Monday, January 19, 2009

Scott Montgomery's WSOP Bust-out Hand

Snake5970 had previously mentioned this hand to me not so much because of the river beat that Montgomery took but because of Dennis Phillips action after the river card came. So last night while flipping between the Steelers/Ravens game, America's Best Dance Crew and watching former GNR drummer Steve Adler show up to Sober House higher then a kite on smack (heroin), Snake rang me up and told me to flip to ESPN as the hand was coming up again soon enough.

I can't remember seeing anyone mention this. Here is a link to Short-Stacked Shamus recap of the hand where he mentions how graceful Montgomery was on exit. His recap of the hand while watching the ESPN broadcast starts on paragraph 5.

Anyhow, Phillips had mentioned he had mucked the 6. So if you look closely after Montgomery stands up to exit the table, Phillips gets up and rifles thru the muck to pull out his cards to prove he really had mucked the 6 as if some kind of validation was needed. As I said to Snake, the lipstick cameras would have validated his action in case no one believed him. But what inquiring minds want to know is, was Phillip's talked to after doing that by the floor?. It is clearly against tournament rules to go rifling thru the muck. As Snake mentioned that would give you an advantage as to what cards players are ditching and everyone would be doing it. There is a short aerial of someone in a white shirt but no suit jacket talking to Phillips away from the table but its unclear if it was one of Phillips entourage or the floor.

I looked over the PokerNews reporting by F-Train and Change100 and saw nothing mentioned in their live blogging details. F-train usually doesn't miss a beat so I'm wondering if he, the lovely Change100, or Pauly remember if anything was said to Phillips.

For all you American Idol fans out there my Coventry, co-contributer, Change100 will be covering Season 8 of AI over on her personal blog Pot Committed. So BFF Kim, bookmark Change's site to get your AI jones fixed. Not only is Change100 a damn good tournament reporter but as a former insider in the entertainment industry she has an excellent perspective as both a fan and some one who's worked in the industry.

Snake and I were discussing that as of yet there has been no WSOP schedule announced. Last year the actual schedule of events was announced in December (the dates had been announced in October). I don't recall even seeing the date range announced. I'm taking a guess that perhaps they are pushing back the WSOP to late July/August as it was in 2006 perhaps? It's obvious that the November 9 experiment was a winner for ESPN but that there needs to be less of a break between the final table being determined and the actual play down to our winner.


Brenda said...

When I watched the final table I noticed Dennis do that as well. I also noticed the dealer trying to stop him. I thought to myself, "he isn't supposed to do that, is he?" Hope he got a talking to.

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

I recall a big ol' thread on 2+2 (in the TV forum) all about Phillips' digging out the six. I think Montgomery might've chimed in on that thread, too. Clearly a faux pas by Phillips to have done so.