Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grey's Anatomy - Plots that make you go HUH?

This is a short post to gripe. I didn't watch the early seasons of Grey's and missed the whole Izzy/Denny love story plot and the subsequent death of Denny.

So WTF is up with this Denny returning from the dead storyline with Izzy. Is Alex destined to be plagued with one nut job woman after another? He just got done with Rebecca. And what is up with Izzy having imaginary sex with a dead hallucination?

I'm just scratching my head.

I'd rather watch the Grey's interns practice cutting and stitching each other up which is at least more plausible. I also have no idea if the doctor with Asberger's syndrome character was a one shot story to make us forget about Erica being written out of the show or if she's to be a recurring character.

On an up note, I am really digging Sandra Oh's Cristina this year and am looking forward to seeing her and Dr McArmy's chemistry. Dr Bailey (Chandra Wilson) never disappoints either, she just always says the right things.

And maybe one day Mer/Der will have a normal adult relationship without a bunch of roommates, strays, half sisters, dead mothers diaries floating around. Too me they always appear to be two ships passing in the night. We need a little more focus on this core duo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Tuesday Night and no ESPN poker

What's a girl to do now that the WSOP tuesday nite broadcasts are over and done with?

I get out of work too late for the high-rollers tournament at my club. SIGH

I could play the Bodonkey. (Maybe Thursday night or maybe next Tuesday night). I no longer jones for online poker.

I could watch 90210.. too late missed it.

Nope, I wrote the recap of my Michael Franti & Spearhead show over on Coventry. So go read it!!!

Music frees the mind and soothes the soul. Just what I need after a stressful day on the phones doing my day job.

Oh, and Snake and I are all tied up thanks to the Dallas win. I received a text message during the game of: I''ll let you get even with boys win!" He had made a bonehead move in the Philly/Giants game the previous week. He circled Giants in his NY Post but emailed me Philly as his pick. If I eek out a one game win at season's end it will be because of that game. But I made a bonehead pick earlier in the season too if I remember correctly.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hey Now

I've been a busy beaver lately.

I had issues with my work phone which sent me into the office for two days. Oh the horror of working in an office. It's loud, it's noisy and it's distracting. But it was nice to see people.

I had two nice scores live on back to back weekends: 3rd and 5th. That made 4 final tables in 4 outings but only two cashes. On the week I limped to the final table and finished 10th, all hell broke loose when a club member was asked to leave for alleged cheating. I didn't see it myself so I'll hold to the old Lou Reed adage of "Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see". I'm taking some of the winnings and using it for a buy-in at TROCK the day after Thanksgiving in their Deep Stack Series.

I was extremely happy with the outcome of the Election.

Snake5970 has a slim one game lead on me in our head to head death match. He took the lead last week for the first time all season. The Thursday nite games are killing me. Since I have to get my weekly picks in before i can study USA today's Friday section and look at the ESPN analysis, I feel hurried to make my pics.

I was rooting for Chino to take down the WSOP, Snake was rooting for Dennis Phillips. Snake came over to my house after spending all day in the woods and bagging his first deer of the season with bow and arrow. We ordered in Barbecue (no venison) and caught up and watched the final table. I of course already knew the outcome having spent most of November 9th following F-Train and Change100's excellent hand for hand coverage over on PokerNews, and the audio on Bluff. I woke up early Tuesday morning to see that Peter Eastgate had won (I couldn't help myself from looking). Snake hated the way Phillips played the Ak vs AQ hand and was disappointed in his overall play. I didn't know what the holdings were on that particular hand until the broadcast but remember reading it while following along on Pokernews (I hadnt pulled up the audio at that point) and agree 100%.

I did try to win a piece of Phillips in the final MDM tourney cashing for some cheese but no piece of him which required a top 100 finish. I had come close in my first MDM attempt trying to win a piece of Chino. From the sounds of it everyone had a piece of Chino!!!

The people who play the NLHE double or nothings on Pokerstars are the biggest nits. I still have not mastered winning a coinflip. And frankly if it becomes impossible to get money on and off online sites I will not shed a tear. I probably will sign up for one of those monthly fee sites like Bluff's for amusement and just play live. I have not played on Full Tilt since Waffles night back in October. I transferred all funds over to Stars and have been playing pretty much exclusively there or live.

I went out with BFF Kim Friday night. Vietnamese food to start and then Michael Franti & Spearhead concert for a girl's night out. Look for a post over on Coventry within the next day or so. Franti rocked the Palace theatre. It was my second time seeing him this year and he doesn't disappoint.

I went thru a ton of X-mas collectibles/ornaments/decorations I've acquired over the years and consigned them. Almost all of my Hallmark ornaments and all my Dept56 North Pole village accessories (I haven't decided to part with my buildings yet but they may go next weekend). I have no where to put the village up that would prevent Bailey from running amok thru it. And its just stuff I don't need. I've culled thru my vintage shiny brites and kept the good ones getting rid of the oddballs. I bought box lots of them on EBay or at garage sales and you get good with bad in a box.

I need the Dallas Cowboy's to win to draw even with Snake5970. He went against his team and picked the Redskins. He called me earlier for an update as he'd been holed up at a friends place since early Friday with no TV, internet or cellphone access. Saturday marked the first day of muzzleloading season so if you are a sportsman in Upstate NY Saturday was a holiday. Snake hunts on properties that are part of a consortium of landowners and hunters. The hunters not only hunt, they also actively monitor the deer population working with NYS DEC. Its sport but its also conservation. I know that sounds like a dichotomy but its true just ask Ted Nugent.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Public Service Announcement-

I received this friendly reminder today:

I wanted to personally Thank You for pledging to vote through HeadCount. Your commitment to participate in the upcoming election is a meaningful first step - now it's time to follow through and VOTE on Election Day.

Together, we have a chance to truly make a difference.

If you have questions regarding your polling place, registration status, or anything else related to the election, please visit or call 866-OUR-VOTE.

Thank You! See you at the polls.

- Bob Weir

HeadCount Mission:
HeadCount is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization dedicated to voter registration
and inspiring participation in democracy through the power of music.

I've exercised my right to vote each and every presidential election since 1980 which was the first year I could vote for president. I was attending the University of Colorado at Boulder at the time.

I'll be voting for CHANGE on Tuesday November 4th 2008.