Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Week #4 NFL Pool- By the Fabulous Sports Babe

This has absolutely nothing to do with poker but I'm a well rounded gal!!

Year #2 of playing in Rob's football league (my old deadhead beau, who is married and residing in Ventura, California with lovely wife Toni and their gorgeous little gal Lauren who just turned two), Last year I was leading the pool until I choked and had a horrible week in week 16. But I did win one week and covered my pool fee for the year!!

Anyway, I got off to a 50/50 start thru week #3. Rob emailed me to chastise me for my bad showing to date. Last year I was the only gal this year I was joined by one other and both us gals were in fact stinking up the league. But as Rob pointed out, I was still ahead of him..

Week 4... I am 11-2 heading into the Monday night game I am tied with two others with Carolina to win and 36 points. The other two dudes had 38. One dude had GB but I knew Carolina would win. Needless to say i lost on points. Oh the sheer horror.... especially since I originally picked San Diego over New England and then changed it. Football is like poker.... Go with your first gut instincts.

Hopefully this will turn the season around for me!!

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