Saturday, September 13, 2008

NFL Week 2

My CU Buffs are off till Thursday night when we play ranked West Virginia, but I am gearing up for the OSU Buckeyes vs the USC Trojans which should be a ballgame. I know this gal will be rooting for her Buckeyes.

The Minnesota Vikings rivered me as usual and I wound up falling to third in California Rob's league. I told him he iced me when he emailed me to wish me luck and that he had a feeling I would take it down. His reply was: "Nah, you can't ice a real roll, your fate has already been decided, we're just gonna find out what fate's decision was tonight."

I did take a two game lead on Snake5970 in our heads=up season long challenge and I finished in a multiway tie for second in the Tao of Poker's ESPN pick-em league.

I'm not going to be as entertaining with my analysis as this dude or this dudette. In fact I'm not going to provide any witty or deep analysis at all. Here are IG's picks for this week:

CIN> JAX> KC> IND > CAR> GB> NYG > NO> TB> SEA> NYJ> DEN> AZ> HOU> PIT> > Monday game> > DAL> points 43 for Rob's league and vs Snake5970, 44 for Tao league.

Congrats are in order to Action Hank. His horse: Battle of Britain won (and broke her/his maiden) at Delaware Park on Tuesday. BoB was stabled at Saratoga during the meet but never ran and I know Hank was disappointed about that. Per Snake5970 he went off at about 4:1 odds. Snake's horses have still not left the barn but one may debut in October.

How about the "I hit bottom pair so will call a pro's post flop bet and suck out two pair with 62os on him move" during Tuesday nights WSOP broadcast by Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell. That was the most painful poker I have watched. I almost didnt want to mention it because he could kick my ass but ZOMG!!!

Observation/rhetorical question while railing some WCOOP (because its much better watching a pro get two outed on riverstars then it is being two outed yourself). Does AK ever win against a rag ace on pokerstars? Inquiring minds want to know.

Time to plate up my deli sandwich (from Gershon's) with kosher dill pickle and shrimp and settle in for some football.

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Bayne_S said...

A rag is the nuts on pokerstars. Neither AK nor a 70/30 fav pp can defeat it.