Saturday, November 21, 2009

On Deck- Phish Albany

I was seriously thinking of going out to Syracuse for tomorrow night's show but Thanksgiving week time off from work was pretty much unavailable since I didn't put in for any in advance, so I'm hanging tight for two nights of Phish at the Times Union Center on Black Friday and Saturday. I went to work the day after the SPAC show and was exhausted. Dancing for three hours is tiring. I have been taking a Body Jam class to prepare myself for a busy series of concerts and my return to running.

First up your Phish Pforecast: We've had a pretty mild November this far and Turkey Day Weekend should be no exception. Right now 45 on Friday with chance of showers so bring your Wellies and Saturday a little cooler at 41. I'll probably cross post something over on Coventry as show time approaches. Give you peeps and tweeps some places to eat etc. Just an early PSA. Plan ahead and leave early. Exit 23 of the Thruway to 787 may not be too bad that is the exit you take to the Times Union Center. But traffic around town will be crawling as it is Black Friday and Saturday. Leave early. Exit 24 of the Thruway which is where the Thruway/Northway/ and 90 converge will be a clusterfuck.

Dr Pauly will be taking in the shows with me so Coventry Music will be well represented. He'll be kicking it old school style with his "big sis". BFF Kim and her son (nephew Zack) will also be attending for at least one night. And I believe a whole host of the Phish Twibe members will be here. I'm bummed I'm going to miss the NYC shows which Pauly and Nicky will be going to the following week. She's not flying east until after the holiday so I miss my chance to catch up with her. Again time off from work is the issue. I'm trying to save 40 hours till 2010 so I have like almost 7 weeks off.

I won two nights at the Rio Las Vegas in a twitter promotion and have to use them up before 3/31/10. Cant hold on to them for the WSOP time but im thinking Venetian Deep Stack in February or March Madness time if its not blacked out. Think that would be fun to see kickoff weekend in a sports book in Vegas.


BWoP said...

Hooray for Vegas!

VDS and MM are both great times to be in town.

lj said...

grats on the win. anytime you end up going will be fun. :)

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