Saturday, March 07, 2009

Layne Flack Busted

According to PokerNews, Layne was busted on his way home from the bracket drawing party for the NBC Heads-Up Championship Thursday night held at Pure nightclub and did not show up for his scheduled first round match. He was charged with driving 21 mph over the speed limit, driving under the influence and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Sometimes good things happening in addicts lives set off the chain reaction for a relapse. You could almost see it play out before our eyes. Layne gives interview about how he's clean and got his act together with the help/intervention of fellow poker players, including Daniel Negreanu who supposedly paid for Layne's rehab. Layne wins bracelet during 2008 WSOP, Layne shows up during the WSOP Horse final table and makes an ass of himself, earning the scorn of Erick Lindgren. This week, Layne shows up acting drunk and stupid in a video PokerlistingsTV captures and Wicked Chops Poker dedicates a post to:

Fun with Flack from PokerListings TV

Message to Layne: Forget about being a prospective suitor on VH1's Megan wants A Millionaire. Instead get in line for Dr Drew Pinsky's Celebrity Rehab.

Layne issued this statement:

"I attended the Draw Party at Pure on (Thursday) night and then met with my brother, who had flown into Vegas for Heads Up. I was under the impression that I was to play in the last bracket the next evening at around 8 pm. I was pulled over for speeding and refused a breathalyzer test as I have been instructed to do. I have no idea why I was written a ticket for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. There were no emergency vehicles around, besides the police car. A test, given by the Las Vegas PD, later revealed that I had a blood alcohol content of zero. I also took a blood test, as I have nothing to hide. I was held for the mandatory 6 hours and released. I always go out of my way to not drink and drive. I regret that I was not able to play in NBC Heads Up and hope to be invited next year to play in this prestigious event.”

To steal part of a line from one of my favorite movies, Animal House:

Drunk and Stupid is no way to go thru life, Son!!!!


al said...

Flack denies having consumed any alcohol. Fine...But ingesting any subtance that impairs a persons ability to operate a motor vehicle is considered DUI (i.e.: prescription meds, illegal narcotics). DUI is not limited to alcohol consumption.

Paulette said...
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Paulette said...

Wow. What a LOSER! I believe that he didn't have any alcohol, I was his girlfriend for over 6 years, he prefers METH (to life & everyone in it) so sad. I am very happy to just be watching as opposed to living this fucking nightmare.