Monday, June 21, 2010

Staycation All I Ever Wanted

I was at two Phish concerts over the weekend with Tao of Poker/Coventry Music's Dr. Pauly . Therefore, I didn't update or change any of my fantasy horses and let them ride for the weekend tourneys. Not a smart move but i wanted to go off the grid and chill for a few days with my "lil bro" who took a short trip back east to catch the shows with me and escape the madness that is the WSOP. I filled him up with NYC comfort food like: black and white cookies, and a chocolate Russian coffee cake plus cupcakes from Coccadots. We hit up PJ's BBQ and a Poster Art show that Pete "PhanArt" Mason held up in Glens Falls. Somehow we never made it to the potato knishes.

Full Tilt has had some minor issues with the fantasy game this year and on one such day I couldn't change my picks for the 8PM tourney. I've pretty much written off having a good finish in this thing. I haven't been able to play most of the freerolls I've qualified for either. But I have won another hat, which I wont receive as I never got the two from last year. P.S. Full tilt I have one so really don't need it.

However, I did catch my 4th and 5th Phish shows and I took some video's which are uploaded to You Tube under my Irongirl99 user name. I've also crossed posted one so far to Coventry Music Blog.

And short of only checking a few emails over the weekend from family and Snake5970, I was successful in going off the grid. I avoided Facebook, twitter, PokerNews and any other blogs I gravitate to every day. I bought my Sunday papers but haven't read them yet and the TV was only turned on to the Yankees/Mets game and the World Cup.

I had a great time this weekend met some cool people like TWOL's: Mountain Laura, Steve aka Unolker and Emile, aka Soozy Greenburg, plus two kewl young Southern Hippies: Chase and Tony who we were seated with for the Saturday night show. Now on to Furthur in Brooklyn next weekend.

For those readers too young to remember the title of this post is a play on the song Vacation by the GoGo's.

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