Wednesday, February 23, 2005

WSOP Qualifier POKER HOST 2/23/05

Didnt feel like working overtime tonight. So I left early to find the salon my hairdresser is now at. Went to wrong one first as there are two right next door to each other. Found Decisions but Colleen wasnt in. Need my hair done soon as my grey roots are peaking thru.. Used to think I would grow old graciously and not stoop to coloring my hair like the old Hippie chick I am. Didnt take long before I said to heck with that and started coloring. Well, actually I started coloring/highlighting it to do something different to the light-medium brown it naturally is at about age 37 or so.

Anyway got home and read my email and signed into Poker Host. They are holding daily WSOP freerolls. Top 25 move on to a tourney each Sunday for a seat in a $125 buy-in tourney. I had qualified about two weeks ago on a friday. Was so excited as I finished 12th of 522. Bad news was I thought the tourney was at 7 PM on Sunday... Knew it was 17:00 hours and I knew it was 5 PM converted but for some reason when I woke up on Sunday I wrote down all my games for the day and put down 7PM for the WSOP tourney. I never double checked myself. Note to self dont do that again.... I was involved in a Poker Analysis league tourney that started at 4 PM. One of the gals (Shyababy) hubby: PAIROFJOKERS had also qualified for the tourney. In fact I took Shya's chips and made good use of them in the qualifer.. Shya was out of the PA game but stuck around to railbird. She asked how I was doing on PH and I said not there till 7 PM. It was then she told me that Jokers was playing the tourney as we chatted and I was mired in Final Table of league game On Poker 333. BIG OOPS. Anyway I managed to Win the tourney on Poker 333 so all was not lost. A little disappointed but I got over it...

So onto another attempt.. Could get nothing going on early. NADA. But I stayed out of trouble thru the early blind levels and doubled up to about 2500 then up to 8k then my AK hit a K and held up with top pair only to bring me up to 16k or so. Made it down to top 50 and figured if i stay out of trouble I could cruise in. I get a pair of 88's and call the bb for about $1600 think about calling an allin by the short stack but get moved in on by chip leader first. Figure if I stay conservative I will be okay and cruise into top 25. Well an 8 comes on river and would have definitely given me all the chips I needed to cruise in. Around and around we go and I am losing my blinds and realizing I have to steal a few blinds to let me coast. Not happening. Too many callers in the pot and I dont think my cards (good suited connecters and JQ K10 and Aces with medium kickers) will hold in a multi way pot but I could land a monster if they did. I play timid and finally go in on AJ only to hit nothing and go out in 35th. 9 spots short of the next round. Oh well.... I am still pleased that I am showing extraordinary patience and playing good hands.

While that was going on I also attempted to win a spot into the Masters Millions next freeroll round on Paradise poker. I lasted all of about 5 hands. 1) because I was doing well on PH and wanted to focus on WSOP 2) because I had QQ and raised nicely only to get called by pocket 8's. Which landed the set. I laid my hand down reading the board correctly. THe dude was called and sure enough I would have been a goner. So I find myself with AJ a few hands later and raise only to get called so I raise back and then we are all in and My AJ either doesnt hit anything or I get outkicked. Cant remember it doesnt matter and I didnt keep track. I still rely on recall for a lot of my hands. Need to invest in Poker tracker or some other software to keep hand histories etc. I do have a near photographic memory but I play so many hands I need to keep them straight. LOL. Try again some other day...

So for tonight Omaha Hi Lo for Freepoker League on JetSet at 8 Pm and NLHE on Noble for Poker Cartel at 9 PM. I final tabled on Noble for the same league last week and cashed in 5th. I played aggressive with my big pockets as I had KK early on and when they all held up, I had built quite a stack. It is kind of hard to play omaha 8B and NLHE at same time but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Oh yeah.. Im in 4th overall for the monthly PA league. Only 25 points out of first which is a final table appearance. Have a chance tomorrow night to unseat the top three. Didnt do it last night. Finished 15th of about 140 and just missed Final table. That matched my third highest score of 24(?) points. I have my three scores in the top 25 for the league final so I am tickled about that.

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