Monday, February 02, 2009

BIG BOSS MAN aka Bruce tickets

Sometime last week I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. I had just retired for the evening with the latest issue of Rolling Stone in hand. The boss, aka Bruce Springsteen was on the cover looking pretty hot for a soon to be 60 year old (must be the soul patch). I of course knew he was to play the Superbowl and intended to watch his show. Hell its reunion time with Phish, the Dead, Fleetwood Mac, and the Boss all heading out on the road this spring. In the back of mind I thought about actually acquiring tickets to see him when they went on sale

I may identify myself as a dead head and I love the jam band scene but I also have a vein of Bruce running thru my bones. I can probably sing every lyric to Blinded by the Light, Rosalita, Thunder Road etc. When I attended the University of Vermont from fall 1978 to the Spring of 1980, I was actually tossed out of Rasputin's (a favorite Burlington watering hole at the time aka Pukins) with my sorority little sister (who worked there btw) for dueting Born to Run at the top of our lungs at closing hour. (Must of been the line.. tramps like us........) I have only seen him once in Denver, at McNichols arena and i believe it was the fall of 1980. Myself and a bunch of girls i was living with as boarders in a sorority that wasn't my own, hopped the bus to Denver and saw the show. By far I can say it was the best show I ever saw until I saw U2's Elevation tour. Did I mention we missed the last bus back to Boulder and there we were stranded until some dudes in a VW bug picked us up and drove us the 30 miles to Boulder. that put 7 of us in a VW bug. 3 in front seat and 3 seated in back with one person laying across the laps of the other three.

I was doing about 4 things at once yesterday during the superbowl: quietly watching the progress of some of the big names in the Sunday Pokerstars majors, trying to watch the superbowl, as well as Season 7 of the WPT now on MSG here in Albany and ESPN coverage of the WSOP-Europe as well as jumping up every 5 minutes to a text message from Snake5970 about some bonehead player incurring a penalty mostly ranting at the Cardinals.

Then Bruce came on and like a preacher at a Church revival he had the entire stadium and those of us watching at home on our feet and dancing to the scripture of the E Street Band. That was one joyful noise;

At 8:12 PM I received a text from Snake: BRUCE!!!!!

i texted him back with: What a showman, I've only seen him once

then this text from me... He's playing Albany........(hint hint hint, read my mind Snake)

We exchanged a few more texts and by this time I'm saying to myself we should have just watched the game together because i was feeling like a Mexican jumping bean, running from computer to wherever i had last placed the cell phone then back to the TV etc.

that sent Snake5970 to the the Times Union Center calendar of events and shortly later he called me.

I basically said this to Snake: "Get me a ticket, they go on sale tomorrow at 10Am And I'm working. I was even willing to give him my ticketmaster log in info with info all loaded to buy tickets but he had established one when he got tickets for the now cancelled Fleetwood Mac, Albany show.

Today I was greeted by this good news via email, a RAY of sunshine in the bleak news of no PHISH tickets and only one set of Grateful Dead tickets. Snake had scored us floor spots (no seats ) for the TU center. That of course immediately sent me over to LJ's blog because she follows Bruce much like I followed the Dead. She was the first person I thought of after my ticket acquisition and sure enough the greatest boyfriend (aka Lucko) scored his gal tickets when she had failed or should I say TicketBastard failed her.

And today, I also got an email that there are still a few higher priced tickets available thru Grateful Dead ticket sales for some select dates. I'm pondering picking up a few tickets for NJ now.

I am now also totally hooked on Man vs Food on Travel Channel and caught a marathon showing last week. Snake5970 turned me on to the show and then confessed he took notes on places he wants to go to some time in the future. I only laughed because I've done the same thing. I'm a big fan of tripleD on food network (that's Diner's Drive-In's and Dives) as well as the Paradises on Travel channel. I also visit daily for their restaurant of the day. did I mention I'm a big fan of food porn and food porn and just love food blogs with pictures. Apparently there are thousands of us out their with the same fetish. Retirement nirvana would be to take an RV on a tour of casinos and roadside eateries.


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