Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuning up for TROCK

Another lunch time quickie!!

I went back at it Sunday nite Live. As we all know it is my preferred form of play where you actually handle chips, cards and interact with people. Real Poker!!!

I tried for back to back wins. I did my darnedest. I accumulated chips early and was able to hoover my way up to a final table chip stack within the first three-four levels. And I held on too my chips and maintained.

It got dicey at the final table with everyone pretty even stacked and no real M to speak of. I managed to money in 6th (we paid 7 again) to recoup my loses at the racetrack from Thursday. My buddy Ringtone Rich sucked out a 5 when he shoved A5d and I called with the hated ATos 6 handed. 3 clubs hit the flop I held the Ace of clubs but couldnt hit another club or ten on the turn or river and out I went.

I continue to run goot live and am confident heading up to TROCK saturday.

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