Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grey's Anatomy - Plots that make you go HUH?

This is a short post to gripe. I didn't watch the early seasons of Grey's and missed the whole Izzy/Denny love story plot and the subsequent death of Denny.

So WTF is up with this Denny returning from the dead storyline with Izzy. Is Alex destined to be plagued with one nut job woman after another? He just got done with Rebecca. And what is up with Izzy having imaginary sex with a dead hallucination?

I'm just scratching my head.

I'd rather watch the Grey's interns practice cutting and stitching each other up which is at least more plausible. I also have no idea if the doctor with Asberger's syndrome character was a one shot story to make us forget about Erica being written out of the show or if she's to be a recurring character.

On an up note, I am really digging Sandra Oh's Cristina this year and am looking forward to seeing her and Dr McArmy's chemistry. Dr Bailey (Chandra Wilson) never disappoints either, she just always says the right things.

And maybe one day Mer/Der will have a normal adult relationship without a bunch of roommates, strays, half sisters, dead mothers diaries floating around. Too me they always appear to be two ships passing in the night. We need a little more focus on this core duo.

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BWoP said...

I keep scratching my head at that show. Used to love it. Now I just watch with a more passive interest.