Monday, August 11, 2008

Winner Winner - Live tourney win

Quick lunch break update. I played Friday nite, busting out first from the final table in 10th with 6 paying.

I went back at it again Sunday nite live, because online poker is so rigged and I'm trying to tuneup for a the Empire State Poker Championships at TROCK which starts end of this week.

After one hour of heads-up, and about 7 hours of total play, I took down a live tourney for $700+ profit after tipping the dealer for his multiple Doyles, hammers etc, and cutting in the 7th place finisher.

My opponent was frustrated and I heard him say: "I can't get a read on her" which means I am doing what I've been working on: Keeping my demeanor the same.

Winning hand was 79s I called on a flush draw knowing full well that I could blank but had my opponent covered. He had k high I believe. But with 15 outs twice I figured its time to end this and gambled. Winner!!! Never worried about the money difference between first and second. I played for the win and it paid off. But I reckoned I had a ton more heads-up experience then most of the final table players.

Will hopefully edit this for a fuller recap later.


OhCaptain said...

W00T! W00T! Congrats on the win! I had some people in Vegas tell me the same thing when they were playing me. What a cool feeling to know that people see nothing in your demeanor.

Instant Tragedy said...

I know that feeling, when Pauly turned to me last december when I had KK and he said that he couldnt figure out what I had, it makes me feel invincible.

May you do well in the upcoming tourney!



Action Hank said...

Good job. You played pretty well when I was at your table .
Aren't you glad I gave you directions to the game? LOL.

The guy you beat heads up had a good read on me about a month ago .He said I know I'm behind but I might hit my card . He was correct on both statements.

You probably don't remember the hand I busted on I think you were stacking chips. Dean ( who I would suggest you not learn the game from ) had an unsuited 6-8 as the big blind and bet 1600. I went over the top all in for 5400 more with a suited AJ diamonds. The flop was J 8 5. Dean called the bet as he had a lot of chips . He hit his 6 on the river and went to find a cash table.

Good luck at Trock hope to see you there.

Action Hank.

lightning36 said...

Ditto what OhCaptain said. When I won a tourney and someone told me how he couldn't read me because I'd been mixing things up, I thought it was a supreme compliment. Great job, IG!!