Friday, November 30, 2007


Yup its a fancy word for boredom. ON-line poker has driven me to it. Ive mentioned it to Snake and to MiamiDon. Im playing just fine but my full attention is not on my tablemates or the job at hand. Im browzing the internet, playing laser light with Bailey, vacuuming between hands, doing the dishes. Yawn Yawn.

Uber post to follow I promise Bam Bam. Off to play live where I slipped out of first place (just barely and probably not really since we can throw away 5 scores) with my first early out last week. First one of the subs called my preflop raise of ($350 blinds were $50/$100 I was UTG) with 68os and flopped quads and shellacked me when I boated up on the Turn which left me with half my starting chips. And I just cant wait to trap the dude who wont lay down QT to my all-in squeeze with JJ who rivered a third T on me last week because he thought I had AK or KJ. Do you call off half your stack with QT if you think your opponent has KJ or AK? Most of you folks wouldnt but thats what I play against. I couldnt even bare to stay around to have a drink on Snake who is officially retired as of last week at 44 after 25 years with the NYS Dept of Corrections. He finally got the MOJO working and had his best finish of the season with a second place finish. I refuse to relinquish my place as Queen Bee though he knows I like my view from the Top :)

My mantra for this evening: Wear an IPOD and position, position, position. Oh and wear my Fedora.


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Fedoras rock. :)

BamBam said...

Wow... I hold some form of power over you ! ;o}

Can't wait to see what else I can do with it. ;o{}

Lot's 'O' Love IG !

BamBam said...

I just realized... not even a link?

Soooooo sad ! :o(

And I thought I had power!

SirFWALGMan said...

Wear a shirt with a deep neckline.. why? I dunno i just want to picture it.. heh.