Saturday, May 09, 2009

Annie Duke FTW!!

I haven't been a religious follower of the show but have kept up on it. If you read my archived post where I commented on the first episode, I stated, Jesse James, Brande, and Annie impressed me the most in that very first episode, other then Joan Rivers who I assumed would be the person to beat. Pretty good call by me, as all of the above mentioned players made the final four.

Love her or hate her Annie has proven herself as a formidable opponent or as Tyra Banks would say... FIERCE. I have been impressed with her work ethic. Joan on the other hand lost any respect I had for her and comes across as a total harpie. She has enraged every poker player with her "your kind, your people" remarks. Kind of reminds me when a police officer in Worcester MA told me they didn't want my people (meaning deadheads) around. Lets see if Annie can uber-TILT Joan tomorrow night during the finale.

Doyle Brunson (@texdolly) doesnt mince words about his feelings for Joan Rivers:

Joan Rivers has a concussion. She was getting a drink and the toilet seat fell on her head.

I'll quit tweeting about Joan Rivers when she apoligizes to the poker world

Happy Mothers Day Annie & I hope you found a dress to wear for the finale. Show Joan how heads-up is played!!

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audrey.pentz said...

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