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Ultimate Bet SuperUser Cheating Scandal Round II

"New" managagement blaming old management? Several known pros such as Rizen and Bax sign with the new UltimateBet. Rizen unsigns with the new UltimateBet.

And now this bombshell from an alleged UB insider/whistleblower who may or may not be blackmailing UB based on a recent radio interview conducted with well known female pro connected to the home of super-user accounts. Start with the Pocket 5's thread here. From there you can link to the PokerRoad interview.

I first stumbled upon the "leak" on Pocket 5's. The thread title references to Freddy Deeb who was at one time a UB sponsered pro.

Which led me to 2+2. At one point the 2+2 thread was brought down by the Malmuths so they could edit out personal information that Brainwashedodo had posted.

Start here. then go here. Pack a lunch if you must at over 100 pages long and growing you will need time to wade thru this all.

For a cliff notes version of the last 24 hours of the UB SuperUser Account Cheating Scandal which may or may not make 60 minutes:

NoLimitLeagues post (#197) now part of a locked thread:

Summary of what has happened in the last 24 hours, related to UB SuperUsers:

- Someone with a 2p2 username of brainwashdodo and no posts, claiming to be a current UB employee who worked closely in the investigation of NioNio and other superusers made this post on June 28th:

I came to post today with the claim of no less than the so called "nionio" was manufactured by the current management of the company.

Tomorrow or the day after, you will receive an extensive report from both KGC and UB/AP, on how the company was the victim the wrongdoing of the previous management, very similar to Annie’s statements.

I only wanted to come out now, just to say a few words before these new founding’s and the additional refund process begins. Also to give you a hint how the company “found” the “additional accounts and data surrounding the unfair play”. I helped them. My posts will soon to follow these upcoming statements, please stand by, and I see you guys in a few days.
-The report from UB was delayed, and he made it clear he didn’t want to leak the inside info until after the statement from UB. In the meantime he gives us a teaser by showing us a screenshot of NioNio’s account but doesn’t explain. 2p2ers figure out that UB wiped this info clean and the new info is a play money account that someone probably set up as a joke. However, I don’t think brainwashdodo realized this, as he was trying to trace the IP address of the NioNio play money account.

-The statement from UB finally came out yesterday and stated they found 14 more superusers: Crackcorn55, GrabBag123, gravitation, Bgroup, H_Curtis, Twenty 1, WacoManiac, Broke_In_L_A, ShaqTack, BlueBerry101, 55WasHere, Xnomas, dannyboy55, Indy05. The truth is 2p2ers found these superusers and reported them to UB and UB is finally admitting it. They also admit it was going on since before the new ownership took over, the claim it started in 2005.

-Soon after this release, brainwashdodo made 2 very long posts showing Transaction Audits for PhilHelmuth, kid55 (Freddy Deeb), and –Fred- (no one knows who this is, a third party said they talked to Freddy, and Freddy says this is an account used by mgmt.)

-His 2 posts also contain 4 links to screenshots of an admin site used by UB employees. He shows the account info for kid55, mamamiya, buckskin, and ShaqTack

-As I’m looking at ShaqTack’s screenshot I see that he had 5 different usernames and that 3 of them were on UB’s list (ShaqTack, slimpikins2, and broke_in_l_a) 2 of them were not on the list. (whakme and HolyMucker) I post a question asking why they aren’t on the list, within 5 minutes UB adds those 2 names to the list. More proof that UB is only admitting to the superusers that we find. It is also proof that the screenshots are real. It is also proof that brainwashdodo is really a UB employee.

-People start looking into the screenshots. Here is what we found in the screenshots:
-ShaqTack had 5 diff usernames and was closed on Feb 7th. (Acct disabled. Do not re-open. Any inquiries please forward to Paul/Nolan. Email sent Tkt# 8322074. VGonzalez/sec) Here is the actual confiscation, it looks like they confiscated $0.35 (Select Acct to Adjust:#, Select Adj Type: Withdrawl, Select Reason for Adj: FRAUD CONFISCATED. Adj Amt: 0.35 Notes: Balance was confiscated as per Nolan B. VGonzalez/sec) He never played a sng or tourn, his career rake was $4343.50 and blackjack wins of $453. Deposit Limit was LEVEL 3. His email was given; the name used was Dan Francis from Franklin AR, birthdate of 3-27-1957. No phone number listed but his address was. I can’t find any info on this person, most likely all fake info. There is a Daniel Francis pro from Australia, but very, very unlikely it is the same person. The account was created on 12-20-2005.

-kid55 screenshot showed that brainwashdodo blocks out his UB username b4 he posts the screenshots, ShaqTack’s screenshot was cropped differently and didn’t show who he was Logged In as. It shows that the name on the acct is Kassem Deeb, gives his address, phone, dob, email, and initial IP address. Kassem is Freddy’s real name. I later find out that it is common knowledge that kid55 is Freddy Deeb’s main account on UB. It was created on June 1st 2003. His deposit and transfer limit is HIGH ROLLER. Never played a sng, tourney fees of $184 and rake revenue of $37,825.57. Played some BJ and broke even I think. He did 143 deposits for $2,314,335 and 138 withdrawls for $3,701,016, but claims to be a losing player on UB. Many people speculate this is because of transfers and payments for his sponsorship deal, makes sense to me. The ONLY thing suspicious on Freddy’s account is an amazing piece of information. On Feb 6th, 2007, 1 day before they suspended ShaqTack’s account, they suspended Freddy’s account (Acct disabled. Do not re-open. Any inquiries please forward to Paul/Nolen. SAraya/ub sec, Tkt #8313668.) As you can see, both accounts were closed with the exact same message, word for word. It is also noted that 3 of the superuser accts have ‘55’ in them.

-bucksin screenshot shows the acct was created on feb 11th, 2003 by Lyle A. Berman, from Minnetonka, MN. Gives his address, phone, DOB, email, and initial IP address. His deposit and transfer limit are HIGH ROLLER. He has 3 deposits for $4,400 and 29 withdrawls for $555,000. Paid $51,692 in rake, $561 in sng fees, and $114.50 in tourney fees. It shows his acct is active with a cash balance and it shows that he was refunded $54,520 from the NioNio investigation. It also shows that someone typed “ty Paul, we trust you” in the comments about the refund. Some people have taken this to mean that the message is from Lyle. It sure looks like Lyle isn’t involved and in fact was ripped off by the superusers. One more interesting note from this screenshot is brainwashdodo had some other windows open, one has the info blacked out, one is cut off and you can only make out the first three letters, Dea. The other window says 6/1/2008 (I think he may have taken these screenshots a month ago) and it lists 5 names and no other info, Brits Man, -Fred-, Jack, buckskin, Fishtank.

-mamamiya screenshot shows the acct was created on July 15th, 2006 I think, very blurry. The account name is hanan a deeb, this is most likely a relative of Freddy’s or an alias of his, no one has confirmed this, but some evidence linking him to this name has been found on the internet and is in one of these threads. The address is the same as the address on kid55’s acct. The phone # is similar but slightly different, DOB appears to be 1972, the email address is No referrer. Deposit and Transfer Limit are HIGH ROLLER. About 26k in rake, 97 deposits for 197k, 43 withdrawls for 166k. On July 17th, 2006 in the Admin Comments it says: “one of Freddie Deeb’s accts.” There are a couple of windows open on the right hand side, one of them shows a date of 3/1/xxxx and the letters REA and Dea cut off. It appears he took this screenshot on March 1st, 2008. Someone reports that most people had multiple accts back in the day and that it was not frowned upon.

-People also started investigating the transaction audits, since brainwashdodo decided not to connect any of the dots for us. It showed that Phil, Freddy, Lyle, and Russ Hamilton were doing a lot of big transfers between each other.

-Most importantly the info in these transaction histories showed that -Fred- made a transaction to ShaqTack for $10,000.

-It also showed that -Fred- had transactions with all the people mentioned above and many more. Here is an incomplete list of names that –Fred- transferred to: crosdsr, sluppy, wbchampion, HeadKase01, CUCA, peanuto, Jack, TRIPAS2003, buzz32, Devilfish (this one seems obv, lol), jumpshot, The bigchief, txfatman, -russh-, August17, KrazyKanuck, bad bowler, MrJones707, B_Affil_Test2, thunderkeller, VonSmak, whoisthisguy, Poppychullo, slug2, bmw750li, keneiniger, Treetopss, H B, morganraiders, bigmomw, shah 2007. I am not accusing any of these names on this list of any wrong doing. Just stating a fact.

- "-Fred-", which seems to be nothing more than a station for distributing funds, with Russ Hamilton and perhaps others reimbursing it. econ does some more investigating:

The -Fred- account is highly suspicious. The transaction history provided covers over a year (April 1, 2006-May 20, 2007). During this time, the user played a total of three single-table sessions on two different days. Meanwhile, $2,803,148 was transferred through the account (in absolute value). However, the net of all of the transfers was -$30,600 (I threw the transactions into excel). You may have noticed that there are many transfers involving either russ hamilton or russh that happen right around one or more transfers of equal value and opposite sign to other players. Why wouldn't Russ just transfer the money himself? The same is true to a lesser extent of player peanuto.
-It also showed kid55 having an amazing stretch of 13-27 minute ring game sessions where he had an outrageous winrate. But it also shows a few losing sessions too. Overall I believe that there is evidence that shows kid55 is a losing player on UB.

-The PhilHelmuth Transaction Audit doesn’t show much. It shows him getting beat pretty bad at a few ring games, shows he plays a lot of black jack tourneys, and a few sngs. It also showed that he was refunded $880 from the NioNio scandal. And it shows a bunch of transfers with the above mentioned accounts.

I’m sure I forgot a lot or screwed up some of the info. Flame away.
/end NoLimit's post

Now ask yourself: Why is anyone still playing on Ultimate Bet?

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