Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend End

First go wish Dr Pauly a happy birthday. I happened to be catching up on PokerNews yesterday. The lovely Change100 is covering WSOPE over in merry old England, handling live blogging duties (as well as also covering WCOOP for the Pokerstars blog). I knew she hadn't posted on Pot Committed in a bit and when I went to her blog I saw her post for the good doctor. The stinker kept it quiet and didn't even mention it on Tao of Poker/Pauly or Coventry. Nor did he drop it casually in an email I got from him (we are both Wall Street alums or rats who left the sinking ship that is our financial system).

Here are IG's Week III football picks. Remember they are straight up not against the spread:

> ATL> BUF> NYG> NE> TENN> TB> AZ> CAR> DENVER> SanFran> SEA> PHILLY> BAL> INDY> DALLAS> > Monday game> > SanDiego> > POINTS - 45

Congratulations to local phenom Shaun Deeb for taking down the WCOOP Event #25 - PLO w/rebuys for a cool $144k.


rev69 said...

Does Shaun Deeb play at Chad's or Dean's?

Irongirl01 said...

I dont think so. Ive never seen him there. Sure he has bigger fish to fry then us!!