Thursday, October 18, 2007

Absolute Poker Scandal and........The Return of IG to Full Tilt

Like a moth to a flame I am returning to Full Tilt and BBT deuce had nothing to do with it. Part of my issue was getting money back on in a timely fashion. I have epassporte but to reload from my bank account onto Epassporte takes about two weeks. Then I remembered Absolute Poker takes Epassporte. So I withdrew a little more then half my AP roll of $222. As soon as it hits my Epassporte account onto FTP it will go.

The withdrawal from AP was made very easy based on a couple of things. I rarely play buy-ins there. Mostly I play that site for Poker Analysis games and a few other forums I belong to. Most of those games are freebies. I had originally deposited about $35 onto AP back in the fall of 2004. I withdraw all but $100 to finance Vegas 2006 (about $800 or so). I won a little bit more playing infrequently there. Coupled with the rumors circulating about the alleged cheating going on at AP and frankly Id rather play on a site whose credibility is a little better.

AP has one nasty PR nightmare on their hands. The fact that they have behaved like ostriches with their heads in the sand pooh-poohing the issue will not go unnoticed by the balla MTT players, Pocket-5ers, NeverWinners etc.

Watch it with your own eyes;

Part 1

Part 2.

Part 3

Part 4

Here is the 2+2 link (even longer then the Brandi Hawbawker melodrama and I was David Sklansky's teenage lover threads)

and this one by Neverwin Poker's Dan Druff posted on both Neverwin Forum and 2+2:

Check this NY Times article out:

And Absolute Poker..... Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Back in 2005 I sent this email to AP:

I have told you about these two before. there is a player Mystery45678 and Mystery98765 both from Bethalto and is playing at the same table. He has so much as admited to having multiple accounts. Please see tourney #48973 Entertainment Addicts Stud

Please pull the chat for tourney 48970 Entertainment Addicts. 9Birdman9 and mystery98765 were colluding... In addition mystery admited to having multiple accounts in chat. Please see mystery98765 and mystery45678. Wasnt even smart about changing his name.

Both times the reply was a form email:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Absolute Poker; it is a pleasure to be of your assistance.

Thank you for letting us know about what you witnessed at the tables.

A single incident of collusion is often difficult to prove conclusively, with the exception of the most obvious cases. When we are confronted with the possibility of collusion between two players, we will not just review that game, but also all incidents of the two playing together. We look into the histories of the two players to see how they have played in the past and if it is possible that other players may be involved.

At times we can prove conclusively that there was cheating. Many more times we can conclusively prove that the players were definitely not cheating, and what may have appeared as collusion to one in the game or observing the table was merely a coincidence.

If we notice a pattern of unusual activity then we will take actions. It is against our policy to reveal any actions taken against another account. Therefore, the actions taken against those suspected of cheating cannot be discussed with anyone but the account holder. We want to thank you again for bringing this possible collusion activity to our attention.

Please feel free to contact us back if you have any further questions or comments.

Kind Regards,

Team Absolute ~ Security and Control Department


BamBam said...

Thanks for the information IG !Greatly appreciated.

You just helped me make up my mind on where my minor play was going to take place. I'm on PS but want to flit to something else once in awhile.

FT was in 1st with AP and UB being tied at #2. I guess it'll be PS, FT & UB now. Thanks!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

AP is a bunch of window-licking donks to have handled this scandal in this way. They will surely suffer as a result.

Looking forward to seeing you back on full tilt, IG!

lightning36 said...

At least the Brandi Hawbawker threads had fun pictures ...

4dbirds said...

Can't wait to see you back at Full Tilt. I almost quit them last night. Went out of the 28K when I was rivered by the big stack. He was behind all the way and I wasn't giving him odds. Sometimes I think these big stacks call because they know the RNG will reward them. It's not paranoia when they're really after you. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Potripper scandal represents only the tip of the iceberg, I've played there for a few years and I suspect all the games are rigged and AP is collecting all important prizes from all tourneys with significant buy-ins using the Potripper method. So Potripper is the rule not the exception that proves the rule, they were stealing players money for years as they are probably still doing it right now ...