Monday, March 31, 2008

You can Start your day over at any time.

I try to remember that whenever I'm having a bad day. IG's two months of LifeTilt and curve balls are hopefully in the past.

Dad is out of the hospital with 6 units of someone elses Type O blood in him. His hemoglobin count was down to a 4. The Tech who took the reading said: "Is this man still conscious?" He was and is. He was severely anemic from internal bleeding which was found to have stopped on its own when they did upper and lower GI's.. He's now on Prilosec for Life. Best guess is a bleeding ulcer from the untreated Acid Reflux. I got him home Friday the 28th, did errands with him, and got covered in mud for the umpteenth time by his poodles Skye and Scout who think I am the greatest thing (they are young and rambunctious and cute as hell). Then I high-tailed it up to Fort Edward for the top tenners tourney for APL.

That was a clusterfuck and I finished 7th for $117 and that's all I'll say about that now. Look for an upcoming post on why poker shouldn't be played in a league format. I wont be returning next year for reasons Ill go into in said forthcoming post. I was so irritated most of the season that I bypassed the TOC Friday night with its guaranteed payout and got my hair done.... Apparently a few of my league- mates were dumbfounded when I passed up guaranteed money and were quite surprised when Ray told them..."She's had enough". Hell 10th thru 14th places paid $27. I figured it wasn't worth my time, aggravation or gas money to drive 40 miles up and 40 miles back for a top purse of $200. Instead I played online and cashed in a tourney on stars.. Much to my surprise they paid me the money anyway.

I did the Ladies Bracelet Race on Full Tilt which appears to be a weekly tourney at 5PM on Saturday afternoons and missed the final table jamming AQ into AA in the BB. Thats okay the person who took me out went on to win. Full Tilt continues to bitch slap me time and time again. I'm a donator there either going deep and running a good hand into a better hand or getting coolered. No Lucky breaks but I'm not whining.... I'm refusing to let it tilt me as Ive really been working on my positive mental attitude when it comes to the beats. Pokerstars on the other hand and I have a mutual understanding. I haven't had that big cash yet but Ive been playing well there in my SNGS and my tourneys. Friday nite I was 32nd out of 520 in a short handed PL08 Tourney and Thursday I was 4th in a 45 person MTT SNG. Building the bankroll $10-$20 bucks at a time.

Ive come to the realization that there are going to be SNGS where you cant hit a flop and you are just going to go busto early no matter how good at ICM play you are. I am no expert at it but I'm getting better. Now to overcome my midstage MTT inability to acquire chips.

Ive been playing around with PockerTracker 3 which is in beta mode and costs nothing. Its actually really cool and I can see how valuable this really is. I'm just getting my feet wet but am going to give some feedback on the forum they created. One thing i didn't like was I played an 18 person sng and it imported my table in but it only listed 9 entrants and you couldnt override the number of entrants. I assumed that as players busted from the other table and got moved to your table or you got moved to another table it would change the number of players based on the hand histories it was importing.. The same thing happened in the bracelet race. It listed the entrants at like 33 or so and their were over 50. Yet it pulled in hand histories of a tourney I was only observing on FTP when I had two tables up watching some blogger hijinks...

Anyway all for now... Its time for IG to hit one of those curve balls out of the park.


BWoP said...

I'm glad to hear that your Dad is home from the hospital. Stressful time for you, I'm sure.

Kick some butt. Win a BI to the Ladies Event.

I'll be living in Vegas for the summer. We'll hang then, if not before.

BamBam said...

I hope everything is ok for your Dad. Glad to hear he's at home.


Dr. Pauly said...

Glad to hear IronDad is home.