Monday, September 29, 2008

Football picks week #4/week in review

Well I'm trying to do a weekly post on picks and my results, as I am the scorekeeper for the IG/SNAKE game and have to do it anyway. So here were my picks for all three leagues for the week:

CIN> JAX> ATL> DEN> NO> AZ> TB> TEN> SD > BUF> DAL> PHI> > Monday game> > PIT> > POINTS - 48

I had a blech week as you can see... 6-6 heading into tonites game.. The Snake vs IG challenge saw Snake pull within one of a tie for the season top spot. We picked three games differently and he won two of those three. Obviously this week saw me fall in both Tao of Poker and California Rob's league. I suppose I could call that the California techies/420'ers league as I'm sure most of them are techies (programmers, hardware and software developers etc) and I know at least one still smokes them if hes got them!!

I knew this was a week that the horrible teams would need to show they had a reason take the field for the rest of the season and there were some division leaders who look better then they are. That is the trick isn't it? seeing which of the match-ups would upset the apple carts. I went with the majority and picked favorites.

Sadly my 3-0 CU Buffs are now 3-1 as we lost to Florida State. Our QB Cody Hawkins, son of the coach threw a few interceptions in the early goings which put lots of points on the board for the Seminoles. And then penalties killed any hopes of CU gaining ground on FSU. It was such a disappointment for me and it ran for like 4 hours (that is with no OT!!) that i fell asleep in the 4th quarter and slept thru my concert. I was supposed to head over to Troy to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals but woke up too late and bleary to want to get myself together to see if i could catch any of the show. I think the change in the seasons is running havoc with my allergies and sinuses.

I finished 2nd in a little forum freeroll on Bodog a few nites ago. Two months ago i was second in same tourney. Thanks to LJ for staking me in the Mookie on Waffles nite. I played but went out really early on a typical FTP hand. I get nothing playable and when I do get a pair its an overpair to the board but a person in later position has a bigger overpair to the board and all the money goes in post flop etc etc. blah blah blah. Im always going broke on-line there. Live I can actually get away from those scenarios. I had withdrawn all my money off FTP and if it hadnt been for her transfer I wouldnt have played. I have no intentions of playing on FTP anytime soon so my appearances in blogger tournies will be NADA.

I played live last nite. I finally got it going on about three-four blind levels in. Then when my table broke, I got moved and my nice chip stack got depleted when I raised from EP with a strong hand and got reraised I think from one of the blinds or the button. I made the call and got away from the hand for a severe dent when I flopped air and I saw my opponent flash KK into the muck. Lets just say he had most of my outs there and AK sucks. I went down to a low of 4k from about 17k in chips in the course of a like two hands. I worked that stack back up to over 40k with some open shoves that no one called but I scooped blinds. Then a double up when I needed it when i flopped two pair(top and bottom) in a three way pot and checked first to act. A check behind and an all in from a bigstack with just top pair for him. I called and my two pair held. A few other big hands were raked in by me.

There was a lot of HBL'ing (high blind limping) going on. And I actually love it although I try not to be the first to do it because if i do I only do it if its a hand i may call a raise with depending on the number of people still in the pot. HBLing builds pots and if you flop a monster in position you get paid off. Only the real aggro guys 3-Bet so that is a tactic reserved for the final table But at the final table there was really no HBLing, that i could take advantage of and i was miserably card dead (92os three times in my big blind doesnt help and if i hadnt been raised out of one of the hands it would have flopped a boat!!!) There were 281k chips in play so with my 40k plus stack I was up near the chip lead, but there were probably 4 of us with about the same and maybe one with a little more. The shorties were shoving for their lives and some people pushed others out of hands when the correct play would have been to keep other strong hands in to knock out someone. I saw my chips dwindle and when I finally called the BB with 107os (the Negreanu) and hit trip tens on a board of TT6 I checked. Marilyn who is a very good player shoved and of course i called with my trips only to see she had flopped a boat with pocket 66's. I couldnt catch the case ten or a 7 for a bigger boat and IGH. Out 8th on the money bubble as they chopped in 7th place.

No poker for me for a few days probably. Heroes, my newest favorite show is on tonite, as is football. Thursday I will be out of town for the day and Friday I am going out to dinner and to see Le Grand Cirque as an early birthday outing (my bday isnt till the 13th but the show is a touring Cirque and only here October 3rd-5th). I have never seen one in Vegas so am looking forward to it.

And the financial debacle this country is in has made me cautious as far as spending any money. Fortunately one of my former employers who I have a pension thru was taken private when American Express sold parts of Shearson Lehman Hutton off in bits and pieces and is now part of Goldman Sachs. THEY LIVE!! I have a little blog post planned on some history I was round about part of in an outsider kind of way when i have some time.

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