Monday, October 20, 2008

Football week 7 and weekly recap.

I had a busy last few days. Mama IG had foot surgery to repair the toe next to her big toe last Wednesday and I had to take her to her post-op appt on Friday. She then took me out for a belated birthday lunch. I of course had to drive as her foot is in an elevated boot for two weeks until she can downsize to a flat foot thing. So I of course had friday off and ran first thing in the AM making it twenty minutes.

Thursday nite I got out of jail free; I mean work early as I had a dentist appt at 4:30 PM. there is no way I am coming home and working for an hour or two till 7PM when I'm off on friday. I am starting the weekend early and that means Starbucks trip. I had wanted to go play live poker but my mom requested I stay on stand by in case something happened and she needed me to respond asap. As it was she had a friend come over to keep her company for the evening. I watched my tv shows of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. I hadnt slept well the nite before and was tired so I'm glad I stayed home.

Jumping to Saturday, I ran in the AM again. I am up to twenty minutes and running 1.7 miles+ I'm definitely not down to ten minute miles yet but i added a long uphill into a new loop and i know im already covering more ground only a week into my "training regimen". I did errands in the late morning and prepared to head out to play the little "big' game. I call it the little big game because the buy-in was dropped a bit to $125 from its prior $140 to bring in more people at a new venue from where it previously was held. Poker report to follow.

Sunday I took mama IG to the Glenville Queen Diner where I had Eggs benedict and home fries my favorite. We then went down to Barnes and Noble and killed some time. My mom is not a football fan and she wanted to get some fresh air so I obliged. I also then brought in her hoses and dumped the dead plants and brought pots and plants in for her. When I arrived back home I went for some R& R which meant watching football, baseball and the Amazing race.

So IG's picks for the week were :

>> BUF>> CAR>> CHI>> PIT TEN>> MIA>> NYG>> DAL>> HOU>> IND NYJ WAS>> TB>>>> Monday game>>>> DEN POINTS - 45>>

Heading into the week the Snake vs IG challenge looked like this:
(IG) 56-32 (Snake) 54-34

Still holding my two game advantage.

Since its Monday I can announce early results . We we picked 4 games differently this week. Three of the games were early on Sunday. I swept Snake 3-0. We have picked tonights game differently. Me=Denver, he= NE. Can I run my lead out to 6 games?. Here's hoping so. I received a congratulatory text from Snake yesterday on my picks. I'm pretty sure he came right home from hunting and checked to see the standings. I did not rub it in when we spoke briefly post text message. He told me was in rough shape after two days of hunting and he could barely move. I jokingly told him he needs to get in shape and come running with me (not really possible since he has a steel rod in his upper back). He may run around in the woods a bit while hunting, but sitting in a tree stand waiting for a deer/turkey etc. to come by isn't exercise. I've already dropped 5 lbs from a diet change and from exercising (yeah i know its water weight).

I'm going to keep poker out of this post and reserve it for another one as there is too much to say.


BWoP said...

Keep up the training regimen!

I need to get me onto one of those things.

pokerpeaker said...

Keep up the running IG! Does me doing a half motivate you?

Flawless said...

Is it really need to keep poker away? You can add with your 'another' one. Awaiting your future updates.

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