Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Battle of the Bloggers- BBT5: Its back !!!

Big thanks to AlCantHang for pulling this off again with a reasonable 6 week schedule. I'll be playing the Mookie tonight in hopes of earning a seat to the Tournament of Champions. Should i actually win a seat i wont be able to play the Main Event this year as i gave up my main event time off to go to numerous Phish and FURTHUR concerts over four 3-4 day weekends in June and July. I will postpone the trip to 2011 or use the money for buy-ins for some other land based events. Come this October 13th i hit the big 50 and am eligible for the seniors circuit!!

I've been playing well and finishing either on the bubble or near the bubble the few times Ive played recently so that means I'm due for a score soon!!

tonight!!! Right after the American Idol results show!! (I know you are all secretly watching it!!)