Sunday, September 06, 2009

I was Ready for College Football

This half-time report is brought to you by: Alum who remembers when we sucked it hard.

Its beginning to look alot like when I was in College circa Fall 1980 - May 1983 or the Pre-BM years ( that's for Bill McCartney). I know we were beat up by injuries last year, but this is ridiculous. The Defensive line needs to learn how to tackle. The Offensive line needs to give the Quarterback some protection and Cody needs to learn how to stay in the pocket.

We were totally pwned/owned in the first half by the CSU Rams. The most exciting thing other than Ralphie's magnificent run was the 55 yard field goal by the dude who couldn't do anything last year and whose name is escaping me currently. Think its Goodman.

Woot we scored while i was typing this. I'm a little shocked to see Little Hawk back in as QB thought he would get the bench and they would start out the 2nd half with Tyler Hansen.

I decided to stay home and watch football rather then drive or to Lenox and see Max Creek. I'm beginning to question my decision/sanity.

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