Friday, January 07, 2011

2011 - IG's Odyssey

During 2010 I posted vary little on this blog. My Irongirl Blog started back in 2005 chronicling my low limit grinding as a poker forum rat playing freerolls and low limit MTT tourneys. I played very little poker in 2010. I think I can count 4 times I played live last year. Last new years day and over 4th of july at the APL, last April during the NAPT over at Mohegan Sun where I ran deep but missed a cash by a few spots in the ladies event. And during October of this year I played a charity tourney for the Mockingbird Foundation which is a Phish related Charity. There were a few years where I played poker every day. I banged out lots of hands, read lots of books, forum threads, poker strategy articles etc. I lived and breathed poker. I played online, joined a league, frequented underground card rooms and although i didnt burn out, poker eventually lost its grip on me.

I had expected to play more poker in 2010 largely because i would be turning the big 50 and would be eligible for seniors events. But a bunch of my favorite bands returned to touring and Furthur, Phish, Max Creek and my new favorite band the McLovins found me attending a ton of concerts and music festivals and my head behind a video camera instead of a pile of poker chips. I also resumed exercising in 2010 and although i didnt run, I did take (and still am taking) a cardio dance/hip hop class 2-3 times a week which saw me lose a few pounds over the year.

I saw Phish 10 times in 2010 in three States, Furthur (former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh) 5 times in two states, the McLovins about 5 times in two states and Max Creek about 5 times in three states and I also saw 7 Walkers and the Rhythm Devils (the other two original surviving grateful dead members offshoot bands). I even tried to go see a Midnight Ramble at Levon Helm's studio but got shut out when My Morning Jacket was announced as opening act.

I started a Facebook page up largely at the urging of my friend Carol who is the Manager of the McLovins and the mom of Jake the drummer. We happen to be co-workers but in different offices. So Facebook was a way for us to keep in touch because we arent supposed to use company email/instant messaging for personal business. Because of Facebook, I rekindled tons of old friendships in 2011 and made a whole bunch of new ones and in this day of social media its easier to keep in touch with people. It was also kind of cool when I got introduced as Irongirl people would know me from my music videos or posts on Coventry Music rather then my online poker handle.

I rang in the new year with Change100, Dr Pauly and Benjo in New York City. Pauly is like a kid brother to me so that makes, Change my sister-in-law. Even though I am closer in age to her parents then she is to me we still have an awesome time together. Shared loves of music, Broadway shows, shopping, cooking etc easily bridges generation gaps. One of my favorite memories will be looking at Change and both of us doing Jazz hands to end certain Phish songs. We were doing the Jazz hands well before we knew Phish would be performing their song MeatStick and turning it into a Broadway show complete with chorus line and dancers. I always get asked why I didn't write about my adventures on Phish tour with Pauly and its largely because I value the private time I get to spend with him and Change so I just keep it off limits. And thats all I will say about that.

Now I just need to get over the mild Wook flu I have which is a hazard of tour and which I think all of us came down with post YEMSG. Im not sure the Wookies started it because some non-Phisheads also got sick with similiar symptoms at the same time.

I reckon and hope, I will play more poker in 2011 then i did in 2010 and i reckon I will see more shows.

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Dr. Pauly said...

See ya this summer for Phish's Festival 9 at Watkins Glen!