Friday, October 19, 2007

Absolute Poker Update and WCOOP fallout

First the WCOOP main event fallout on Pokerstars. TheVOid account has been banned by Pokerstars and TheV0id will not receive their winnings and all finishers were bumped up a spot. That makes Ka$ino the winner and Vanessa Rousso the runner-up. Pokerstars didnt release details just that TheVoid account failed to follow the Pokerstars terms and conditions. (Can you say multi-accounting). Kudos to Pokerstars for fast resolution of this matter.

Apparently Mark Seif, a former attorney and one of the Absolute Poker resident pros (with an alleged ownership interest in AP) has come forth requesting that an inquiry be done. Latest info on Pocket5's is that AP will be issuing a statement addressing the "superuser" account/cheating previously denied

Which got me to thinking. If poker is to ever gain credibility in the mainstream and be "legit", I forsee a day when online poker will really be a semi-live game. We will all have to take our seats at a virtual table via Webcams and some kind of face recognition to username will take place that verifies we are who we say we are.

FarFetched? Perhaps but technology has come a long way.

Toodles for now. Off to prepare to get ready to play live. I'll have a longer update of my Friday off later this weekend. My withdrawal still hasnt hit my epassporte account but it can take up to 48 hours and we havent reached 24 yet.

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MarkGreb said...

Baahhh WebCams.

I don't really want to see the unwashed masses or to see people mouthing profanities when i suck out on them.