Sunday, January 28, 2007

WPBT 2007 Event #1

Ive bitten the bullet and decided to use one of my $24 tokens for the first event which is deep stacked NLHE. I had two tokens in the hole and earned another today to replenish the one I'm using tonite. Its only an $8.80 investment to play against some mighty fine bloggers/poker players and to see where I'm at. I feel I'm capable of holding my own, having cashed in the Last Mookie I played and I have several cashes in the WWDN.

I finished #2 in two tourneys yesterday. Coupled with the token I earned today Im playing well.

The cards are in the air. It shuffle up and deal time.

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ASHMC2 said...

IG I think the problem is either the word verification feature or having to have a google/blogger account.

I am going to take the word verification off my blog and see. I can always add it back if I get spam coming in by the truck loads.

Later IG