Sunday, July 20, 2008

A cure for the poker uglies

Had enough of Ultimate Theft's superuser account scandal.? Need a cure for the "I cant get my money out of my online poker account blues?"

Check out Melted Felt for their take on all the poker uglies of the recent weeks:

Kahnawake Loses Grip On Poker Corruption

That 2 Timing B*tch Gave Me A Rash

UB Lastest: Support for Hamilton Floods In.

UB Press Release, Security To Be Enhanced With A 'Computer'

Absolute Poker Announce New Head Of Security

1 comment:

shamanalix said...

Wish you'd get back to playing poker, live or online, and giving reports (like ck), and telling us about your real life and loves and cat and family and car and neighbors and snake in Vegas (never wrapped that one up). Complaining, dishing links and shilling other places does not become you. You're better than that, and life's too short. Just my insane opinion...