Monday, November 05, 2007

Check this Out!!!

I'll have a full report of Snake5970's and mine Foxwoods trip in the next couple of days. We both played in different events of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals which are lead-ins to the WPT event. I havent played a hand of live or internet poker since last weeks Mookie but will be returning to the virtual felt tonite in Monday's at the Hoy. I'm looking forward to a little 6-max action as a nice change of pace!!

But first.... For those of you who love music, specifically Jambands etc., I was tapped by everyone's favorite Internet Doctor to be a team reporter for Dr Pauly's music blog. Be sure to pay it a visit!!


lightning36 said...

I must have just missed it, but I didn't see the Bay City Rollers mentioned anywhere on the link you provided ...

shamanalix said...

It's been over a week. We're still waiting... (Condolences on MATH; meantimes I was earning a big token! heeheeheehee...)

BamBam said...

Hey IG !!! I just wanted to say thanks for the fun and the "Bam-Bam!!" last night.
As always, it was great to hear from you.

I hope you'll take the time to come by my new posty place!

You know I'd love to see you!