Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weekly Bo-Donkey and Bluff Poker League

Round 4 of the Bo-donkey for IG. I bubbled in 4th but managed to take home T$109 dollars basically earning a buy-in to the 100k guarantee. Not bad for a couple hours work. I now have a T$401 and over $100 cash so I'm in good shape on the Dog. Bodog has been extremely generous to us Bloggers with the added T$ and Smokkee has been the host with the most.

Bodog gets props/kudos for correcting an error with the Tuesday nite tourney on the fly. They set it up with hour long levels and a break every ten minutes. With the deep stack structure we would have been there all nite. Fine for the semi-retired folks like
MiamiDon and the West coasters. But bad for us East coasters. Smokkee got support on the phone and support cancelled the tourney and set a new one up to start at 9:20 EST. Not many sites other then perhaps Pokerstars are responsive like that.

So in four outings in the Bodonkey I have 1 in the money 3rd/two fourths (earning my t$11 back in one and t$109 in the other plus my t$11 back) and one semi-early exit. Ive been using my tourney dollars to buyin to the blogger tourneys which I earned from the Rounders Radio WSOP Main Event seat that was divided up back in June.

Some of you folks may be familiar with the Bluff Poker Tour. I played a bunch of the events which used to be held on multiple sites until the UIGEA de-railed it. This years tour is on one site: Carbon poker (a skin). The tour kicked off with a free-roll last nite which had entries to various tourneys. I was in the top ten most of the tourney. My demise was sealed when I raised to $3600 on the button with the blinds $1200/$600 (and an ante). I had about T8000 left. A smaller stack pushed all in and so for another 2000+ I make the call. Its AKos vs JJ and of course I double up the shorty with a K on the river. That left me with about 2000 and into the BB I went. I pushes pretty much pot committed with 6Ts and missed. Out I went in 13th. I did earn an entry into a $10000 guarantee tournament. Head over to the
Bluff forum for details on the weekly league. Top prize is a Main Event seat and runner-up prizes are seats for smaller buy-in WSOP tourneys. The league will run thru April and starts on the 17th.

This weekend is the Poker October Weekend up at Turning Stone. I wanted to play the turbo deep-stack Sunday which is T10,000 starting chips and 20 minute levels, but the Pokerstars blogger tourney is Sunday with fabulous prizes. Ray/Snake5970 is up there now. He busted out about 60th of 193 in today's $340 buy-in. One hand before the second break will haunt him for sure. Had he won the hand he would have had about T54000 chips and smooth sailing for a deep finish (KK for Snake vs AK vs AK (both shorties one I think was allin preflop and the other post flop after calling Snakes bet on a 5 high board with no Ace) vs JJ that a weak tight Asian Lady hemmed and hawed about calling Snake on. You know the rest: Asian lady makes the call and the Jacks hit a set on the turn or river. Last I spoke to him he was playing cash and some donkey had just sucked out on the river on him in a $160 pot.

There were some good players there per Snake. The winner of the Deep Stack tourney at the Albany Poker Cup was present(who I played against most of that bubble day for IG) . The 1983 WSOP Main Event runner-up was also present. Apparently the man dropped this little ditty and Snake had me google the dude only knowing his first name was Rod and the fact that he was runner-up to Tom McEvoy. Apparently the man's memory must be a little foggy cause he said 1982 was his runner up year. IG is a super sleuth and the 1982 runner-up was Dewey Tomko. Now Snake knows what Dewey Tomko looks like and of course the names didnt match and Tom McEvoy won in 1983. While on the phone and working mind you I came up with the dude's name...... Rod Peate.

Of course he had a wonderful idea (Im off tomorrow) which if presented at 2 PM rather then after 7PM when I was at Starbucks would have been doable and a great start to my birthday weekend. If it wasn't raining cats and dogs here, and if my car wasn't overdue on its inspection by two weeks and need a full tank of gas and if my bankroll wasn't in the bank, I'd be on my way to Turning Stone to play poker into the wee hours with him. The tourney tomorrow is a $500 buy-in however and we all know Im not really a cash game player. GRRRRRR...............

So rather then bewail the fact that Im not on my way to playing live at TROCK with Snake and eating buffets etc. I fired up the computer and played a Poker-Analysis freeroll
league game and finished 3rd for a few bucks. So Ive been playing really well all week. I made some really good plays when pot odds dictated I make the calls with drawing hands and I got paid off when they hit. Most importantly Im playing position better then I have been recently. Lets hope this translates into a nice finish tomorrow nite when Week 3 of the Adirondack Poker League gets underway at 6:10 PM at our new home in Ft Edward.

I turn another year older on October 13th (where does the time go?) and its my 10 year annniversary at my job the same day (I work in the Dental division of a major health insurance carrier). Im off to NYC Saturday for a show with my mom and family friends aka the geriatric set. (Jerry and Judy and Frank and Barbara). We are having breakfast in Soho and possibly dinner at Basilica if we can get in as mom passed on reservations there. Sunday will be a day of poker and football. I postponed pizza from Labella's till then. Im craving really good Deli right now.


lj said...

dude, call me when you're in soho, i live a block away!

lightning36 said...

I just wrote a C&W song: "You broke my heart at the Bodonkey Blogger Ball." lol