Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ultimate Bet Cheating Scandal/Tiffany Michelle fall from grace

Here is the link to a google page listing the key points/ facts/red herrings/tips/info etc. found so far. It is a summary for those not wishing to wade thru pages and pages of material. The threads on 2+2 are getting bogged down with crosstalk and bickering.

Here is the 2+2 thread created 7/13/08 by Nat Arem to summarize the original locked thread in all its glory. Please note this thread is now at 139 pages and counting.

Nat Arem was threatened (with what or from whom that's for Nat to share with the authorities if there are authorities who even care about this) and has pulled back from actively posting on the thread. As far as I know no one else has been threatened or admitted to it in the thread.

This puzzle, mystery, enigma of the ownership of UB past present future seems like a Dan Brown mystery ala The DaVinci Code. What is the saying follow the money trail....

Edit: Here is an excellent leadoff post on Pocket5's by Brsavage who used to play extensively at UB. Click here to read his thoughts on old UB/new UB.

I also find it interesting that the vast majority of poker bloggers other than myself and sprstoner have not even mentioned it. Guess everyone is too busy playing MTT's or doesn't think it effects them. Lucko does mention it but links to Sprstoner's post. My guess is that is because most of us stick to Full Tilt, Pokerstars and Bodog. But I suggest everyone get familiar with what is going down because it could happen elsewhere. If one site could have administrator access superuser accounts all sites could have them. It has been proven that the programming code can be done to actually see hole cards. Of course I hope the majority of the "trusted" sites have controls in place that prevents owners, insiders, employees from benefiting from such a program. It remains to be seen, was UB solely created to defraud the masses who play there or just the highrollers?

Poor Tiffany Michele, did the pressure get too much for her at the end? If you've read Dr Pauly during the WSOP you will note he makes frequent mentions of the agents swarming like flies on shit in and outside the Amazon room. I myself wondered why someone as fairly high profile as Tiffany would sport Ultimate Bet patches/logos considering all the bad press UB has been garnering lately. But here is a young lady involved in a tug of war... a former boyfriend in someone with close ties to Ultimate Bet in Hollywood Dave (aka Hollywood douche on some threads), employment by PokerNews (owned by Tony G) and whose entry into the Main Event was paid for by Tony G and Jeffrey Lisandro. If you followed Pauly you would know that the G had a stable of horses in the WSOP. Here are the key posts in the Tiffany Michelle drama bomb unfolding now:

First Dr Pauly's excellent post The battle for Tiffany Michelle's breasts. Scroll Down to 2008 WSOP Day 45: Main Event Day 6, post for July 14, 2008.

Next Check out PokerNews Statement here on how really really disappointed they are in Ms. Michelle.

Finally here is a couple of other threads on the battle for the Tata's/Tiffany:
2+2 here and here
and NeverWinPoker thread here (warning content on NWP may not be suitable for minors!!)

More to follow on the Ultimate Bet case as it unfolds. For those of you who dont realize how big this is, 60 minutes is going to be doing a piece on it and Gary Wise of WiseHandPoker and Espn.com is involved.

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lj said...

great post, thanks for the links! i've been following it lately, but it's so hard to keep up w/ all these 140 page threads. it's nice to know where i can go for links now! :-)