Sunday, March 08, 2009

Whats Been A Going On

Friday, I had originally scheduled the day off and was planning to head to Turning Stone for the $350 buy-in that is part of the March Madness Series at TROCK. I had plans to catch up with this girl and this guy, but LJ emailed me to tell me they were going to pass on TROCK as there was a family function on Lucko's side of the dynamic duo. Then overtime at work fell into my lap and I cancelled my day off and worked a long Friday and also Saturday morning.

I had cabin fever and live poker jones so I headed out to Shane's new digs Friday night. I hadn't played live since New Year's Eve. Not sure if there were 63 or 72 runners but I made it down to the final three tables busting somewhere between 23-26th or so with 10 paying. I could get nothing go on, I played neither good nor bad. I made the right decisions, stayed out of trouble got away from some hands I knew I was beat on and realized I was really tired too boot. My first table featured me and "Soul-patch" Mike to my immediate right after the donkey sitting between us donked out. I would say we were the two of the three best players at the table, the other being Pops, Shane's dad. The table was weak passive, with lots of limping which doesn't help me. I need the young aggro guys who build the pots and three bet. Shane's game tends to draw an older crowd. I'm bumping up against the half century mark and am on the young side. Some of these players may have played for years but a lot of folks aren't students of the game. I would characterize them as: recreational, out to have a good time, and I have no idea what pot odds are, or how to size my bet, players. The young aggro guys that like to mix it up and know what a three-bet is tend to stay on this side of the river and play Albany.

I bit the bullet and signed up for twitter. Actually more fascinating then a blog. I know that Kat is knitting and reading today and Otis was working and cleaning. Actually Otis has been really busy blogging today over on the PokerStars blog about the NBC heads-up Championship. Kat, did you ever read/finish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?

I was reading Shane Schleger's blog and a commenter called Shane a hippie for some time Shane spent in Burlington, VT. Shane commented back that only made him half a hippie. I spent two years in Burlington at UVM, before moving on to CU Boulder. I considered applying to Law/Business School at Cal-Berkeley so I guess that makes me a full on card carrying Hippie. I even broke out the Birkies (with socks) when the weather hit above 38 degrees the other day. Anyway, back to Shane he is one of the bloggers whom i most enjoy reading, just wish he wrote more often.

24 is kicking ass this season. Top Chef finished up with Hosea winning over Stefan and Carla. I watched the first episode of Celebrity apprentice. Annie Duke was dead on but her bossy way is as annoying as hell. Snake who has seen her in action at the tables said, "Now the whole world will get to see what a bitch she is". In my opinion, Joan Rivers, should be able to win this thing. My god, she sells jewelry on HSN or QVC for goodness sakes. I thought Monster Garage's Jesse James (married to Sandra Bullock) and Tom Green represented the men well. Jesse is my pick for the male to go the furthest. Brande Roderick showed shes more then just a playmate. Natalie Gulbis had a blonde moment. I think of her as golf's Anna Kornikova. Dennis Rodman, should have gone before the DiceMan but maybe the fact that Andrew kept calling Mr Trump, "Donny" didnt help his case.

Coventry has kick-ass PHISH reunion coverage thanks to Dr Pauly, Change100 and the Joker. I start my concert season next weekend with the MaxCreek show at Troy Revolution Hall. Pauly's Phish tweets inspired me to get signed up so I can report from the floor of the Times Union Center. I actually have no idea where my seats are for The Dead, as I haven't received them yet, but mail-order was successful.


Katitude said...

Have bought it but have to finish "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" by Murakami first. I'm saving it for a few slow March Break days :-)

TY for the recommendation!

lightning36 said...

Natalie Gulbis won the 2007 Evian Masters, so at least she has won something in her life. As for Big Slick, ...

lj said...

would have been awesome to see you.

agree on 24.

i don't watch celebrity apprentice but i was talking to my mom earlier and said the exact same things. the poker playing woman is very bossy, and joan rivers is surprisingly smart and capable.