to regain some flexiblity.

I know lots of folks have seen their Neteller funds hit their bank accounts. Im waiting on a check as I mentioned and would love it if someone else waiting on a check lets me know when they get theirs. Sounds like Blinders may have done just that so Ill be checking in with him. Last nite I was asked if I was going to do anything special with my money. It will go into my poker bank account and be earmarked for live buyins and if I need to reload online. I may also invest in CardRunners at some point. We have no overtime at work right now so I'm going to need to replenish the easy OT money with grinding at the ring games. Its amazing though how little of a hit you actually take paycheck wise. Most of the extra OT money seems to go right to taxes!!! Ill be getting my second quarter bonus in late September (and I made the bonus all three months). Plus I made July and can only hope I can keep it rolling. Its not a lot of money after taxes but it is a mortgage payment when all is said and done each quarter.

One thing I'd really like to do if I nail another nice score (and I still have most of my 2007 Vegas winnings set aside having used a little bit for bills etc) is head out to Vegas in October during the Caesar's Palace Poker Classic. That also happens to run into Vegoose which would be sweet to combine. I believe MOE. is playing one of the nites at the Pearl. Other nite shows are scheduled at the House of Blues, plus the festival at UNLV. . The conflict is that Phil Lesh and Friends will be playing at Mohegan Sun (the poker room hasn't returned there yet, but its not too far from Foxwoods), and then in Syracuse (not to far from Turning Stone) on consecutive nites during the same time. What is a girl to do?? Plus LJ mentioned something about Atlantic City in October. I may be heading to the Borgata for a tourney on Sunday September 9th and/or the Taj two weeks later. Anyone interested look me up in the girly chat.

Peace all!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Open Mouth - Insert Foot

Maybe its just Waffle-like insanity setting in. Maybe its peri-menopause. Maybe it was the full moon of last week or the fact that I was PMSing big time. After a great Math and Riverchasers and pretty good play live at TRock I went into a poker meltdown, which may have been compounded by a personal meltdown starting Friday and Ive been running bad since. Its almost funny now. What's even worse I've had to read about how bad Fuel55 has been running and how MD has had a bunch of break-even months. When the major blogger ballas are running bad its time to scratch your head and take inventory.

I can laugh about the fact that I had Aces cracked twice in a token tourney by the same guy.. First my pot sized open raise gets called and he chases his str8 on each street and he of course rivers his broadway to pretty much stack me.. Then when I push all-in as the shortie with AA again the same guy calls me with A9s and hits the spade nut flush. WTF!!! I gigli'd that token attempt. Donked out of a couple more and decided since I was running bad and had a bad nites sleep Sunday nite to skip the MATH on Monday nite. I went to bed bright and early Monday nite and slept for 12 hours.

Mookie more of the same bad cards. Bad flops for my hands. Blah Blah Blah. I think I dropped about $100 Friday thru last nite. But today I start the week over anew. I have a long weekend coming up and another one next weekend. And I have no money on the line tonite. The BBT redo is a freeroll. Lets hope I can finish in the top twelve and get a little bit of my investment in the BBT back now!!

Ive recovered from tripping over my feet but am afraid of a few other little medical issues that are popping up. Im losing my hair not in the alopecia clumping sense but it is thinning. Its coming out all over. Ive always had fine thin hair but lots of it. Now I have to wrap the twisty around my ponytail three times. In fact my hair dresser noticed and ordered me some special medicated shampoo. My dad's mom had very thin hair and I think she wore wigs. Of course this was enough to send me over the edge and I started crying.

So I did a little research and I may have to check out this with my doctor. I could be facing polycystic ovary disease. Ive always had a wacky monthly cycle and for many years I was on the pill to regulate myself. I went off the pill in February of this year and since then Ive gone 1 month, then 5 weeks, then two weeks, then 6 weeks between periods. I got it right before Vegas, had a no period Vegas week and then got it again pretty soon after I got back on June 11th. I hadnt had one since that time until last week. UGH... Part of this little disease is hair loss, irregular periods, weight gain and insomnia. And its a hormonal imbalance caused by too much of our friend... testosterone!!!!. Now the fact that Im 46 and this also sounds like peri-menopause also makes me wonder. God it sucks getting old.

The hardest part of last week was having to let go of someone I care about alot (at least for the time being) and who is one of my best friends. It was making me not feel good about myself for various reasons. Of course my gal Kat was there for me before she headed off on her hog and this guy said it best when he told me to be true to myself. And as long as Im the pole-dancing inspiration for Waffles female WOW druid I can die a happy girl/druid in cyber-freaky land.

Speaking of pole-dancing I find myself intrigued by VH-1's Rock this World with Bret Michaels of Poison and think Bret Michaels is actually kind of hot even though I am so over long haired rock and roll guys. (Heck I used to go for the Pony-tailed deadheads). He actually comes across as a nice guy who can even form complete sentences when he speaks. He doesnt reach the level of skankiness that Tommy Lee (who is skanky gross hot)or Flavor Flav (just gross) does, even if he is a typical horny guy chosing from the pre-requisite dumb blonde hoochies, strippers and wannabe actresses. Anyway.. one of the bimbettes was able to hang upside down from the stripper pole by her crossed ankles and I was impressed. She gets major props for that. Maybe I missed her hands on the pole but Im pretty sure she was hands free. I said to Waffles if I even attempted that stunt I'd land on my head and be in traction for weeks. For some reason Im routing for Crazy Lacey or the older gal Rodeo.

Before this blog turns into a reality TV show re-cap or how my life sometimes imitates and episode of Grey's Anatomy. I'll close with this is IG out.....

PS. Dear Neteller I am waiting patiently on my check since my routing number for my bank account changed. Please mail at our earliest convenience. Thank you XXXOOO IG