Friday, February 02, 2007

Sometimes the Cards Aint worth a Dime......

--If you dont lay them down....... The Grateful Dead

Last Saturday I finished as the bridesmaid in two tourneys. Count them two tourneys. What really peeved me off is I went into heads-up ahead in one of them and only a slight dog in the other. I played pretty dang well all day. I then went out suffering typical beats for me. Why do my two pair on the flop always run into a set in heads-up.

So I played the WPBT and went out a run of the mill 24th, but I did earn POY points whereas some very good players didnt. I did knock out Hoyazo when he was crippled. He went over the top and all-in on my open raise with AK and I called holding pocket tens. The tens held and Hoy went home. I had a lucky break when my two pair boated up on the river. For most of the tourney I was near to or up in the top ten, so I feel like I didnt live up to the way I had been playing.

Wednesday nite I played the PA bonus game for those of us in the top 50 of points standing. I managed to final table and finish 9th. Against the chip leader at the final table I either limp or raise the BB from the SB with 6T.... flop comes 6T5.. I check trying to trap. MatrixRunner fires so I push... Once again..two pair into a set of 55's. I was chatting to Snake on the phone and he was like WOW.

That wouldnt have been so bad except I had finished 2nd in a turbo $6.60 sent tourney on FTP. Once again I raise with 7T as the chip leader from the button. Hit the ten for top pair. Check by the BB.. Pot size bet. Call.. I river two pair but his K8os hits runner runner for the str8. UGH again...

Last nite I played like such an impatient donkey I wanted to take a few days off. Plus Im completely stressed out by the Neteller situation now.

So for all you who are registered with your political party and donate... Next time they call you up for money for the next campaign. Tell them what Im gonna tell them. NO!! Im not giving you a freaking dime until you change your position on online gambling, ewallets etc. And Im voting Liberterian. Check out for some recent articles on the Neteller fiasco.

Oh Im finally working from home as of today. Although I couldnt wait to go I was a little apprehensive about it going smoothly. A few minor glitches on the set-up of the router and cable modem but other then that I only lost one call I tried to transfer. OOPS.

Im heading up to Ft Edward to watch the TOC and rail Snake and hopefully have a SNG start for those of us who show up and want to play a tourney. I hate the cash games there as its cappped negating any aggression I have since everyone calls you down when the betting is capped at $3. Never seen so many people chase straight flush draws in my entire life.

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