Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here's What I'm Up too

I took the afternoon off from work to play the PLO8 Scoop low buy-in starting at 5PM EST on Pokerstars. I have a freebie ticket from the Pokerstars blogger series. I used the other one I had the other night. I was down 5k chips before the first hour. Since it was a free roll for me I played laggy and basically swung and missed. By hour three I had 1/3 of the average stack but being the grinder I am I got back to even only to have my KK cracked by 65s almost 4 hours in. Dude with a slightly bigger stack called my 3x open raise in position and hit the flop hard two pairing. I only swore briefly at him because I had open raised the previous hand and had been doing so quite a bit.

Tomorrow I will be going to see the McLovins and Max Creek down at Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock with BFF Kim. Think we are going to have some Middle Eastern inspired food at a long time favorite restaurant of mine called Joshua's. Last time McLovins opened for Max Creek I missed them as I was trying to talk Kim out of getting lost in South Troy. I will shoot some video with the Flip but may spend more time dancing.

I am contemplating running the Freihofers Run for Women the first weekend in June. I have been walking and doing my 1 hour dance class and can make it thru 60 minutes of jumping, twisting, hip hopping. Not sure if my Achilles will groan or not though.

I have also committed to a 16 week fitness/healthy eating challenge that my employer is hosting starting Sunday. My goal is too lose the tummy I acquired going thru menopause. If I am successful i hope to be back to my 40 year old running weight by the time I turn 50 in October.

I'm hooked on Glee. I love love love the show and will confess I didn't watch it last year. Literally the first half hour is over before you know it and you are wishing it would keep going. Its campy and over the top but it also addresses some issues that are relevant for the teens in the Story lines.

My two favorite American Idol contestants have made the top three. Both Crystal and Lee are in along with Casey who I like too but think Lee is the better of the two guys left. Lee often reminds me of Dave Matthews and even a little John Mayer with a little more of a hard rocker edge going on in his voice.

Sadly 24 is coming to end. I have read so many spy stories/thrillers that I knew Jack was going to gut the Russian to get the Sim card the Ruskie baddie had swallowed. God Im going to miss Jack and my Bauer hour. Here is hoping for a movie series. Oh, and Kiefer keep your shit together Bro


gadzooks64 said...

Haha! You are so channeling me right now or vice versa!

I'm playing the plo8 today; I recently got addicted to Glee - I friggin love the show; and I think menopause is kicking my ever growing butt. Sigh.

You going to be in Vegas in June? I could totally use someone to commiserate with.

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