Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday Overload

I am trying to do/watch too many things at the same time.

NYC Marathon: I caught most of it on line at Universal Sports but missed the finishes of the races. Had to run out and hand off my moms goodies I got for her at Trader Joe's and Costco. Plan on catching the NBC highlight broadcast in a few minutes.

NFL Football a full day of games ahead.

NASCAR at Talledaga - Granted I don't follow Nascar as much as I used to since my driver Rusty Wallace headed to the broadcaster's booth but I still like to catch snippets here and there.

Festival 8 - Third and final day of Phish's Halloween run of shows from Indio, CA. Most of my colleagues from Coventry Music are in attendance. I've been listening to as much as I can on Sirius Satellite Internet Radio. Got a free 7 day trial and I must admit I'm liking it. Love the Jam-On station. Currently gigging down to a live Widespread Panic (WSP) performance on which Oteil Burbridge of The Allman Brothers is guesting. I've had my face melt a few times over the last two nights. Can't wait for the Albany Phish shows Black Friday and Saturday!!

Amazing Race- Gotta see how Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho capitalize on their second place finish after last weeks leg. The Amazing Racers head to the Netherlands tonight.

World Series- Granted I'm not much of a baseball fan but I am interested in this East Coast rivalry: Cheese Steaks vs NYC Style Pizza.

Poker - Once again attempts to get out and play live are a fail. I may join in the FTOPS warm-up at 3:05 PM to see how long I can last.

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