Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia

Just back from Gathering of the Vibes. Saw two of the 4 days of music. Went into the trip completely exhausted and bailed early yesterday about 6 PM. I went back to my hotel room and slept for 10 hours. Kim & Connor left after our diner breakfast Saturday morning so I attended Saturday solo. We connected with Mom and Dad of drumlovin, on Friday afternoon as well as Jake (drumlovin) and Jason (basslovin). I caught their awesome set yesterday and marched with a few other McLovin fans with a TOKYO TEA sign getting people over to the Green Vibes Stage. They opened with Dancing in the streets and closed with Men at Work's "Down Under". Sandwiched in between were a bunch of songs from their new CD Good Catch. I caught the first few songs of their set, ran over to catch a few of Max Creeks over on the main stage, then back to McLovins for the end of their set and back to Max Creek for their finale. Why they booked the two bands overlapping is beyond me.

Zach Deputy led it all off Saturday on the main stage with his one man show of funk and blues and knocked me out of my shoes. I was chipper then but midway thru Assembly of Dust I was ready to sit down. I actually took a cat nap under a tree in the shade during Galactic. I wanted to get down to some good Nawlins funk featuring Cyrus Neville on vocals but was too tired. I decided to call it a day, went home showered got some good mexican food and crashed.

Im A ok after the sleep. I was stressed out worrying about a neighbors cat who was shut inside a condo with no air conditioning on some very hot days. Workmen from our property manager had to enter the condo because of a leak and asked me to go in because I am on the board. The downstairs condo had water coming into it from what was feared to be a busted hot water heater. It turned out it was the air conditioning leaking. So the guys turned it off. I knew they had a cat but we found the cat with barely any water and only dog food. The teenage girl who lives their with her mother took off with the two dogs at least a week prior leaving the cat behind. The cat box had not been changed in what looked to be two weeks and the mother was away on vacation. The story gets more involved then that and will be continued after I have a little chat with the mom of the teenager. The kitty itself was in good shape and i had to tell the guys not to call animal control on the tenant. They tagged the door about the unauthorized entry and maintenance emergency and I planned on calling Animal control if no one returned to the condo by Sunday when I got back. My eyes at the condo who was cat sitting for me texted me that people returned Saturday and the board President had a chat with the teen but not the mom.


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Some people don't deserve to have a pet.

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