Friday, June 04, 2010

Ultimate Bet Super User Cheating Scandal Redux

Amazing how many people land on this page looking for info on the Ultimate Bet Super-User Cheating Scandal. For those interested in what has been going on with both UB and AP (Absolute Poker), I encourage you to read backwards through Haley's Poker Blog. Haley is a former PokerNews editor and she has been doing a series titled Just Conjecturin': The most recent Posts include:

Volume 17: Fakes a-Plenty Among the KGC 31

Volume 17: The Real Story of the UltimateBet Refunds

Volume 16: The Curious Case of 'brainwashdodo'

Volume 15: The Graycat File

Volume 14: More Snared Images from Absolute

In addition, the Entities 3 of Wicked Chops Poker have a list of some of the confirmed names given to them by Joe Sebok. They are doing due diligence currently and will be releasing more info shortly for now click here to see who is not on the list.