Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blogger Championship 10/23/05

Well I wanted swag and I wound up going out in 129th place out of 1473 entrants. Top 99 got prizes. So all in all I did pretty good. I may have played a little too tight. But I also had a 7 card stud tourney going on and the CDPT weekly winners tourney overlapping. When will I learn.. I got bluffed off one big hand that I would have won (GRRRRR, I had better nothing then he did).. and early on while multi tabling I folded a big pot when I had a made flush on the river.. The Ace was on the board and I had a Jack.. Not sure if he had the k or Q or any spades but he bet big with a bigger stack and I laid it down not realizing I even had the flush.

I outlasted PAers.. Mackie, Jdawg, Salvarus and Tilter who was a no show.. All the guys talk of winning the Dell LCD monitor etc was for naught.

I also outlasted resident Pstars pro Will Weaton, Micon of the Neverwin forum, Felicia Lee (famous blogger), Gary Carson (poker author and rec gambling poster ala extraordinaire), Blackstone of Texas Holdem Forums/Freeroll Forums.. Sharky of Sharky Army tour (who I did launch from one of his tourneys.. MUHAHAHAHA!!), MissT74. Will wait to see if Tilter notices anyone else I may have missed.

Hope pokerstars does it again next year. I expect I will continue to improve.

And in other news since the buyin league started on PA in July I am third on the all time money list. Not bad at all.

***Edited 11/25/05--Felicia was a sit-out for the entire blogger championship (see her comment on my blog) . Her hubby entered her into the tourney and they were out of town on a cruise at the time. Hope she had a great time (I certainly did on the two cruises I've been on). She's had one hell of a year and certainly deserved it. As I add more to the blog I hope to add links to the great ones (subjective of course) and hers certainly is going to be on my list of favorite links.


PokerGirl said...

Great site! Keep up the good work! :)

~ Rebecca
Texas Holdem Poker Software

Felicia :) said...

I wasn't even there. I was on a cruise. Glenn signed up by accident, forgetting the date.

Good job, though ;)