Sunday, April 09, 2006

Vegas Baby!!

Its a done deal, Jaykedog & I are booked at Treasure Island July 9th thru the 13th, which coincides with the Poker Cartel Invasion and Poker101A trip to Vegas. ITH will be out there later in the month and we'll just miss the blogger convention. As of right now I'll probably fly into Chicago (my kind of town!!) and out with Jayke. Ive pretty much decided not to buy-in direct to the Ladies event nor the NLHE event beginning on the 10th. Instead, I will play the Cartel sponsered tourneys and some of the lesser buyin tourneys at various Vegas Casinos. In fact, Sun Honey (Roxy) told me that I should be able to get my live Omaha Hi/Lo jones satisfied for a nominal buyin. I got may hands on a video poker program to learn optimal strategy, Im brushing up on my Blackjack...Hello Andy Bloch can you help a gal out!!!???? and Jayke will teach me to shoot craps. Of course we will have to play variations of our numbers 66 (JD) and 99 (IG). So, Im bearing down now and going into Overtime mode at work. I dont want to take money out of my online accounts to finance this junket so I'll just have to work more overtime. Jayke is going to sock away all his $$$ from giving golf lessons for the cause too.

I failed at attempt #4 for a WSOP seat thus ending my chances to freeroll into an event. Last nights event on Pokertime (prima) saw me suffer the typical Prima bad beats early on then I was literally card dead for the remainder of the tourney. I played no poker all day and didnt play anything else while playing the satellite. I had a 1 in 35 chance to win the spot and finished a run of the mill 16th. I will admit to playing one hand poorly (an aborted flush draw) and the couple of hands I did play well I played well. But all in all I was left with that horrible feeling of a pit in my stomach. I either have it on Prima or I dont. And I swear sometimes the hands are juiced for the bigger stacks or the person who makes the first aggressive move. But like the phoenix that I am I will rise again. Eventually, I am going to win one of those seats. For me its kind of like the Boston Marathon. I could care less if I actually ever play in the event, I just want to be one of the "elites" who has made the qualifying standard. Of course getting extremely lucky would be acceptable too.

So now we are at T3 Months for Vegas and T2 months for the US OPEN PGA event at Winged Foot. Jayke will be attempting to qualify starting in May on pretty much his home course. If he fails to qualify and or misses the cut we have good old Dave Matthews to entertain us. In fact, I have put off getting tickets for DMB because something tells me I may be standing on a golf course in Mamaroneck, NY come Father's Day Weekend this June.

I did finish up the weekend on a high note. I managed to earn a token into the $10k guarantee on Titan (worth $33) on a $2.20 buyin and I finished 5th in the PWH year end finale (first was an entry into the 100k guarantee, I earned some cash). I was chip leader for a good part or the tourney and managed to stay in the top two till we got down to about 8... Then I bobbled from 5th to 1st and all the places in between. Whenever I had a decent hand like AK against the small stack and forced them to decide for all their chips or I called an all in I could not win a coin flip. I swear I only win when I am attacking with the short stack. Ive had some pretty dramatic comebacks in a couple of my last MTT wins that have given me alot of confidence in my short game (and Im not talking Golf babe!!). Ive improved my STT play too and my bluffing is much better. There is just too much in this game to work on. I am an awesome read on folks I have experience with but a new loose cannon who I havent dealt with before often gives me trouble the first couple of times I come across them. I need to see them get caught bluffing and show down hands before I can put them on their hands. I guess my Mantra should be........IF YOU PLAY THEM THEY WILL COME!!! (with their chippies)

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Jeff B. (JBaldwin) said...

Hey there IG! Found your blog while perusing google. Just wanted to drop in and say hi! I hope you'll be able to make our Friday Night League Tourney over at AF. Nice blog, but ya' need to update LOL. Good luck in Vegas, take LOTS OF PICS!!!