Friday, February 17, 2012

Stay Tuned

My Irongirl blog was originally created in 2005 to chronicle by poker hijinx both live and online. Since Black Friday 4/15/11, I haven't been able to play online poker so I haven't had much to write about. I left the meaty reporting on the demise of Full Tilt to my friends employed in the poker industry. Besides, I was and still am having too much fun with Phish and Furthur reuniting and touring once again. Once a hippie always a hippie

I had a health scare in 2011 after just turning 50: Over the course of two colonoscopies I had 14 colon polyps removed and pieces of a nasty rectal one taken out. The later showed the earliest signs of cancer and was surgically excised from my Rectum on Halloween 2011. (My friends can commence back door jokes now). I've been changing my diet working on going organic taking vitamin D and baby aspirin and working on taking off the weight I put on going thru the Change. Baby Steps. For the Record, they got it all and my first 3 month check up showed no signs of recurrence and I have healed nicely. Next month is Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness month so expect some PSA's. Id like to personally thank one of the Wicked Chops Entities if he hadn't kept getting screened firmly planted in my mind I may have put it off well past my 50th birthday (the time your first supposed to get screened) and be looking at a bowel resection or worse.

Since I cant push stacks of poker chips around online I picked up a new hobby: Birding and I also have been volunteering at my local animal shelter. We have a cat annex at our local shopping mall. Sunday mornings I am over there cleaning kitty cages, feeding them and exercising/socializing with them. I even adopted another kitty and he has become great friends with Bailey.

I will be doing a Capital-District Community Garden plot this year using organic gardening practices. I also hope to participate in the next share of the only Community Supported Bakery or CSB in the area: ALL GOOD BAKERS which is an organic farm to table bakery. Ive really been trying to put a lot more thought into food choices as well as recycling, re-purposing, and composting. Remember to Love your Mother Earth.

I plan to either put this blog to bed or on dry dock until we can legally play poker online again. So, I will probably start a all new gardening/birding/life style blog. I use life style very loosely!!

In the meantime, I'm currently fascinated by the TIMES UNION series on a Multi-Level Marketing (MML)/Ponzi scheme of a life-coaching CULT that has its nucleus right in my own community and whose leaders live in my own development and which include the Bronfman Sisters: Clare and Sara. I encourage my local 518'ers to check out the SARATOGA IN DECLINE BLOG which has covered the NXIVM cult for quite some time


gadzooks64 said...

Congratulations! It must feel wonderful to make it through.

So many of us recreational poker players have turn our attentions elsewhere. At lease you are being more productive that most of us.

SirFWALGMan said...

It's good to see you back (get it back.. butt.. you can always count on me IG!).. Glad everything seems to have gone well!! Sounds like you have some nice new hobbies! Take care!

APOSEC72 said...

Glad that you are doing better and that it was caught early - and that you're putting the time to something that's fun and productive and shit.

Hopefully you can still find time for some live play, of course.

Good luck!