Sunday, November 20, 2005

How you can never get out of Walmart for less then $100

Once again this is not poker related just rambling musings from every day life.

My condo is right around the corner from a Walmart Supercenter. The original concept frightened the heck out of me. Why on earth would I buy food at the same place I can buy tires, DVDs, potting soil, and other assorted household items? Costco (my ultimate favorite store but there is not one near me), Sams Club and Bj's is one thing but the idea of the supercenter filled me with horror. I think the Italian in my tells me to go to the fishmonger for Fish, the butcher for Meat and the Bakery for my bread... You just dont buy food in the same place as other nonperishable items.

But Walmart has a lure.. 10% off magazines and I will admit to being a magazine-a-holic...Bluff, All in, Cardplayer, Bon Appetit, Fine cooking, Lucky, Cottage Living, Domino, SHOP (my favorite form of cardio is shopping) Instyle, Cooks Illustrated, Money, Celebrity Living (not proud to admit that but heck Im honest) and lets not forget Running Times and Inside Triathlon fill my magazine rack monthly. Budget DVD's that I must buy but have no time to watch, and just good old junk. Im a bit of a snoot about labels so Im not a Discount Department store clothes shopper except for the occasional t-shirt.

The ghost of Sam Walton routinely haunts me and into the store I must go..

A recent trip led me there for Halloween Candy and Cat Food for Bailey plus an Insulated Lunch Bag.. What did I march out with.....??? Everything I didnt need and then some:

2 pair of Halloween socks at $1.96 each

2 T-shirts at $7.93 each-one says TRIX IS FOR KIDS with the silly Wabbit, and the other is the Lucky Charm Leprechaun which says LUCKY!! Figure good shirt for poker. Goes with the Some Girls are born Lucky Tshirt I have. I should amend that to say, Some girls are born Lucky just not on the River!!

3. A glass Libby Pumpkin shaped Candy Jar $4.47... Good for my Lindt Chocolate Truffles this time of the year.

4. Two DVD's at $9.44 each- Big Fish and Somethings Gotta Give (gotta add to my Keanu collection- as a side note my crush on Keanu has been surpassed by the one on Phil Gorden)

5. 4 half pound Hot Pockets at $1.25 each.. Loaded with fat and calories all the things one doesnt need but good in a pinch when you are glued to the computer and only have time for the mad dash to the microwave. I hope to God my mother doesnt read this.

6. Two bags of Halloween Candy- Nestle Bar Bag Mix at $8.44/A Kiddie Bag mix at $3.50 with Dubble Bubble, Jawbreaker, Now and Laters, Sweet Tarts for my inner child and trick or treaters.

7. A bag of Meow Mix Kibble For Bailey (aka Le Plume, Baboo, Mr Meowgi- Resident Maine Coon Cat extraordinaire) for $3.22

8. The Insulated Lunch Bag (no I didnt Forget it!!) $4.84 and two blue ice Rubbermaid things to freeze to keep lunch cold at .97 cents each!!

9. 6 pack of diet caffiene free pepsii $2.98 plus NYS bottle Deposit of .30 cents!!

10. The magazines: real simple, $4.05, Cuisine at Home $4.49, Fine Cooking $6.26, Family Circle (halloween issue) $1.79.

11. Egg Rolls!?! WTF $2.50

12. A Garlic Chicken Frozen dinner $4.78

13. Another item for .97c that I cant figure out what it is

Total Visit to Walmart $103.34

And I didnt even buy Halloween decorations for the cupcakes I didnt have time to bake!! After that it was time to hit the tables.

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