Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Music Gods are listening... Poker Gods not so much

Nope, didn't score any additional Dead tickets or Phish tickets to anything.

But part of my music wish list has been satisfied: KBM for Kreutzmann, Burbridge and Murawski are now booked for Mountain Jam. That now puts two members of the current Dead line-up on the mountain (Billy K and Warren Haynes) and one member of Max Creek on the mountain (Scott Murawski). I'm crossing my fingers that Max Creek will be added to this years festivities.

Disappointed I'm going to miss Eh-Vegas but I and BFF Kim will be attending a Max Creek show here at Troy's Revolution Hall in two short weeks. One month later its the Dead, a month after that Springsteen and a few weeks after that Mountain Jam. Dave Matthews just announced a couple shows at SPAC (Phish did not) in June.

Kim looked into condo rental for Mountain Jam, but supposedly already sold out and taking deposits for 2010. I suggested renting an RV with nephew Zack and Sierra. I cant rage for 72 hours with no sleep and enjoy the music, especially when its rained every year. Sleeping on what amounts to Hunter Mountains version of the Lhotse Face loses its charm when there are no Sherpa's to do the hauling. I could sleep in my SUV away from the mayhem. Seriously considering getting VIP tickets so I can take in the music from a nice covered perch and actually really write about the whole weekend.

No one wants to read bad beat stories but the past week of poker(beginning with last Monday) has been a cluster fuck and I've blown thru a good $150 or so on pokerstars. This was after finishing 2nd in one of those $2.20 90 person sngs (I had a first and second in my first two attempts at them) last Sunday night. . I have made deep runs in $8.80/$5.50 90 person sngs and the $22 deep stack, only to get bamboozled at the end just short of the money. Maybe Ive played the AA hands wrong by just not shoving all in but I'm trying to extract value from my hands and at the lower limits I constantly get run down by someone chasing their flush, gutshot etc without the odds to do so. Example, I flopped to pair with 57os on board of A57. bet the pot and some donk with Ace high only calls me all the way down to the river where they are rewarded with a better two pair. I know its tricky playing those kinds of hands. But its redonkulous to call off your stack with just top pair. Poker is not fun when you are card dead and get your big hands cracked when Pokerstars RNG throws you a bone. I looked over one SNG I played and I think i only hit the 5 card flop 5 times over the whole tourney till i busted out. I was catching no pieces of anything.

Today started a new week and I did manage to win a $5.50 DoN which is my first cash since last Sunday in anything.

I made an awesome marinated Flank steak, roasted yukon gold potatoes and marinated asparagus for dinner last Sunday during the Daytona 500 which fed me for a few days. I was disappointed at the rain delay/cancellation. Next time start the race like at 11 AM or noon. The West coast is used to getting up early for football!!


lightning36 said...

Hmmm ... bad beat story in blog = $1 fine. I am passing it on to you since I had it passed on to me. Feel free to pass it on to the next blogger who posts a bad beat story.

BamBam said...

Since I passed the $1 on to lightning, I hearby reprieve you of any and all bad beat buck responsibility.

The real bad beat is mine! No I.G. at EH-Vegas is a bummer.

How is it that I get so self absorbed, that I had no idea you were a NASCAR fan too? A Watkins Glen get together mayhaps? Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Playing hands like 57o in an unraised pot always seems to lead to trouble when you're playing against a donk that can't let go of top pair weak kicker. It's a different story in a raised pot when you can stack someone who can't let go of their over pair when you out flop them but you have to be careful if high cards come and they make their set or the board pairs.

Whenever I'm in these situations where a calling station doesn't realize their beat I stop and ask myself "is this the hand I want to go out on?" It's so easy to get knocked out or crippled in a hand you wouldn't have normally played otherwise.

Some time ago I had a day where everytime I had pocket Kings in a DoN I lost. Either to a smaller pair making a set, some strange backdoor draw or some fish pushing his TPTK on a board of 259 and hitting an A on the river.

Then for the next couple of days, every time I had Kings I knocked out one or two people each time. Three times in a row I had KK vs AA all in preflop and managed to crack aces each time. Other times I was up against lone Aces that never connected and smaller pocket pairs that didn't make sets.

These things have a way of working themselves out in the long run if you play well. I try to remind myself that before I punch my monitor :)

I read your post about playing the $2.20 1/4mil satty and using the T$ to play 2 $5.40 DoNs. That's a good idea.

Sometimes I play the 70 FPP STT to the 1/4 mil, usually to play in the 1/4 mil but one weekend I fired up two sattys and won both and used the T$ from one to play 2 DoNs. I cashed in both and and had a 3 figure cash in the 1/4mil. Pretty good deal for 140 FPP :)